Some Enchanted Earthling

Yesterday I posted a vignette about my recent ‘avian enchantment’ experience. This morning I’m pondering how life is so much about one’s perception.

I tend to perceive a lot of “magic” in the world, and by this I do not mean I fantasize about things that aren’t there. I perceive what’s there that most people tend to not register at all.  Why is this?  Why do so many people march through their days and nights in such a perfunctory fashion, not noticing so much of the “magic” that shows itself in abundance?

For instance: I’ve recently moved far out into the country, to a remote but quite special little community.  Since being here, I’ve had a variety of experiences that have reignited the sense of wonder in me. The spontaneous visitation by a zillion birds of all colors and song (last post) was one.

Another: Exploring the woods out back here, I came upon a … what to call this … the word “village” comes to mind so I’ll go with it — a “village” of crystals of quite substantial size and a variety of shapes on the ground amid the trees. They certainly had an energy about them, a kind of “life,” and there were many of them together in a fairly large area of the woods, seemingly unassociated with any homestead in the area.  It was quite an astonishing discovery to come upon amidst a forest bed of autumn leaves!  I leaned against a tree and took in this sight, wondering how it “happened.”  Then I asked “the group” if it would be acceptable to bring one of its members with me to grace my new home.  I was overcome with happy tingles and took that as a positive response… so now I have one of its clan as a roommate.

Also while here in my ‘new land’ I discovered what was once obviously a road, or private lane perhaps, now grown over… but once upon a time, maybe a century ago, someone planted trees in rows on either side of a space just wide enough for a car (or horses with a wagon?) to travel, one way at a time.  I stood there, “enchanted,” imagining who created this road? When? Where did it go? Some relic of a long-gone homestead, from decades before the current community settled in here?  I couldn’t explore this little find as much as I’d like because it is cut off by an existing private road that wends back into who knows what.

One more example for this post. Driving along a fairly well traveled county road, I came upon a perfectly renovated schoolhouse from the early 20th century. It’s a beautiful large white building that had to have had several classrooms in it. It is surrounded by beautiful landscaping, complete with a pond and even little statues and fountains. A white picket fence delineates the land, and the original school bell still graces the front. A huge porch reaches all around this amazing – and empty – historic building.

Spotting this while driving by, I had to pull in and look around! Turned out this schoolhouse had been repurposed as a restaurant that had not survived the economy. Researching it online, I learned that a couple purchased the schoolhouse and land, spent two years bringing the old building up to code plus added incredibly beautiful touches re: landscaping and a large adjacent greenhouse in back where they could grow their own produce (tho they apparently intended to turn it into another dining room).  After two years of loving labor and investment, the restaurant itself was open less than a year.  So while the situation is rather sad, the schoolhouse and its environs are totally charming, and to behold the scene and ponder its past as well as imagine what it could become in the future delight me to consider. Mentioning this schoolhouse later to my neighbor, I was floored to learn he had never even noticed it. And he’s lived here for years!  I had to go back with him in tow to expose him to its charm. He loved it but how could he live here and never have noticed it before?

My guides once told me that dimensions don’t just reveal themselves to you merely because they exist; they reveal themselves when one acknowledges them. As I’ve shared elsewhere, I have been aware of – and open to – various dimensions and beings who occupy them all my life. Life IS magic by its very nature!  I am greatly enjoying my recent re-acknowledgment of this fact in this enchanting new land I currently call home. Enchantment rises to meet you when you are receptive and appreciative of its existence!

Enjoy the magic. Interact with the wonderousness of life; it’s the best way to expand its presence, not only for you personally but for the planetary collective consciousness as well. Imagine that.


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