The Changing of the Guides

Everything is in flux, everything is changing so rapidly – including Earth herself – that “routine” is going by the wayside.

Done any self-inventory lately? Notice how differently you *feel* these days? About what’s happening in the world… about your own life circumstances…  about Life as a whole? There is so much moving and shifting along the ever-heightening spiral, it is often daunting to even ‘know thyself’ anymore!  Who are you NOW?

I for one bear little resemblance to myself at, say, two years ago. At that point I was in a state of complete dismemberment after a verrry long initiation with kundalini and its sudden unexpected climax… then crash, as my ego seemed—well—gone. Underwent a long recapitulation after that.  And the ‘me’ I was pre-kundalini? Pff! Virtually another incarnation altogether.

The point I’m  meandering toward is – as we change, the ‘guides’ who’ve been with us during particular stretches of the journey may, appropriately, depart at forks in the road. OR it may be absolutely correct for you to REQUEST a new guide for who and where you are now… because guides, like anyone, can have specialties! Just because a guide/mentor came in to support you in your quest for, say, mastery of a particular yoga, does not mean this guide is primed (or the optimal candidate) to stick around while you evolve beyond a certain threshold or take interest in a new trajectory.

Similar to most teachers or counselors, guides can specialize in a certain bandwidth of mentorship or support beyond which it is correct to move on toward new relationships. It’s the way of the evolutionary journey!  So if you are feeling a bit adrift or stuck lately, or you’ve been through so many personal shifts, changes, accelerations or even setbacks you don’t know which way is up… consider setting aside a little time for ritual in which you heartfully, respectfully state your situation and request a new mentor – one who could meet you where you’re at and guide you further along your optimal path. Or one who can help you cut ties with a routine that has run its course in favor of something aligned to who you are and what your priorities are now.

As one with some experience with such a ritual, I can attest – things really MOVED in the aftermath! I’m writing this post now as a little ‘self talk’ to do it again, because the shift is ON, and we are on board!  The best tool we can carry to navigate the Now is conscious communication with personal guidance. Maybe an ascended being; maybe an expanded aspect of self (the best option to pursue imo; the eternal relationship, and why I chose this graphic for the post); maybe a new physical mentor or friend will appear (always a gift :).

Bottom line: make a bit of a self audit, and then ASK for that which you SEEK! Ask for a new mentor if you feel you are ‘in the market’ for one (or more). Specify your intentions and inquiries. State clearly you are only open to guidance that is 100% aligned with the Light. This is no time for rif-raf!  Start each day running mental movies of yourself at your highest, most effective, most gratifying expression (in service to Source would be a nice touch)… and expect waves of new energy and connections to carry you forward!

And also: once you initiate this contact, set quiet time aside each day to listen. Important piece there ;-).

Love all,


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