Catch a Sanskrit Buzz

Sounds of the Soul

Feeling inspired today to bring your attention to two sisters – Andrea & Sara Forman – who have a very interesting life story, and whose music was an absolute godsend during my lengthy kundalini ride. I’ll try to embed an audio file here, but if it doesn’t work I hope you’ll click over to hear their clips at their website and maybe gift yourself with their sacred sound!

Story: two little girls growing up in Texas discover that they both have an inherent understanding of – and extraordinary gift to speak, sing harmonically, and compose in –  the ancient (and nearly lost) poetic, sacred Indian language of Sanskrit. Sanskrit is amazing to merely HEAR. I become instantly mesmerized by *something* about it that I can’t express in words, as soon as it registers in my awareness. (“Mere English” seems clumsy in comparison to Sanskrit.)

Anyway: these sisters, as little girls, got into their mother’s ayurvedic healing books, instantly recognized/’remembered’ the language they saw in those pages, and started chanting it together in truly angelic harmonics. They were only 9 and 7 years old when this began! Serendipitously, their father was a musician who owned a recording studio. They started recording their chants… and eventually started going public… and somehow during my kundalini heights I discovered them. I purchased two CDs online and kept them playing in my house for hours/days/months on end!  To this day one of their CDs has a permanent place in my CD player. (And no, I have no monetary interest in their sales!! ;)

If/when you are in a highly sensitized state (as can certainly be the case when kundalini is firing) … you might want to avail yourself of the unique gifts these young women (now in their 20’s) offer. Their chanting is deeply healing and, while the words will likely mean nothing to you, you’re being saturated with sonic grace from heaven; this I believe by experience. Any chaos in the atmosphere will be soothed by Sanskrit chants. It is so sweet to have this frequency (by which I mean ‘vibe’) in your space… well… you’ll thank me later if you follow up :)

Now, I’ve discovered by looking them up for the first time in a few years, their younger brother – who was just a kid when I found them in 2003 – grew into a deep baritone voice that adds a whole other layer to their sound. This is very much a family band – and it’s not the Partridges ;)  They obviously love what they create and it was ‘meant to be’ that they incarnate together to bring this to the world.  They are Shanti Shanti; they’ve been publicly quiet lately but I just discovered they have a CD that I have yet to purchase – VEDA – so I intend to order that pronto!  Seriously, I’d like to produce a big event just so I could invite them to perform at it.

Mantra Pushpam (sample mp3; others accessible via this link as well).

Let me know if you too get the Sanskrit Buzz once you listen to them for a few minutes. Your space – around you and within you – will be transformed :)


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