Has it All Begun? (Chile)

Greetings; I am reposting Dennis Whitney’s piece for today, as I agree with everything he is saying and wanted to share it with you. He authors the Strange Planet blog. There’s also a good article in the San Francisco Sentinel today not only about Chile but earthquakes in general.  Prayers …

8.8 Mag Quake in Chile: Has it All Begun?

I woke up this morning with thought of tending to a few other important issues to post on here, that many have had on their minds lately. But that will have to wait for another day, I guess, given the news in Chile today, and in Japan yesterday. Each, experiencing very large quakes, but Chile’s was a bit of a monster. An 8.8 compared to Japan’s 7.0 is not a quake 1.8 times the intensity, as many of you know. It’s exponentially horrific. A 7.1 is ten times the power of a 7.0, a 7.2 is ten times a 7.1, and so on. Like I said, a monster. The largest quake in history was also in Chile back in 1960 and was a 9.5 magnitude.

But this isn’t about stats this morning, and we don’t even know yet of the damages and loss of life. My thoughts today are with the frequency of these quakes as of late, and the behavior that surrounds them. Mostly, in terms of the animals upon the planet, both wild and domesticated.

A month or so ago, the sea lions of San Francisco mysteriously departed to northern parts, leaving a pretty nil population of themselves back on the docks. Scientists rarely acknowledge the wisdom and sensitivity of such creatures in the animal world, and merely write off the exodus as the chase for a better food supply. Not buying it. Sorry.

In the same period, giant squid are being found near the surface (they usually remain at tremendous depths, and have only recently been photographed in their dark habitat), further north than THEY were supposed to be, replacing the sea lions’ SF homestead.

During the Thailand tsunami in 2004, all of the wild animals ran to the highest elevation before anyone knew what was going on! No carcasses of the island’s wild inhabitants were found within the watery carnage. None.

Several days ago, there’s the sad incident at Sea World in Orlando, Florida, where a trainer was killed. Reps for the park call it a deadly misstep on the trainer’s part, leaving her ponytail wagging in the water, for the animal to seize as a ‘toy’. Could be. Could also be that he wants out of this bathtub and back into the wild, and that he also sensed something out there. Because if you remember, in the interviews that followed with the staff, they said all of the animals were behaving strangely, were agitated, and just weren’t performing as they know how. There’s something deeper there.

And something to always watch for locally, where you live, is the increase in missing pets in the classifieds. Animals depart, whatever the breed, when something is amiss. They may be scared, or they may be seeking safer cover. Either way, a real bump in this type of activity goes much deeper than it looks on the surface.And it is usually a very strong signal of a coming quake. That’s been the history so far, anyway!

But what does this all mean for the rest of us? Are these the ‘End Times’? Well, most of you know, I have a much more positive outlook on our future, and have never used that term. I will say, that the earth is going to go through some major upheavals between now and 2012, and yes, we should be prepared for that. It is all part of the ‘process’ that the Mayans and Hopi have spoken of. And if you’re religious, sure, take a passage of choice from the Book of Revelation. But it’s a paradigm and consciousness shift we are going through. A ‘purging’ of all that no longer works on the planet. Remember, the word Armageddon does not mean the end of the world, it means ‘the revealing’. Just as were are about to see the revealing of a new earth, whether it remain in the 3D world, or as part of what I believe, our shift into the 5D! It’s a cycle that comes to pass every 26,000 years. If you ask me, what more amazing time could there be to be alive? Especially when you know in advance, this was all supposed to play out. The quakes, the tsunamis, the storms, the floods, the collapse of government, the change of currency, the wars, etc, etc….

Just as Drunvalo Melchizedek has been sharing, from the mouths of the Mayans themselves, this is where they went! The Mayans are not extinct, there are a million+ of them left. Their ‘disappearance’ was their shift into a higher dimension, just as we are about to experience!

All of that means (to me), this ride has been shifted into gear. No doubt about it. Take it as a SUPREME example that all is not as it was before, and that preparedness should hold some place in your life, however minimal. Knowing where the next quake will strike, or whether you or family will be directly impacted is a shot in the dark. But I think we will all be dealing with this on some level, given the overwhelming changes at hand around the globe.

Just have the food and water you need now to ride out the first couple of weeks. Forget about the 3-day governmental plan. Every disaster in the past few years has placed more of the responsibility of the residents. We are supposed to be learning self-sufficiency in this time, for this reason! And like I said, government collapse is also on the books. Be ready to take care of yourself for awhile. Don’t freak out, just start accumulating goods when and where you can.

As more of a ‘Woo Woo’ type feeling amongst myself and those that are extremely sensitive to coming quakes as well, I will put this out there, for what it’s worth. When I was ‘guided’ to move out of California last year, it was for two major reasons. The coming financial fallout (and the chaos that will ensue), and a large quake in California by March. More recently, the message of a 7.0 or so, in the Northern portion of the state (Oakland/SF).

Maybe that will happen, maybe it won’t. But being on your toes right now, and having some supplies will go a long way toward easing your situation IF it does happen. A close friend of mine reminds me that David Wilcock sees no such calamity in the Los Angeles area, or California in general for that matter, in the foreseeable future, otherwise he’d move. Reassuring to hear. I hope he’s right.

If you are interested in keeping tabs of the quakes, as they happen around the world, please click the USGS Quake button on the right side of the blog. It’s an up-to-the minute reference of what’s happening where. In the mean time, here is the current report:




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