2012 Galactic Photonic Wave

Peter Sterling apparently had quite an encounter with ets as part of an ayahuasca experience, which he shares here in an interview with Project Camelot’s Kerry Cassidy. He describes the galactic wave that “they” told him would be washing through our world in 2012. Interesting information, for your discernment!

One comment on “2012 Galactic Photonic Wave

  1. Fascinating stuff, I have to admit. I must also admit that I reacted as I do when I hear Christians or other religionists trying to convert me to their particular altars. I don’t mean this with any disrespect, or to imply what he heard/said was not entirely true, but the idea we (humanity) have to learn, focus, activate with sacred geometry or crystal bowls in order to be ‘saved’ or activated or ascended (my words, not his) rankles me to no end. If I were making the rules here anyone whose Higher Self wants to ascend gets to ascend. No special rituals, knowledge, techniques or rerouting on ships. But I make the rules for no one but myself. I can’t bear to think that I won’t be standing on Gaia in the fifth dimension. So I won’t. :0)

    Not too far off that we see how this, whatever it is, actually plays out. Pass the popcorn!


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