Q & A re: TimeShift post

A little follow-up to the last post…

Q: Whitehawk, might it have been a dream you had, in which you were ‘waking up’ in your childhood bed?

A: It was as much a dream that I was in that bed as it is a dream that I now occupy this bed/life/timeframe.  It’s all a dream in the great hologram, dreamed by the Being that is my total self! And for you, your total self. We are amazing authors of numerous plot lines in various neighborhoods and timeframes of the matrix.

The picture in the previous post seems a fair approximation of what I consider the real deal. Hard for the human ego to ‘take’… yet I invite you to you try it on. The “physical world” as we experience it is not the sole “reality,” it is a wonderful realm created by a vast (and vastly creative) gestault of Self. There are many channels/wavelengths for your higher – or expanded, or total – self to surf. This blog, this time, our current life chronicles… are merely among them!

I know: mind-bending. Or BS, depending on your personal POV.

I find that extricating myself from the status quo (the collective “hunch” that passes – for most – as the truth of existence) brings me much closer to Who I Really Am: a sovereign soul of the universe; one of infinite outlets through which the God Source expresses… in various frequencies of the All. Which beats feeling like a downtrodden little pawn in a flat, predestined game of life, at the whim and mercy of some power(s) greater than I.

Just sayin’.

When I was “there,” in my childhood bed (in my childhood life, it would follow… ) I was simultaneously aware of my Whitehawk self in her present bed, at her present age. I was in a state of conscious bilocation, in other words. And the ‘me’ that was ‘her’ (me at a much younger age) was consciously reaching to re-merge with this me, here and now.

It was an unique situation, which is why I chose to talk about it. We are in a vastly expansive morph here. Lots of heretofore unfamiliar things are happening with many people. I choose to talk about such things here because I feel it assists others to open to greater possibilities about existence at large. I wanted to post it here because I am quite clear that all things “dimensional” and “chronological” are – in the greater scheme – a matter of our greater soular selves tuning in to a particular spacetime which from our vantage point is our lives.  Think of tuning in to a particular track of a CD ROM — there are many ways a virtual reality game can unfold or be experienced, depending on the inclinations and moves of the one at the controls.  So I put it out here for you to mulch in your own consciousness, to perhaps stretch your sense of What Might Be, and tweak your own truth as you see fit. Or not.

Not seeking to convert anyone. Just sharing my experiences and reflections – FWIW!

Love all,



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