Pointers for Ascension Mayhem

[The following was actually in response to a reader who commented on the Riot Inside post the other day. I decided to bring it up here, simply because it turned into a long response! Also, I neglected to include some of my recent lifestyle changes which I’m now plopping up top here:]

First, I no longer watch (or even own) a TV. I am 5 months into this at this point and it has been a boon to my personal consciousness. Television is a trance medium – which is not to say it channels ascended masters ;). Most of its mechanisms are disempowering, often subliminally. Balanced, integral consciousness is our ally at this time. I now endorse unplugging from the box. (I still watch an occasional video online, selectively – but this is a big difference from allowing myself to be passively hypnotized day in and day out by corporations advancing their agendas.)

Secondly – I am cutting way down on wireless time. My Macbook is now wired to the satellite modem most of the time, to minimize life-degrading e-pollution bombardment to my already-challenged body/energy. These radiations are harmful. Is it worth the minor convenience of wireless to become a sponge for toxic emanations? IMO – no. At least not most of the time.

Thirdly – I don’t use a cell phone for the same reason I don’t go hang out with the gigantic satellite dish on my lawn that says DO NOT STAND WITHIN 10 FEET OF THIS DEVICE right on it. (Never mind that it is RIGHT outside my wall where I sit at my desk anyway!! Gah!!) A cellphone IS a microwave transmitter/receiver that cranks radiation right into the skull.  I carry a cell phone for emergencies and quick check-ins, etc, but don’t converse socially or at length on it. Having radiations beam into your belt-line or pocket (and all internal organs in those areas) w/bluetooth doesn’t strike me as all that much of an improvement. Even worse: cell TOWERS. Do.Not.Live.Near.

I have a lot of homeopathic remedies on hand. Blended remedies for numerous conditions now are quite accessible… you might check into this modality if you are chronically uncomfortable. Vibrational medicine is helpful if you use it with some consistency. I’ll be the first to admit, I tend to forget about the shelf full of homeopathics (and flower remedies) because their effects are not instantly apparent. When in pain I still tend to reach for a pill that I hope will take it away in 5 minutes… most of which don’t seem to do that anymore anyway. If you feel you are in shock from all that’s going on now (and it can come to this)– try Rock Rose and Rescue Bach flower remedies.

Quite helpful is to meditate on your own stability in the storm. Send robust energetic cords from your base down in to the earth… and from your crown out to the galactic center. Once you close this circuit between ‘heaven and earth,’ fill yourself with clarifying, healing photons. Spin your own cocoon of repairing, protective energies thru you and into your immediate area. In this space you can suspend yourself, have some flexibility, and also not get blown away by overwhelming forces (and the fear they can trigger).

If nothing else, perhaps you will feel better – if you are among the ‘randomly suffering’ and deeply annoyed at this point (WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME!!???) – that you are not alone! Just try to keep focusing on it as transient; temporary … and it’s being all for a higher purpose that we can’t truly comprehend at this juncture. Glomming onto these ‘troubles’ empowers them and gives them teeth in the body and mind.

Alright, that was my spontaneous prelude to my original comment response, below.


Would it help to hear someone say, I feel your pain??? Yes this can all be very harrowing. We don’t really know what all is happening to us, and moreover… some are feeling these energetic shifts *acutely* in their bodies, while others feel nothing at all different is happening in the world. Tennis, anyone?

And then there’s the matter of people getting ’slammed’ physically at various TIMES; this isn’t like we all feel the same temperature, or rain, or other mundane weather conditions. We are all built according to very personal “specs,” one might say… all with our very specific packages of DNA and embodied karma… one size just does not fit all in any sense when it comes to what is going on now! So it’s hard to make sense of it!

Funny: I’m reminded suddenly of a sweatshirt my mom got me as a kid… it had a pic of Lucy from Peanuts on it, w/her mouth wide open yelling “I’m frustrated, inhibited, and nobody understands me!!!” (I think maybe Mom was a prophet ;) It’s this conception of being ‘the morphing oddball’ that I attempt to assuage by putting some of my personal weirdness out on this blog! Some of this stuff is agony; some is crazy-making… but it IS HAPPENING, as mysterious and slippery as it all is.

My joints too, recently went thru a stage where they screamed–Don’t make me move!!! I couldn’t believe the acute pain coming from so many places, some very mysterious — not the typical muscle/tendon/organ etcetc ‘targets’ for trouble. All I can generally grok is, we are like rusty vehicles that are undergoing a complete transdimensional sonic-blasting by very high energies, for lack of a better analogy. The centuries of rust are getting blasted away. Energy surgery can hurt, apparently! Especially for the more ‘classic’ models of human vehicles. The younger ones seem to be coming in with DNA already prepared for what’s going on now.

(We also, unfortunately, have destructive manmade energies, chemicals, and radiations etc bombarding us from all directions: HAARP, chemtrails, and so on… so it’s not all about ‘ascension,’ tho it is all part of the final gasps of a multifaceted dark paradigm trying to sabotage the “light show” here. Not to focus on the negative, but I can’t in good conscience ignore its presence in this earthly drama, either. I suspect these things ARE *part* of my challenges, frankly.)

Also, since we are being ‘irradiated’ by cosmic forces… our cells are padding for their own protection. Having every cell holding fluid like a pregnant little momma to cushion the blow can make a body feel odd – “crowded,” bloated, perhaps contributing to pain or overall discomfort. The organs, too, are having much to contend with… and when something triggers or challenges one organ… its changes cascade into the others, making for all kinds of ‘surprises’ in our bodies.

When you zoom out your perceptual lens to take in the frankly unimaginable event in process here… all the smaller creaks and groans coming up in all the ‘little ships’ bobbing around in the cosmic sea (being us) during these energetically stormy times seem reasonable par for the course. All we can really do in response is keep our compasses on true north (the great central sun, the source creator, etc) and trust the intermittent misery is transitory… and something beyond our sweetest dreams lies ahead!

To cast our consciousness to pools of clarity, calm and comforting sparkling light can help energize peace within the body (clean eating also highly helpful) … focusing on the pain can amplify the misery… I know this as well as the next person!

YOU ARE A POWERFUL CREATOR WHO IS PROFOUNDLY LOVED. Try returning your thoughts to this premise when you start feeling a bit off your optimal course.

Sending love & healing hugs,


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