TimeShift: Which Here, Which Now, Which Me?

As time – and this shift we’re all the way into now – continues, I have been having some curious experiences. Maybe you too? Let’s be honest – it’s getting strange around here! Today I’d like to share something that happened last night, as a “sub-event” of an ongoing situation I’ve discussed here before, being, the triad sleep cycle.

This has been going on for years for me personally and for many, many others as well: we go to sleep, then three or four hours later we awaken, and remain awake for three or four hours, and then sleep again. In my case, what I call my “second sleep” of the night tends to be more of a skimming state of consciousness… I’m in and out of very shallow sleep (kind of like a light doze/ awake/ doze…), which is conducive to accessing some interesting experiences.  Last night’s was a surprise~

I’d been up for hours, starting around 2AM. Watched some video online, read a bit… then started to doze. I seemed half awake, half zoned out (theta?); it’s an odd state that is becoming more common; not really asleep. Anyway, suddenly I’m aware that I am “sleeping” in the bedroom I grew up in, and was “awakened” there, in the darkness, by someone’s footsteps in the hall. This was absolutely real. I was waking up “decades ago” in the house I grew up in.

Except part of meknew that the bed I’m supposed to be in, in “this reality,” is the one I sleep in here in this lifestream. So I did something rather odd… don’t know where this came from… but I started trying to relate to/connect with my here/now body by shaking my leg! So from a neighboring dimension, my light body made a concerted effort to jump from there/then to here/now by “engaging” my here/now leg… which went from effort to sudden success (I suddenly had my left leg kicking!) and at that point, was fully integrated here.

which frame of reference?

This intrigued me in regard to the “infinite selves” in “infinite time/space dimensions” we apparently occupy simultaneously in this quantum hologram in which we live in so many parallel existences! Including many versions of us in THIS life, living in all kinds of situations based on the many choices we’ve made along the way.

Apparently, as I’ve heard many times now, our lives split off into various versions of ourselves when we make major decisions, like marry/not marry someone, or move/not move somewhere, or attend/not attend some school, etc. Some part actually DOES have these experiences… it is just in a simultaneous parallel sub-plane of this one (or perhaps this is a sub-plane of that! … or maybe all are equal :). Add to this the “simultaneity of all time,” and all our other incarnations, and all their parallel sub-plane existences, and – well! – it gets very very wild to try to imagine!

I remember once as an adolescent standing in the upstairs bathroom of the family home, brushing my hair, when a woman in white walked right past the open bathroom door, in utter silence. I mention the sound factor because this house had wood floors that always squeaked and rumbled when walked upon. There was no such thing as silent passage there. But this female form just glided by the doorway and frankly startled the life out of my young self. Moreover: I had the notion at the time that that woman was MY FUTURE SELF passing through! How my 11-year-old mind came up with that, I have no idea. And also – I have no conscious awareness of myself experiencing the other side of that scene (as a grown woman walking through that hallway while my kid self was preening in the mirror). But this came to mind today as I pondered my “waking up” in that bedroom last night, with footsteps in that hallway, and my knowing that I needed to time-shift myself back to this time-stream and place.

This experience also brought to mind the idea of the assemblage point, which is known mostly in the Toltec tradition, but now energy healers are working with it for healing purposes as well. Carlos Castaneda wrote about the AP as a small energy ball that exists in the human energy field, right behind the center of the ribcage, suspended behind the spine back there. My understanding of the assemblage point is, it is a ‘connector’ or ‘tracking mechanism’  that keeps us plugged in to (or assembled in) a particular time/space within the hologram. Presumably, then (and I’m just groping here!), other aspects or versions of ourselves have slightly different assemblage points associated with them, to keep them fixed in their respective placements.  I did a tiny bit of googling re: assemblage points earlier today, but didn’t find this particular aspect of them discussed, and didn’t pursue it further before posting this. But – assemblage points – an interesting piece to this puzzle?

Looking back at this post, I see that once again it is Whitehawk sharing a curious and unusual experience, and processing it in public. :)  Thank you for your kind attention :)

~W (here, there, and everywhere…)

PS Up for an interesting listen? Check out Astarius’ Spirit Rap CD. It just occurred to me because in one cut he chants, “Every place is here, every time is now, every one is me…”  I really like this Cd. Interesting artist. There’s a free cut to listen to, if you choose, here: http://www.astarius.com/MP3s/spiritrap.mp3

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