2012: End of the Franchise

I wrote this piece last year in response to something posted on another blog, where the author essentially spun the 2012 phenom as a fabrication of the “last bastion of the disenfranchised,” the disenfranchised being people who have bought into a need for a salvation vs punishment drama in an armageddon context. That blog has since closed, and I am reposting this overview/response piece here (with a few minor edits) as some visitors may find it of interest. Some may already have seen this in its original context. The full title of this post, btw, is: 2012: End of the Franchise (as we know it), but it wasn’t displaying correctly above, so I cropped it down.

Now that I’ve shared a bit of background as to how this post (and its title) came about~~~~

I do not advocate an end-of-world scenario for the “big date” of 12/21/2012 – the supposed spot-on moment of a galactic event that comes around every 26,000 years. Some ‘experts’ re: this extremely rare event (i.e. Carl Calleman, Barbara Hand Clow) hold that it will occur in Oct. 2011, for one thing. Interpretations of the Mayan Calendar abound. I’m not here to quibble dates. I do wish to at least address a bit of my understanding of (and personal experience regarding) this event, which is believed to be flowing into the local universe from the galactic core.

(Sidebar: The galactic core, or center, is the “womb” from which our local universe is said to have been breathed into being millions of years ago, through the black hole which is the galactic center. Many consider this black hole to be the portal to the Prime Creator of our world. If you can flow with the concept of our universe expanding along with this “out-breath of God,” and that we, at this chaotic juncture, have reached a point of such separation from the Divine as evidenced by all we see now… then perhaps it isn’t such a great a leap to imagine a point in cosmic time (ie now) when God inhales again, returning us to the Grace, Love, and Light of Divine existence, where “evil” has no place – no resonant field in which it can survive?)

Something far beyond ordinary IS happening. Of this I have no doubt whatsoever. “R” (author of aforementioned post) endorses processing everything through the body, as it is our soul’s “soldier” so to speak on a tour of duty on this plane. I don’t take issue with this; however, an empirically based worldview tends to get bogged down in a kind of perpetual re-play (with adjustments made for time-oriented “progress” in technologies or culture or what have you) of what we’ve always seen before. This makes sense on one hand, ie, learning from all previous sensory input, historically speaking, over this and other lifetimes… we have physically based perceptions and expectations re: money, food, shelter, conveyance, relationships…

My current view, however, is that our “learning” has been stuck in a destructive rut of regimental, unconscious training (entrainment? in-trance-ment? take your pick). What we learn has been based on very limited input — truncated windows of perception dictated by the muscle of the collective human ego — the ego being the ruler of the physical plane, with all its hungers and insecurities and need to annihilate perceived “threats” which never stop coming. The ego creates threats to address, thus keeping itself fed and occupied with its perverse addictions. Intellect and intelligence are not the same thing, as the former rules – and is ruled by – the sceptre of the fickle ego, and the latter is guided more by the illumination of the heart/soul’s steadfast, higher knowing.

I feel (and pray affirmatively) it is time to unlearn this rut of a routine. This galactic event is the catalyst will re-assign local frequencies so that these lower beliefs, strategies, and behaviors will no longer have the vibrational hooks on which to hang their cloaks – and daggers. It is already happening; the new energies are here… though not quite in the full-throttle saturation that will present over the next  couple of years. I sense they will hit a peak at which point they will trigger a sudden, undeniable, universal shift — after which we will spend the next decade or two integrating these profound cellular and soular transformations into our earthly existence. Old programs will dissolve into static and drop out of range altogether.

We are now in a window of time in which a deep recreation (re-creation) of virtually all that we have known is unfolding. Long-dormant “junk” DNA is now blossoming to life, connecting us with vast new awarenesses! This newly-triggered DNA provides portals to higher worlds! You are equipped with your own personal stargates — try that on for size! We are encountering a profound opportunity to engage a previously inaccessible octave of consciousness as we flow into and through a new realm of the cosmos, which in my parlance is a new vibrational bandwidth we are beginning to engage, merge into, and work with.


In a sense, we are presently emerging from our “imaginal realm,” much like the butterfly emerges from its state of total “meltdown” within its cocoon, when the endlessly consuming “crawler” completely transfigures its lowliness (and cluelessness beyond its hungering self), and emerges as a new being of  beauty, flight, and elevated vantage point. A re-imagined being.

In this bandwidth, we are further up the ladder of perception and experience, and can see that the denser, physical realm as we have perpetuated it is not all that is. It is merely a stage that we have been acting upon and creating props for, to perpetuate the program. It is only one stage/channel/realm in the quantum field that we’ve been focused on. An expansive opening of the aperture is being offered here, now. Do we have the inclination open our vision to see it, and then operate according to what the lens now presents?

Several years ago, I underwent a lengthy, personal, embodied experience of awakened kundalini, which blew open my perceptual doors and reconfigured my sense of what is in a way that can never be closed again. I believe I was purged of a whole lot of limited and limiting physical/mental/spiritual gunk. Not suggesting it’s been all fun, or that I am now The Chosen Messenger or anything, but it has been illuminating and I believe I am on the right track, as woo-woo as my thoughts may seem to some. I saw many parallels between what I experienced with kundalini, and what the planet is experiencing with the arrival of this powerful yet subtle photon energy now upon us.

This expansive experience with kundalini seems to put me squarely in the fringe-dwelling zone called out by R as the “disenfranchised” in his 2012 post. I felt he was not giving due diligence to ever-increasing evidence that profound change is currently igniting upon this planet and its occupants. I’m talking reality shift here, not just a few ingredients swapped out in the same old stew (money, wars, health matters, etc). My position is, why keep investing exhaustively in an already obsolete franchise? There comes a time when a new model is the Way. There is much to keep an eye on, globally, at this time… while also creating ways to detach oneself from the currently collapsing paradigm and actively construct the scaffolding of the New. This admittedly means making much up along the way because we currently can’t quite sink our teeth into what residing in an entirely new energetic field will be like! But it will require radical changes I won’t attempt to get into here.

EarthAscension In my view, GAIA herself is undergoing her own massive “kundalini awakening,” a total energetic  recalibration that is already changing everything. We are experiencing a dismantling of the stunning array of societal miscreations that serve an elite few at the expense of the many — and our planet.  I am not suggesting this is a form of punishment that has befallen us. I merely feel nature, from the galactic level, is initiating a cleansing upshift in this period of recalibration. I also grok this is, in the macro sense, a natural cycle – albeit one so grand, our (caterpillar) vantage point has been too limited to see it before it arrived.

A total gut rehab is not easy.  I am still finding my way after my radical kundalini rehab – which has not been without extensive physical challenges, btw. It has not been a piece of cake. But at the depths of my core, I feel my radar signaling a massive incoming WAVE breaking upon the shores of our world; the cleansing purge of unbridled kundalini has come with her profound gift of healing, and with healing often comes crisis. We will see big change in our systems very soon, and not in the sense of patches to old structures or baby steps toward new technologies. I could go into detail here, but this post is too long already, and there’s plenty of info available to seek out and ponder, for anyone motivated and open (or brave) enough to delve.

I may be an edge-dweller, but I sincerely feel that this is the leading  (bleeding) edge, and I, along with thousands of others who have undergone what I have (this kind of awakening IS the long-prophesied shift) are the “scouts” exploring the New Land, so to speak, and may have something of considerable value to offer the wagon train when all is said and done re: how to negotiate Life in ways that do NOT harm, kill, pollute, manipulate (etc etc) one another and the “earth system” as an entirety.

There’s much more I could say, but I wanted to at least get something out here before more time passed. All offered for your personal mulching and discernment of course.  I will come further out of the closet to mention to anyone interested in my experiences and impressions related to kundalini’s connection to this galactic event can be found in the archives of this blog and also in my contribution to the book, Kundalini Rising (Sounds True). If the energies of transformation are knocking at your door, this book might support your process; all quite amazing!

Peace and blessings as our collective journey becomes ever more interesting,


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