The Riot Inside

Stalking the Remedy Frequency

So: I’ve been going through some pretty major physical challenges, most of which involve debilitating pain. I prefer not to complain, but this has not been pleasant… and while I consider it a message calling me to understand something – I have thus far not decoded the message. I will, but just thought I’d take a moment to share with you some thoughts along the way.

Recently, I took a job editing a book. During the first few days of this task I could hardly see the material in front of me, so completely distracted was I by violent pain screeching from several areas of my body like bombs on a perpetual detonation loop. I sat at my desk feeling like the embodiment of the mayhem in the world – devastating earthquakes, wars, and any other manifestations of human fear or Gaia’s “corrections in progress” that are in play here “on the way to the wedding” (of higher Source energies with old 3D forms).

This has been a very intense period for me, as a physical being.

Being an empath who can be slow on the uptake, I began wondering how much of this pain was really “mine” vs. the pain of the world reflected in my particular focal point of the hologram? I’ve discussed here before the existence of Earth empathy; not too unusual actually… plus animals feel these things as well (ie they know when to flee before disaster strikes), so why not human animals? We’re all integral to the greater world.

Is this primarily about the intense new Light frequencies infiltrating the planet… penetrating everything and everyone? These frequencies are cleansing. Their purpose is to transmute millennia of karmic debris, clearing the slate for a sparkling new start here. So, have my recent agonies been old karmic issues, packed away in the inner caves of my cells, hiding like armies of mini bin Ladens, getting “nuked” from their secret places in these galactic energy waves of a decidedly higher vibration?

(Sidebar: I just flashed on a dream I had a while back, in which I attended a memorial service for a great mystic – a man I didn’t actually know personally. This event was held in a cavern of rose-tone rock; rose quartz. A man who had worked for the mystic came to me and invited me into the mystic’s “inner chamber” thru a door to the side. “What was his primary modality?” I inquired. “Rocks and water,” the man replied. That was all he said. I sense his concise message just about says it re: what is happening on the planet: the deep light is here to smooth out all the roughness of the dense matter, and by virtue of a constantly flowing stream, it IS.)

I imagine many can relate to the health dilemma experience these days. How does one know if, in these profoundly unique times, one’s physical issues indicate a deep healing is in process – which could feel like volcanoes, quakes, and other devastations inside as stuff releases – or if some major health crisis is kicking in? Frustratingly, I am not getting a clear intuitive signal on this mysterious condition plaguing me currently. Have had a few dreams that seem significant… but with all the symbology and possible interpretations… nothing is clear. I am definitely in the market for clarity regarding my health!

Hear me, up there?!

In recent years since my kundalini awakened and initiated a deep purge of many old karmic issues (personal and beyond) from the organs, tissues, and bones of this body I wear (not to mention psyche)… I have become fairly adept at not taking physical troubles too personally. I’ve rather come to think of them as something passing through on their way to being healed once and for all; maybe I’d “get” their significance, maybe not. But I’m generally quite good at not buying into fear over health matters; I remain detached. This one though is starting to get to me. I drift from feeling absolutely clear that whatever this thing is… it’s merely a spec in the Field that can be managed/assuaged with my affirmation and allowance.

Our role as physical beings is not to let form dictate spirit – who would give such power over the INFINITE POWER of SOURCE? Talk about inmates running an asylum! Rather than whine about my “big problem” to God, why not just offer the (minute by comparison) problem to Infinite God for transmutation?  If you happened to read my Deep Light chapter in the book Kundalini Rising, you might recall, this method of surrender has worked before!

Just sharing some inner space with you here. I am in some kind of something that is pronouncedly frictioning my comfort zone, in every way. I “know” I can handle this; I’ve handled everything else that’s slapped me around thus far! But as I write I have yet to master this particular 3D challenge… I’ve yet to plug into the remedy frequency as of this moment.

So this is my report for this particular Now; perhaps while I’m finding my way through this particular homework, a few videos or thoughts by others may appear here in the interim. We’ll see!

Meanwhile Spring is springing, birds are singing, and the world with all its infinitessimal parts continues to turn.

Love all ~ W


3 comments on “The Riot Inside

  1. So, any more clarity on the subject?

    Hope so, as my body is wracked with pain, increasing every day and I too am looking for an explanation. Sleeping is getting harder too, can’t get comfortable with all the achiness. Every joint, muscle, seems to be filling up with something thick. Sometimes I have found this reaction is caused by a major earthquake, not so at the moment. Pain has been increasing for the last two weeks; last two days really intense.

    I assume it is purifying, whatever this is, but also pure hell right now. Hope you feel better soon.


  2. Dear LL,

    Would it help to hear someone say, I feel you pain??? Yes this can all be very harrowing. We don’t know what’s happening to us, and moreover… some are feeling these energetic shifts *acutely* in their bodies, while others feel nothing at all different is happening in the world.

    And then there’s the matter of people getting ‘slammed’ physically at various TIMES; this isn’t like we all feel the same temperature, or rain, or other mundane weather conditions. We are all built according to very personal “specs,” one might say… all with our very specific packages of DNA and embodied karma… one size just does not fit all in ANY SENSE when it comes to what is going on now! So it’s hard to MAKE SENSE OF IT!

    Funny: I’m reminded suddenly of a sweatshirt my mom got me as a kid … it had a pic of Lucy from Peanuts on it, w/her mouth wide open yelling “I’m frustrated, inhibited, and nobody understands me!!!” (I think maybe Mom was a prophet ;) It’s this conception of being ‘the morphing oddball’ that I attempt to assuage by putting some of my personal weirdness out on this blog! Some of this stuff is agony; some is crazy-making… but it IS HAPPENING, as mysterious and slippery as it all is.

    My joints too, recently went thru a stage where they just screamed–DON’T MAKE ME MOVE!!! I couldn’t believe the acute pain coming from so many places. All I can grok is, we are like rusty vehicles that are undergoing a complete transdimensional sonic-blasting by very high energies, for lack of a better analogy. The centuries of rust is getting blasted away. Energy surgery can hurt, apparently!

    (We also, unfortunately, have destructive manmade energies, chemicals, and radiations etc bombarding us from all directions: HAARP, chemtrails, and so on… so it’s not ALL about ‘ascension,’ tho it IS all part of the final gasps of a multifaceted dark paradigm trying to weaken the “light show” here. Not to focus on the negative, but I can’t in good conscience ignore its presence in this earthly drama, either. I suspect these things ARE *part* of my challenge, frankly.)

    Also, since we are being ‘irradiated’ by cosmic forces… our cells are PADDING for their own protection. Having every cell holding fluid like a pregnant little momma to cushion the blow can make a body feel odd – “crowded,” bloated, perhaps contributing to pain or overall discomfort.

    When you zoom out your perceptual lens to take in the frankly unimaginable event in process here… all the smaller creaks and groans coming up in all the ‘little ships’ bobbing around in the cosmic sea (being US) during these energetically stormy times seem reasonable par for the course. All we can really do in response is keep our compasses on true north (the great central sun, the source creator, etc) and TRUST the intermittent misery is transitory… and something beyond our sweetest dreams lies ahead!

    To cast our consciousness to pools of clarity, calm and comforting sparkling light can help energize peace within the body (clean eating also highly helpful) … focusing on the pain can amplify the misery… I know this as well as the next person!

    Sending love and healing hugs,


    • Beautiful response Whitehawk, I am most grateful. I watch only TDSWJS and Stephen Colbert on TV. They have been masters at teaching me to laugh at what ails the world. I also use my cell phone only in emergency for the same reason. Bach essences don’t seem to do much for me, but tree hugging (literally) does. And lots and lots of water when I really feel beat up and dizzy.

      I had a good week or so in April, but since the new moon, I believe I downloaded WWII into my neck and back. BUT! awhile back I decided I would embrace the pain, likening it to a fever that works to thwart infection. In between each moan and grimace I purposely smile to remind myself this is DIVINE PAIN, a gift from the adoring heavens.

      Or something. :0)

      I know you read Lauren Gorgo’s posts. Her latest from the Arcturians is stunning, yet typical in its timely validation and hope bolstering. Wish I could complete a world-wide study on why some are writhing in mental and/or physical pain, and others seem to produce prolifically and with relative ease. Guess it doesn’t matter; it is what it is, when it is.

      Again, I thank you for your post, your blog, and your insights. Carry on Winged One!



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