Waking Up in the Matrix of Poisoned Media

Most anyone who reads this blog is likely aware of Dr. Mercola, a Chicago-area MD possessing the most active and vocal voice I know for complementary medicine and wholistic living. Mercola just posted an article that succinctly sweeps through so much evidence of how completely backwards this society is (a society in its death throes for these very reasons), I decided to link to it here.

I encourage you to please read it in its entirety to further anchor in your consciousness how REVERSED the intentions of U.S. corporate dominance are to the sustenance and well-being of virtually everything, everyone, and all we hold dear in this country and beyond. This dominance includes the extensive network of mass media that spoon-feeds millions of undiscerning minds information geared to scare the crap out of them (which spontaneously unplugs one’s personal power), then promise that if they “do this” (whatever “this” is in the moment) they will be saved, relieved, fixed in some way… when in fact they are being led to slaughter while forfeiting all their personal power and rights over to those out to serve only themselves: the unrepentantly greedy owners of corporations (and their banks).

I realize I’m sounding harsh here, but this is as serious as it gets and I am in a mood to Speak It today.

I also urge you to grasp the importance of tuning in to your highest wisdom that is calling you (us) to get lucid in this dark dream and CEASE unconscious acceptance of a corrupt mass-media machine’s mirror-world messages, all possible consumer support, and complacent allowance of this literal insanity from our reality.

Read Mercola’s important article on this upside-down world here.

And by the way, because I’m on a role… have you noticed what’s become of the “highest court in the land”?

In the hologram which is reality… WE ARE THIS. The alarm has been wailing for years, there is no time left to float merrily along in a sea of total deception. To create something else is to un-create – unplug – the mechanisms of miscreation. It all boils down to conscious choices, personal and collective.


2 comments on “Waking Up in the Matrix of Poisoned Media

  1. Hi Whitehawk–
    Your post on the “sea of deception” that the corporate-controlled media and government has immersed us in greatly resonates with me. By choice, I gave up TV watching 16 years ago. Still, I am somewhat plugged in to the media, through the ‘net and my job (in the media). But having been disconnected from the worst of the corporate mind-control machine for so long, I see the upside-down world and ways of thinking that to me are so obviously screwed up, whereas to most of my neighbors, colleagues, and fellow human beings, they are normal and unquestioned.

    So, what do we do? I find myself lately being more vocal about questioning the “way things are,” and pointing out how the repetition of slogans and talking points and opinion presented as news in the media directs our behavior–to whoever will listen and whenever the opportunity presents itself. (Trying to teach critical thinking 101!) So maybe a partial way to combat the deception is to shine your light in the darkness and keep speaking your truth.

    I agree with Dr. Mercola’s article–except his take on President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize (which is only a small part of the piece). I believe that Obama actually is a leader of light and lucidity in the midst of a great deal of darkness and that the Peace Prize was a recognition of such by the rest of the world. Mercola’s questions–IMO #2 especially–are a prescription for a return to sanity.

    Also, from what I’ve seen on the ‘net, on both liberal and libertarian blogs, there is a lot of anger about the recent Supreme Court decision. So it could potentially be the catalyst that helps wake us up to the reality of our corporate-controlled lives and reclaim our power.


  2. Skycatcher, thank you for “shining your light and speaking your truth” here :) There are so very many ‘potential catalysts’ already in place to ‘help us’ wake up and stand up for ourselves, it will be interesting to see what it actually takes to MOVE US collectively in a massive, awakened WAVE. I’m suspecting it will have to be something extremely overt – loud and bloody – with its fist gripping each of our collars, like some grandiose military insanity, that will shake the majority out of its delirium. We shall see. Interesting times. ~W


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