Momma Earth Love Letter for June 2010

This is one of two messages I’m posting here from Kaia Ra; I’m sure many visitors are experiencing acute concern for Gaia (and her children) at this time…

Beneath the heavy exhale of personal transformation is the relief that we are held. Have you felt the new energy rising up from the earth? It is this sweet, sensual energy with a Kali Ma attunement.

The energy leaps up to fill our earth chakras with the slightest touch of hello. It carries the code for a full initiation into our Divine Human Blueprint. How wildly personal, terrifying and exciting… it’s no wonder many of us struggle with consciously committing to such a potent relationship with the Earth.

Just as we are shifting into highly conscious beings, we are mirroring the earth’s awakening to a new galactic consciousness in the universe. At this time, every aspect of life as we know it is coming to a climax of choosing between the old paradigm of duality and the New Earth Paradigm of the Heart – Unity Consciousness.

The Earth is delighted to tend to your every need in this process. Her consciousness, pefect intelligence and direct access as a Divine Mother has never been more available to us. Sit on her back, dance in a river, hold a tree, place a rose over your spinning heart chakra and feel how true this is. She is calling us back to Her.

The Divine Mother relationship has been an awkward journey for many of us. We often transfer our personal history with our parents and society onto the divine. Although this is an entirely natural transference, it is painfully limiting in accessing the full support, healing, and empowerment available to us directly from the Earth as the embodiment of the Divine Mother.

Everything we access to nourish and care for our bodies comes from her: our homes, food, transportation, clothing, tools. The very gift of being human is a physical form that is directly birthed from the Earth. This Gaia, a manifestation of the Divine Mother, is our true mother in this earthly incarnation.

This spring has inspired me to take my relationship with Gaia to the next level. Who is this divine mother with thousands of layers beneath me and infinite forms of physical expression all around me? I want to know Her and trust Her, my soul calls out to understand this Ever Present Mother.

So I have been exploring all the parts of me that are in relationship with Her: the inner child, the independent woman, the teacher, the healer, the artist – the Human Being that is both frustrated and overjoyed to be alive. Several weeks ago, meditating by the river her voice rolled up my legs, womb and into my heart.

“Trust Me. You have dedicated your life to me, Trust Me. I can so easily care for all your needs, look at all that I create. How easily I hold All of This.”

Her voice sounded deep – husky and ancient – yet so familiar. Her words punctuated by the laughter of Devas and the red earth chuckles of a wise Grandmother. This was a Divine Mother rich in humor, delight and reassurance.

There was a wise twinkle in her eye lovingly mocking the addiction to worry. Further, it was an invitation to Trust beyond my daily needs and open my heart to the Wealth of Spiritual Joy that is available through courageous living, dreaming and wild creativity in communion with Her divine heart.

All that we came here to Be and create is intimately connected with the Earth. The more I physically and emotionally connect with Her, the richer my manifestations flower and breathe.

My prayer is that with this upcoming Solstice we will all deepen our relationship with this magnificant Divine Mother in all her forms. That we will intimately KNOW Her, FEEL Her Presence, HEAR her wisom and guidance.

I pray that we will also feel all these aspects of Her within our hearts. Are you feeling afraid? Call forth a Redwood Tree inside of you and climb inside its warmth. Invoke the Spirit of Buffalo to feel his deep wooly coat around you and warm breath upon your face. Everything that comforts your external senses also lives within you.

May this June, a potent portal of astrological change for the planet, bring you in deep relations with this Ever Present and Available Mother on your precious and tender human journey of enlightenment. Remember: stepping into our life dreams happens one lovin heartbeat at a time.

Faerie Dusted Blessings,


2 comments on “Momma Earth Love Letter for June 2010

  1. Just yesterday I was immersed in relating my physical discomfort, pain and nausea with Gaia, wondering if she also felt like crap; saturated by deadly toxins, infiltrated by Dark Forces, inundated by those who would deliberately and maliciously cause her harm. I cried openly thinking of the depth of her wounds.

    Fortunately I soon realized (and this post validated it) that Earth is as strong and beautiful as ever, and that any physical manifestation of weakness or illness in Gaia is simply my human projection. She is eternal in her Divine Well Being. As am I, if I bother to remember.

    I will hold on more tightly to her Ascended Apron Strings today, as She cradles this whiny, simpering child of her sacred Earthly bosom.

    Thanks Whitehawk for this posting. That’s how I spell R-E-L-I-E-F…


  2. Oh I know, I know… I have been crying a lot lately about all the madness… feeling like we are the Fallen Race of Idiots to let such terrible things happen! So yes this post gave me some comfort as well, and I join you in clinging with white knuckles to those apron strings. oox A little ho’oponopono maybe thrown in as well when I think of it.


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