Ascension Checklist :)

Who could argue? ~ Whitehawk

A Little Light on Ascension by Diane Cooper

You can ascend without knowing anything about it. You can work feverishly on all kinds of practices and still not ascend. The reason is that to ascend we must live as a child – in our hearts. Many want to ascend but they are all logical, rational; in their heads. The head blocks the heart and for Ascension the heart must lead the head. The child has the magical quality of innocence, which means living in our essence, being true to our feelings. The head dampens the enthusiasm, the joy and naiveté of our true selves.  To ascend we must master all aspects of our lives.

Simple guide & checklist to Ascension

The basics

1. Be yourself — fully and gloriously yourself.  Don’t lose yourself to anyone’s “ideal,” including your own fantasy of  “perfection.”
2. Do as you would be done by.
3. See God in everything.

Physical levels

4. Clear out your house. Release clutter. Where there is physical dirt there is psychic dirt.
5. Eat as light, organic and vegetarian as possible.
6. Exercise regularly.
7. Sleep sensibly.
8. Have time for fun.
9. Set up wholesome routines and rhythms in your life.

Emotional levels

10. Look after your inner child.
11. Strengthen yourself emotionally, so that no one can upset or influence you.
12. Create cosmic wise parents to nurture, protect and encourage you.
13. Get on with your agenda and let others get on with theirs.
14. Understand others’ perspectives.
15. List your enemies’ good qualities.
16. Forgive readily.
17. Be open and generous-hearted.
18. Listen with your heart to understand, not your mind to respond.

Mental levels

19. Fill your mind with mantras.
20. Make daily affirmations.
21. Stay calm and centered at all times.
22. Detach from material and emotional desires.
23. Take full responsibility for your life.
24. Watch for the signals and signposts which guide your individual journey on Earth.


25. Choose your friends and associates with care.
26. Choose your thoughts, words, and actions with responsibility.
27. Read and watch only those things which raise your vibrations.
28. Be moderate in all things. Master your addictions and excesses.
29. Cultivate higher qualities like kindness, generosity and caring.


30. Accept everyone and everything as Divine. God is in the tree and the cockroach. Treat them accordingly.
31. Bless your enemies as well as your friends for they are part of the Divine Oneness.
32. Hand over your burdens to God and when you have handed them over do not grab them back. 33. Remember challenges are opportunities to grow. They would not be offered if you were not ready.


34. Ask the angels to help and protect you.
35. Protect yourself with one of the methods in this book or any other that resonates with you.

Creative visualization

36. Remember creative visualization is the building block of your future.
37. Visualize the barriers coming down from your heart.
38. Visualize what you want to create.
39. Visualize others receiving what they need.

Spiritual practices

40. Laugh a lot and take life lightly.
41. Meditate daily and find still quiet times for reflection.
42. Constantly give thanks and blessings.
43. Pray frequently and meaningfully. Connect with angels, guides and Ascended Masters.
44. Read spiritual books.
45. Silence is golden. If you cannot speak good, say nothing.


46. Help the planet and other people.
47. Remember another person’s suffering is ultimately your suffering. Hold out a helping hand.
48. Do the chores and boring jobs with good grace.
49. Sai Baba says, ‘Hands that help are holier than hands that pray.’

Final check

50. Ask yourself, ‘Would an Ascended Master think, say, or do this?’

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