Telepathic Tree-Hugging & Other Thoughts for You Regarding Spring 2010

This message is from Kaia Ra

Spring has come in. With all its thunderbeings drumming, coyotes laughing, faeries dancing, bunnies hopping, Diana dropping the independent Beltane hit that we are here now to BE OURSELVES OUT LOUD.

The planet continues to birth new energies for our human bodies to explore and remember the ancient songs that we can no longer hide in our hearts. The throat leaps forward with an urging from the heart to sing, sing, sing.

We are in curious times. Oil pumps into an ocean that covered the dinosaurs long ago – why do we continue to dig them up? Fighting our collective skeletons when we could simply let them go and get on with – oh I don’t know – FREE ENERGY, water-powered cars (yes, the technology for both was developed decades ago), and GREEN living in harmony with the divine intelligence permeating out of every facet of the natural world.

I believe in the true heart intelligence of humanity awakening now. Making Right Relations with the Earth. Now. I accept nothing less than the divine nature of humanity Self-Realized. Now.


This past month, I have been witnessing many individuals spontaneously waking up in their consciousness. Like taking the elevator directly to the Holy Spirit Penthouse. Straight up dropping lifetimes of karma in one private healing session or a workshop. Jaw-on-the-floor releasing. Awe inspiring. People are dumping lifetimes of STUFF, saying: “to hell with it, I’m moving forward, I’ve got this gut feelin that heaven-on-earth’s around the corner and I think God’s hiring.”

Astonishing. I just keep saying YES, Universe, please send more of THAT to witness….

An internal alarm clock is going off in people right now that I’ve never witnessed quite like this. It’s On. Those who are waking up know on some bone marrow soul level that something very special is happening on the planet – something that hasn’t happened in 26,000 years.

Breathing is key when months fly by in a moment. Sit your butt on the ground and breathe. Breathe from your root and let that breath surrender out of your crown back to the earth. Move with this energy, don’t fight it. Accept that all your human “stuff” is coming up and wants to go away – forever.

That is actually the miracle of this time. All your stuff from all those lifetimes simply wants to be recycled. Return to Sender: Let it go back to the Source. The shadow stuff just can’t deal with the higher vibrations that the Earth Mama is rockin now – your old familiar demons are begging you to be thrown out of the house. Really cool, huh?

(Yeah, Kaia, except when it feels un-cool like losing my mind with all this releasing, releasing, releasing!! I know, I know, sometimes it really sucks…But…)


The time of the New Human is upon us as a reflection of the New Earth. To be Truly Human is to be your Divine Blueprint, the embodiment of your God/Goddess Self. We came here to play and we came to play hard. But we can’t play the way we want to if we’re holding on to the past like an exploding oil well. And what Great Spirit is offering us is that we can have access to it ALL, if we truly want to play the game, everything is available to us now – including commanding miracles.

Don’t fight your transformation. There’s nothing left to hold onto except the golden divinity of your true Self. The shadows are merely slippery oil – completely outdated and irrelevant. The time is here, the time is Now. If you feel like you’re going crazy – well, first of all remember A LOT of people are feeling that way this Spring.

It’s just time to breathe deeper into that core and know that all of heaven and your Higher Self are orchestrating the divine rebirthing of your human form into the Earth Angel that you came here to be. Never before has their been so much support from our spirit allies and ancestors. Get fiery with this spring time energy – command your transformation, command that your needs are provided for, command that your dreams are worthy. It is done. It is done. It is Done. And hug a lot – A LOT. It really, really helps when you need to be brave.

What song do you offer the Redwood People in your midst? Is every step on the earth your living prayer? What if you were just remembering how perfect you are? What if water was the real medicine?

How many past lives must you remember to believe in yourself now? Believe in yourself Now, all those lifetimes were for this moment – too holy and precious to define. All the darkness and shame and loneliness rising in a final fit of release… let it go. Bless it all, what we are really afraid of is just how good it is and how magnificent it’s going to Be. Are you afraid of just how GOOD you are? How powerful you are?


We chose to Be Here Now. Our community is calling forth the fullness of our Be-ing. Like a siren on the sea. The call of authenticity is now irresistible with this Spring… Unabashed courage rising up. Wild creativity throwing down. Heart Intelligence turns the page to a new chapter. Intuitive Prayer commanding miracles. Longer Hugs abound. Especially for the trees.

With Love,


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