Earth Pilgrims

From a world swamped in problems, in a global civilization on its last march towards the edge of the cliff, how can we reconnect with a deeper, more meaningful way of life? How can we make a difference?

What happens when 60,000 Quechua Indians gather to give thanks to the vital life force that sustains them? What can we learn from those who put harmony and balance before gain? What is an Earth Pilgrim?

Increasing Intensity of the Chaotic Node

Increasing Intensity of the Chaotic Node: The Gulf of Mexico

Latest Hathor Message through Tom Kenyon

You are entering a very difficult passage in this phase of the Chaotic Node. Danger to planetary life has been created through human arrogance, greed and stupidity. We are speaking here of the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. You have not been told the entire truth about the situation by your media or by your government. The situation is dire and there are multiple possible timelines that intersect this event.

We wish to discuss some of these, but then shift our attention to you, the individual human. These timeline possibilities we are discussing are malleable, changeable. They are not written in stone, as the saying goes. There are so many factors involved in the ecological disaster unfolding in the Gulf; it is difficult to predict the actual outcome, as it will appear in your three-dimensional reality. And as we have said before, things can radically change even in the eleventh hour.

The oil and gas reserves that have been punctured are vast, and if it is not contained it will unfold into several possibilities.

One of these extreme possibilities is the extinction of much (if not all) sea life in the Gulf region and a transporting of the contaminants into the Atlantic Ocean through the Gulf Stream to the coast of Europe, where a high level of toxicity will negatively affect ocean life in these regions of the Atlantic. If the puncture is not sealed, pollution of the entire Atlantic Ocean is a distinct possibility, and eventually the rest of the world’s oceans will be compromised. The further away from the Gulf region, the less toxicity there will be. But one distinct possibility is an eventual contamination of the entire Earth’s oceans.

In a worsening scenario, the methane gas, the natural gases in this field, could erupt and break through the ocean floor creating a tsunami of immense destructive capability as well as the release of poisonous gases into the region.

Another worse case scenario would unfold if the rift in the ocean floor were large enough to create a tectonic shift that rises up from the Gulf into the Mississippi and into the Great Lakes. This would be a disastrous scenario far beyond imagination.

Again, the current situation in the Gulf is a direct result of human arrogance, greed and stupidity on the part of the corporations involved in this incident and due to governmental negligence. The primary value that drives these corporate interests is profit, and so risks were taken that should have never been taken had the sanctity of life been included in the equation, but such was not the case. Sadly this is a trait of the age you are now leaving, and you are witnessing, first hand, the defamation of the waters of the Earth by a culture that depends upon oil and corporate interests that prevent the utilization of other technologies, all in the name of profit.

What will your money be worth if life is compromised? This simple intelligence test seems to have been failed. You are literally at the brink of the collapse of the old world and a chaotic birthing into the new.

The Chaotic Nodes are upon you in ever-increasing intensity. We view these as birth contractions, the birthing of a new Earth. And while the birthing of the new world is unfolding before you, if you are caught in one of the contractions it can be quite difficult.

In our opinion there is no place on Earth that will not be affected by the planetary changes, both natural and manmade. Some areas of the world will be less intensely affected, but all will be radically altered. Life on your planet is an interconnected web.

We advise those who are currently living in the Gulf region from twenty miles inland to the coastline to be mentally, emotionally, and spiritually prepared. This is a time for honed intuition and instinct. If you feel an intuition to leave the area, this will be an intelligence test. Who will pass and who will fail is simply the impersonal force of evolution at hand.

If the Gulf incident continues without mitigation, then this will be a time of immense challenges for the entire planet. And so even if you are not living near the Gulf, this is a time for intuition and instinct. Our advice is to hone these abilities within you and to act on the revelations that come to you. Each of you will be in the place, the circumstances and the timing based upon your level of evolution and what you came to Earth to experience.

However bleak a situation may appear to you, we wish to convey clearly this message: you are the co-creator of your reality. Move upward in consciousness, even if those around you move downward. If the situation deteriorates it will be a difficult time, in that, mass hysteria will increase, and you will have to find the center path, the narrow passage that leads upward. In the past we have given suggestions on how to bootstrap your consciousness. We won’t go into those here. You may find them in the Archives.

Now is the time to step into your spiritual authority if you have not already done so. A dividing line is being drawn by evolution. The planet is responding to human greed, arrogance and stupidity. Gaia will survive this. It is not clear if the bulk of humanity will.

But even in the midst of this moving darkness there are exquisite opportunities to move upward in consciousness, both as individuals and as culturally creative/cooperative human communities.

You can also expect a continual deterioration of your financial system. The seeming recovery was a result of propping up a house of cards, and that house is beginning to shake again.

Our suggestion is to not be frightened by these changes that are upon you, but recognize them as breaks in the walls of a prison that have been erected around you. Step through the cracks into your freedom. You are creator gods and goddesses. You hold an immense power in your hands, but you have been sleeping and unaware of the immensity that you possess. Perhaps with this crisis in the Gulf, more of humanity will awaken and demand an end to the old ways that threaten all life.

The Hathors
June 23, 2010

Tom’s Thoughts and Observations

Personally, I find this to be quite a powerful message. While some may think the communication is based on fear, I think it is based on intelligence. Continue reading

Bending the Rules of the Universe

Richard Bartlett is a controversial figure whose popularity has become meteoric in the last few years. I took a couple of his workshops and they are mind-bending… which is exactly why they are so valuable in my pov — they help unplug the mind from its addicted perceptions of what’s real and possible. Loosens those expectations. Richard is a riot of a healer; there’s a divine madness about him… that can fling open doorways of perception like no one else I’ve encountered. If you dare to take on Matrix Energetics, you will be changed. This guy is a major tour guide of the rabbit hole.  Interview courtesy Sounds True.

Bending the Rules of the Universe

An Exclusive Interview with Richard Bartlett

Richard Bartlett’s Matrix Energetics workshops have become tremendously popular—not just because the experience is a cross between a healing seminar and a rock concert, but because what he teaches changes peoples’ lives in ways they never thought possible. What started for Richard Bartlett as a series of treatments in his chiropractic practice has evolved into a “technology of consciousness” for opening the doors of possibility. Here he talks to us about Matrix Energetics and what makes it so unique.

Sounds True: You call Matrix Energetics a “technology of consciousness.” What does that mean?

Richard Bartlett: One of the challenges in teaching Matrix Energetics is you don’t want to over-define it. You don’t want to pigeonhole it as a technique or a method of problem-solving, because that imposes limitations. Matrix Energetics is about expanding our perceptual model. Each person has a set point, like a thermostat, for what they’re willing to believe, what they’re willing to experience in the next moment, and what they can actually sense in the world.

With Matrix Energetics, you acknowledge that every model has limitations. Then you realize that you don’t have to play by those limitations—and the key word is “play.” Once you do that, you embrace the idea that change can be instantaneous, and you don’t have to worry about how that change going to show up. All this is to invite the power of grace. Grace is that limitless potential for something to happen, literally, miracles to happen. The miracles happen in between the spaces of conscious awareness.

Sounds True: What do you mean by the “spaces between?”

Richard Bartlett: Our left-brain consciousness puts things together like frames in a movie, processing snapshots of experience in a way that appears to be one continuous activity. It works at a speed of maybe one to twelve experiences per second. The brain takes each snapshot, then filters it through our conceptual model, and strings it together into something that gives an illusion of continuous activity.

Once you realize that, you can say, “In the space between my perceptions, anything can happen.” If that’s just a statement in your head it won’t do much, but if you drop down—as we say in Matrix Energetics—into your heart, that’s the place where intent can work. It can happen in an instant. And if you transcend the limitations of your conceptual model just one time, that can be enough to change everything in your life.

Sounds True: When you talk about the place where intent can work, do you mean “focused intention,” as it’s usually talked about?

Richard Bartlett: Not really. When people do practices based on “the power of intention,” they tend to get stuck in the conscious mind. The trouble with focused intent is it’s still based upon what we think can happen. You’re supposed to visualize what you want to happen, which is about imposing an outcome on the universe. That’s a left-brain, rational method and it usually doesn’t work.

Sounds True: So would you say the rational mind is an obstacle in Matrix Energetics?

Richard Bartlett: I don’t see it that way. Look, I have two medical degrees—I’m a huge believer in rationality! The rational mind is your friend. All you need to do is go beyond the idea that you can define reality with just your rational, conscious mind. Because it’s much too limited. For that we need the limitless processing power of the right brain, or the unconscious.

There’s something Sri Aurobindo, the great Indian saint, said: “There are no physical laws in the universe. They’re more like suggestions.” What he means is that they’re hypnotic suggestions that our unconscious mind believes. Matrix Energetics helps you let go of the rigidity of those rules to be more flexible, and yet still retain those rules as appropriate for your reality.

One of the obstacles people hit working with Matrix Energetics is just the idea that something could be so graceful, so easy, and so without judgment. We don’t believe things can be that simple. One tactic you use to get past this block is to overload the left brain with information. You feed the left brain all of this scientific data it can handle. It’s all true material, and the left brain thinks it understands it, but nobody really does. Not even the physicists. So as your left brain tries to chew on that, it gets out of the way of your right brain. And it helps if you do it in a playful way.

Sounds True: Could you give me an example?

Richard Bartlett: Sure. Let’s look at this idea. Quantum physics is getting to the point where they’re saying consciousness must be added to any working model of reality. Everything has a quantum field, or what Rupert Sheldrake called a “morphic field” or identity. It’s almost like a blueprint. These morphic fields are like floating clouds of energy, of thought forms, that just wait for someone to have a thought, a feeling, or an intent. Our thoughts polarize the quantum field like a magnet, with the larger field actually diffusing into your own the smaller field.

So here’s where you start to play with that concept. Continue reading

The Big Push

Numerous new posts here the last couple of days; hope you enjoy them!

Here I am again posting Lauren Gorgo’s latest. What can I say… she expresses the agonies of ascension with levity and humor better than I do, so I let her do the venting for me ;-). For some, this is apparently all blissy business; they apparently have no karmic history on this planet to clear! For others… much ca-ca goes on.  I’ve been through it in spades (much better now, though the ride is still wild and full of surprises!).

Also, this post in particular so aptly describes much of my experience over the past decade (some of which appears in earlier blog posts here, and some of which appears in the book, Kundalini Rising)… I felt it worth passing along to others for whom transmutation has not been a piece o’ cake! You’re not alone; hang in there! What really cinched my reposting her piece was her comment about being catapulted into 5D… which seems to be exactly what I experienced during a long OBE two nights ago.

Beyond all this is some positive outcome detail it would behoove us all to focus on when the going gets rough. Lauren gets into a lot in this one juicy post.

So once again—heeere’s Lauren:

Lunar to Solar Eclipse: The Big Push

Solstice Recovery

I don’t know about you, but the few days leading up to the solstice, I thought I might spontaneously combust. There was so much energy running through my body that I was positive I would blow a circuit… and if there was a self-destruct button on me, I definitely would have pushed it. From the 19th-21st I was so played-out and genuinely miserable that I found myself day-dreaming about what it would be like to be dead.

I guess I should have been prepared, but naively, I wasn’t. It’s not that don’t know how powerful these gateways & portals are, its that I forget. Every. Single. Time.

But this wave officially left me capsized. Inevitably I started to think…and unfortunately, NOT with my heart.  When I was completely overturned, I began to wonder if the indigo in me had become too idealistic??? Worse yet, did I fall prey to, and eat a giant piece of that pie-in-the-sky?

And just when I was starting to stabilize and tuck those weary, exhausted and please-god-let-this-be-over thoughts away in a safe space… BAAAM! A new wave of energy (I think this may have been from that earthquake in Ontario) came creeping around the corner and knocked me back on my haunches in a head-on collision with hell.

To top that off, the upcoming lunar eclipse is hanging over us like a smiling cheshire cat, pulsating with the potential of life-altering change that is just aching to tear into any remaining limitations that we honor.

I mean, seriously… what does the bottom look like?

For those of you unfamiliar with my updates, I really try, but just can’t help talking about the ridiculousness of this process and why we agreed to partake in it. Continue reading

Cardinal Grand Square, June 26

Following is excerpted from Barbara Hand Clow’s current high-octane Astroflash report. This picks up where she gets into the Cardinal Grand Square configuration occurring on June 26. Elsewhere I’ve heard this constellation referred to as a “cosmic orgasm.” Here is BHC’s informed take on it. IMO she offers good advice re: how to deal. For the whole shebang, visit Barbara’s website. Oh, and buckle up.


At this point you may feel overwhelmed and wonder why you ever consulted this site. Well, you haven’t seen anything yet! As previously mentioned, we must also look at the June 26 Capricorn Eclipse [chart not shown] because is occurs 5 days after the Solstice, and because it is going to lock in the powers of the Summer Solstice Grand Square. This lunar eclipse is going to increase the Solstice potency exponentially; it is almost impossible to imagine what it will create, although an increase in solar flares and a global awareness of the pain to come from the oil volcano are likely. [I hope most of you can throw this chart up on your computer or check astrological magazines to view it.]

Of course, the cardinal Grand Square is still in close formation five days after the Summer Solstice, so many things in the Solstice reading will still apply. But, as if to emphasize the importance of this Grand Square, the Full Moon in 5 Capricorn conjuncts Pluto (in the Grand Square), and Mercury in 2 Cancer is back in aspect by moving close to the oppositional Sun in 5 Cancer. That is, the Grand Square during the Lunar Eclipse has 12 squares and six oppositions, and they are all very close. Since it is an eclipse, the Cancer/Capricorn oppositions also include the lunar nodes. This is the most disturbing and potentially enlightening chart I have ever seen. It rings and rings of shifting vibrations, intentional personal changes, and astonishing cosmic forces.

I wrote about Exopolitics-the reentry of Earth into Universe society in 2011-in The Mayan Code, and this eclipse signifies contact and communication with other realms, a difficult possibility at best. Your only recourse is to know yourself when you are faced with the Other, and this eclipse can enable you to see much truth about yourself. Never forget that we are sovereign in our dimension-3D-and off-planet beings can only influence us by working through our thoughts and emotions. In a moment, I will offer a few simple suggestions for looking within, but first let’s get deeper into the astrology. [As an aside, I would suggest you’d be smart to stay home on June 26. Any distraction will take down your ability to imprint this extraordinary configuration.]

So, here are the June 26 Full Moon/lunar eclipse aspects: Sun/Mercury on the South Node oppose Pluto/Moon on the north Node, and Saturn opposes Uranus/Jupiter squaring the Full Moon opposition. The Full Moon with Pluto in Capricorn is very potent and activates deep and honest emotions. Capricorn can build mountains, yet stirred up by Pluto and in opposition to Sun/Mercury in Cancer, we will feel despair over the current fate of Earth.

Our planet will be downloaded through our species with an awesome realization of the danger Gaia is handling; in some way the people will humble the destroyers. As people feel the excruciating emotions brought on by sacrificed animals and decimated water, they will see wars for what they are-greedy patriarchal games to get power for the Elite. I am not saying these things will change right away, but human minds will have changed by fall, which will then change events. Uranus/Jupiter squaring the Full Moon will push these overwhelming responses to the great life crisis into a nonstop transformative mode. Saturn opposing Uranus/Jupiter will ground these very high frequencies into Earth through our personal consciousness. Full Moons expose how we feel right now, and then when the Moon is eclipsed, our access to why we feel the way we do is occluded for a little while. This wrenches us into being able to feel deeply for everything else but us because ego is restrained. That is, this eclipse is going to force most people to realize their part in this current destruction. With the eclipsed Moon conjunct Pluto in a Grand Square, this crisis cannot be avoided anymore. Individuals and groups around the planet will demand more and they will fight to survive.

The Lunar eclipse on June 26 is going to set fire to the Solstice agendas. This focus will be very powerful and useful for people aligned to spirit, and it will be very threatening for people who can’t figure out what’s going on. The old ways of life are over now, the ideas that created these ways have already been forgotten, and we all must surrenderto this great transformation. We’re all going to need guidance, which is available to us if we just ask. The planet will be showered with knowledge if we ask and it will flow right through us. Your spiritual guides know this is what you’ve been waiting for, so they will help you to be nurtured, secure, and joyful. Feel Earth as she awakens, and some may need a technique for making yourself more receptive to these new forces coming in.

According to the timing of the Mayan Calendar, we are on the apex of an evolutionary shift on Earth. The only thing that blocks it now is us, and the way we block ourselves is as old as the hills. Have you ever heard of the Seven Deadly Sins? All cultures and religions have some version of the seven sins, and I think these “sins” became an issue when religion developed during the National Underworld. I’ve come to the conclusion these seven sins arefalse denominators of human behavior that express fundamental ways we tend to deviate from our potential. From our childhoods and various other influences, most people have a big problem with one or two of the sins, maybe all of them. As far as I can see, these deviations keep us from switching on the signals that can make us totally free. Holding on to them separates us from Earth and her creativity because the idea of these sins makes us feel guilty and judged. So, I’m going to ask you to review your own personal issues with these imbedded thoughtforms, hoping that thinking this one through will clarify a lot of energy in the collective.

The seven deadly sins are: anger, envy, gluttony, greed, laziness, lust, and pride. During the Solstice, consider each one of these sins; see if you can see where you judge yourself. Where you judge yourself may indeed be a place where you need to improve yourself, but it is more likely to be a place where old religious paradigms put you on the cross. The cross and the hanging deity, the supposed model for humanity, is not going to help anybody reach their potential, so let’s get off of it!

If you can clear away these seemingly small issues during the Solstice, your ability to absorb the great powers of the June 26 lunar eclipse will be greatly enhanced. This could enable you to draw down powerful spiritual forces right into Gaia. This is not about making you feel bad about yourself, it is about getting you in touch with habits you have that take down your access to spirit. These habits often cause you to miss amazing opportunities staring you right in the face because you are avoiding the intensity of true spiritual contact. So, think about and feel how you handle each one of these emotional response patterns, and when you see that you are deficient somewhere, think about how you could change it. Just intend to change it, very much like making Spring Equinox intentions, and by your intention during this potent Summer Solstice, you will change.

For example, instead of becoming angry, realize you have the power to change the world; instead of falling into envy, know that you are the greatest; instead of being gluttonous, take sensual pleasure with food; instead of being greedy, enjoy your blessings; instead of being lazy, be unstoppable; instead of being lusty, have great sex with your partner; and instead of being prideful, love yourself! We all lose a great deal of energy fighting our personal dragons, and some of us even wreck our lives this way. But, now by the Calendar, we’re preparing to bring much greater forces through us, galactic forces that will reconnect us with the whole Universe. We’ve finished our morality play, and 260 days of untangling it with each other begins on June 22 with One Manik.

We are ready to go beyond small errors because we are being called to engage with large forces. The next New Moon on July 11 continues the eclipse cycle with a solar eclipse at 19 Cancer. That New Moon will enable us to embody some completely new paths, so prepare yourself for this by changing the small but very crippling parts of your personal self so that you can be a vessel of divine light.

Vibrational Support for Harrowing Times

Gifts from Our Petaled Friends

Flower essences offer wonderful support when we are in turmoil. Even if we are not addictively sucking up the disturbing news of the day by direct infusion, its influence is rampant in the noosphere—the psycho-emotional ocean in which we live. It is inevitable that it will affect our subtle bodies, and then from there, seep into the physical. Best to address the onslaught at the vibrational levels before it progresses to illness, and for this we need to practice self awareness!

Astrologer/therapist Laurie Baum offers this list of flower essences to support you during your experience of this time of Uranus in Aries. Not sure of the parameters of this astro-alignment, but offer the remedies nonetheless for your exploration, as these conditions are certainly prevalent currently! Perhaps Ms. Baum’s information can open the way to balm for your process ;). Regardless of planetary alignments in our local solar system, this entire ascension period requires karmic clearings from the deepest levels of ourselves—involving the entire history of our souls in time! This is a LOT of clearing, and it is what kundalini (embodied shakti… or pure life force) addresses when it is on its mission to help you emerge free from the karmic quagmire.

Flower essences also present further evidence re: how each expression of life was designed to be of particular benefit/service to the all! Each has its harmonious part to play (theme of previous post). Of course, before we even get to the ‘vibrational essence’ of flowers, they offer healing via the pure joy one accesses by admiring their appearance, and aroma. Flowers are spectacular—find one to love today :-D

By the way, the story of how Dr. Bach originally discovered the power of vibrational healing via flower essences is intriguing and inspiring to learn about; I encourage you to find a book on his journey, I’m sure you’d find it enlightening!

Condition / Recommendation

Nervousness and Anxiety—Lavender or Mimulus to calm your nerves, White Chestnut to calm your mind, Filaree to let go of worry

Overstimulated by Information—Red Clover to remain clear when perceiving multiple sources and forms of stimulus, Cosmos to put multiple thoughts into perspective, Rabbitbrush to help sort out multiple details

Shock—Rescue Remedy or Star of Bethlehem to harmonize your body after shock or trauma

Sudden Change in Life Direction—Aspen to heal fear of the unknown, Indian Pink to maintain calm when under pressure, Morning Glory to energize new habit patterns

Conflict—Agrimony to help mediate inner conflict and bring inner peace to outer conflict, Calendula to facilitate communications in conflictual situations, Sweet Pea to bring harmony to conflict-ridden situations

Feeling Emotionally Overwhelmed—Canyon Dudleya to put feelings into perspective, Dill to calm senses when over-stimulated, Fuchsia to release repressed emotions, Elm to calm anxiety about disappointing others

Need to Individuate or Express Personal Identity—Goldenrod to balance between personal expressions of identity and the needs of a group, Mullein to help you be true to yourself, Aloe Vera to regain your center after periods of intense activity, Blackberry to express your ideas in the world

Re-experiencing of Adolescent Issues—Chamomile for erratic emotions, Self-Heal to become self-sufficient, Violet to express yourself in a positive way, Gentian to overcome discouragement in challenging situations

Too Much Exposure to Electronics and to Strengthen Aura and Electromagnetic Shield—Pink Yarrow to strengthen your aura, Golden Yarrow to protect yourself when feeling overly sensitive

Channeling Uranian Energy into Creative Expression—Snapdragon to convert frustration or aggression into creative power, Iris to bring spiritual inspiration into physical manifestation, Hound’s Tongue to integrate the right and left hemispheres of your brain.

Note: This is an excerpt from a longer article and more information about current astrological conditions on Laurie’s site at: For those who are interested in astrology, this was one of a collection of 17 articles Vibration hosted about using essences with astrology to deal with transits from Uranus, Pluto and Saturn during the 2010 International Astrology Day blogathon. See them here: A Collection of Articles about Combining Essences and Astrology.

Laurie A. Baum, MSW, is a licensed psychotherapist and NCGR-Level IV certified astrologer in practice in California.

Return to Oneness

Hi all; it’s been a while since I’ve shared personally on this blog. Have been challenged to stop and put ideas down for about 3 months; interesting. Back in the saddle today to relate a beautiful experience I had last night, in the dreamtime. I invite you to check this out and filter it through your own sense of The Possible. For me, the experience was inspiring. Could it be the shape of things to come? Please read through to the end commentary and just… consider :)

So: first thing I recall is, I’m in a kind of camping environment—in nature, doing various “camp maintenance” activities around my home base. Even tho I have my own space, there’s a social vibe to this place… people meandering about, visiting each other’s camps. Sort of tribe-like. Friendly. Purpose-sharing.

What was so particularly delightful was, everything happened in absolute cooperative concert. This was an ongoing experience of meticulous, perfect FLOW. Maybe you’ll appreciate how this played out. Imagine:

I’m puttering around my camp. I notice a bunch of brown leaves from last season sort of “cluttering” the place… and have the thought, “Maybe I’ll sweep those up.” No sooner did that thought pass through my mind … those leaves levitated en masse and deposited themselves in a nearby bin — in a large bag too, no less, so they wouldn’t blow out again!

The consciousness in those leaves cooperated with the consciousness I apparently emanated, and transported themselves to a place that helped clear my space.

Also while sprucing my lovely campsite, a small white mechanical device of some sort—not sure if it was a small appliance or maybe a mechanical toy—came to my attention. Again the thought blipped through my mind to go over and put it up on a shelf, when the gadget “activated” (its mechanical parts started moving and clacking as though it “woke up”) and put itself up on the shelf, where it then settled back down into silence.

Then, pure delight: I’m suddenly aware of a blur of phosphorescent color buzzing at eye level, about 10″ from my head. A hummingbird! I put up my hand as an invitation for it to perch on my finger, which it did. After a sweet little encounter of a few seconds, it was off again. A smiling man came by right after this, and I shared my enchantment re: the hummingbird actually perching on my finger. He and I proceeded to have an interesting conversation about writing that I won’t belabor here.

Next, I realize I’m beside a large body of water; an ocean (or huge lake) with high swells rolling in to the shore. Not breaking into waves… just very high, rolling swells washing in. It was also getting dark at this point. I thought: hm, I bet that water is cold! And in the next moment I was IN that deliciously warm water, floating buoyantly with each passing swell. This experience was perfection, like being rocked lovingly in the rhythmic waters of the Mother. Heaven.

In the last scene, I am walking in through the back entrance of a large event space (a large tent? lodge?). It is full of people seated in rows, facing a stage at the front. I walk up the center aisle, singing the Native American chant that was in the 90’s song, Return to Innocence. I did this without any accompaniment; beautifully too, I might add! If I had looked down to see what I wore for this appearance, I imagine myself in full, white-feathered regalia (I’m Whitehawk after all ;), as that is how I felt in that moment, chanting a cappella like that, walking up toward the front of this place. My attitude was all-honoring; my voice unwavering.  As I approached the front I saw on stage a celebrity friend who’s worked with me in numerous events, waiting for me to finish my entrance so he could, presumably, begin the program, or service of some sort. Also up front were other friends from years past who did (still do) substantial community work. It felt great to have us all reunited for this special event — whatever it was!

This is where I “woke up” — approaching the front of this venue, chanting. (Again I’m awakened from an experience with meaningful music! Common occurrence—remember Saved by Zero [Point]?)

[Post continues below the video… ]

Sidebar: after writing the above line, I searched to see if there might be a video for this song online. Found it; posted it below. I haven’t thought of this song in probably over 10 years and have never seen this video before. I was struck by the “magical” nature of it, esp at the beginning (things levitating as video runs in reverse) — also found one vignette disturbing; wish they hadn’t included that! At any rate, if interested, here’s the song; it has a good message, and it was significant in the context of my nocturnal adventure; more on this in the commentary below!

OK: what am I getting at here?

Firstly — when I “awoke” from this experience, I was in a full-body “fizz,” signaling my return from an out-of-body adventure. (If you have OBEs you know the buzzy sensation I mean.) By all indications, I was in a higher-frequency location; fully engaged in the unified field, aka Oneness.

In Oneness, it is clear that all things have (or are) a form of consciousness; all things are alive and participating, in their way, in the Field. And all things enjoy supporting one another; cooperating. No power struggles, no manipulation. The most striking element of this journey was in how my consciousness merged with everything around me, and everything in its way said “yes,” or even “yes and more.” Organic—the leaves cooperated with my quiet thought to clean up their “clutter”; inorganic—the mechanic gadget put itself up on the shelf; elemental—the substantial swells of the ocean were neither cold nor frightening (it was nightfall; I wouldn’t typically immerse myself in unknown waters after dark)… it was actually stunningly blissful to be in that warm, moving water! And the water enjoyed my pleasure in it.

We share everything. We are part of the collective. In my kundalini “crescendo” I entered a field of living light; spent an entire night in that light, in fact. The next day was my first of about 45 consecutive days of living in this field, this Oneness. It was buoyant.  Life supports everyone and everything that dwells in this vibration. There is zero antagonism; zero “threat.” Judgment of another simply doesn’t cross the mind in this frequency; all is well. I’m ok, you’re ok. All is ok. Nothing needs to be difficult because all cooperates in this field, because there is nothing negative seeking to steal energy. No egoic distortions mucking things up.

Consciousness is an infinite, interdimensional tapestry that supports all its threads, and each strand of consciousness knows its nature is to support the Whole. The ALL. All IS ONE; who in their right mind would hurt another, when they are you? Obviously, mankind has not been in “right mind” for eons.

Did you notice in my tale, above, I did not say I “willed” things to happen. I did not make things move around like Samantha Stevens. Things picked up on my emanations and chose to cooperate with me, because that’s the way it all works higher up the bandwidth. No friction, no static, just co-creative support.

There’s nothing to lose by giving of oneself to another’s flow, if your “flows” are aligned to one another.  If they are not mutually aligned, then they simply have no intercourse in that moment; no interaction with each other. Maybe they will align at some other “moment,” or maybe not. Meanwhile there are countless others to align with in purpose and process. In kairos, flow is the norm. Harmonious vibe = collaborative flow. Out of sync = out of one another’s orbits at that time.  It’s so elegantly simple. So divinely ordered.

So 5D (and up).

Notice in the song it’s all about RETURNING, as supported by the visual device of running scenes backwards. We are returning to Source, where we ARE innocent. We’ve been in this “expanding universe” so long, under dark influences… and we’ve been away from Home long enough. We are returning to higher realms, to Oneness, to support/buoyancy … field of eternal love and light.

Hold that in consciousness and practice detachment from the outrageous dramas bringing down the program on this planet currently. That program’s EXPIRED. Let it go. Unplug your precious power from it; it’s by giving our juice to it (including our attention if not deeper interaction) that it perpetuates. Earth is pristine in another frequency field; it’s time to get on board for that excursion, and love what’s ahead—it will help bring it into our experience all the faster :) .

Oh, by the way, wanted to mention my “state” today, in the wake of all that night activity. The entire center channel of my head felt like jello for hours: from the middle of my brow in front all the way through the center of the brain to the base of my skull. I had obviously been through something that had impacted that whole area, involving the pineal (3rd eye) and pituitary glands, and the newly activated chakra at the base of the skull — the telepathic reception center. This whole area was pronouncedly affected for hours earlier today, presumably because these centers were so intensely engaged during this ongoing adventure.

How’s the shift treating you? How are you treating you while all the stuff hits the fan in the external world? If you notice fear raising its energy in your mental/emotional bodies… maybe try a physical gesture such as craning your neck for a second or two… as a reminder to reach for higher vibrational space in that moment. The big shifts can process through us more smoothly when we consciously work in a daily maintenance kind of way — like sweeping leaves out of one’s camp — on anything that happens to ruffle our peace. Think of it as feng shui for the soul.

From my heart,


The Solstice Reconnection Completion

Lauren’s latest, for your discernment:

A message from Lauren C. Gorgo

It has recently been brought to my attention by the Pleiadian High Council that as of the 3d week of May, the bulldozer brigade (aka path-pavers) have been undergoing an intense  reconnection of their 12th strand of DNA.

I am told that the reconnection of the twelfth strand corresponds to both cosmic consciousness and earthly grounding…resulting in the full spiritual human template…and is a process of being pulled at both ends…intensely purifying on the highest and lowest levels of our dimensional existence in preparation for the next phase.

Say what?

As I understand it, each of the 12 strands of DNA represents one of the twelve aspects of multidimensional consciousness.

Three strands represent and govern the physical body, another three govern the emotional body, another three govern the mental body and the remaining three govern the spiritual body.

All these aspects are represented in our bodies as new neural pathways to the brain and are connected to our endocrine system and glands. These glands work in collaboration with our chakras and when all neural pathways are open and flowing in alignment with our energy system, they provide the pathway or conduit to the higher realms, resulting in our experience of multidimensional consciousness.

As we undergo the entire biological reconnection process, we slowly begin to notice the effects of becoming fully conscious or multi-dimensional… and when our 12 strands of DNA have finally been reconnected and activated, we are able to experience life within the consciousness of multidimensionality.

In other words… we exist in the third dimension of physical reality while retaining our connection and relationships with higher level beings/energy/consciousness and we operate consistently from a state of heart-centered love (christed consciousness).

The 12th Strand

From the information I am receiving, many way-showers are currently in the midst of, or finishing up, the reconnection of the 12th strand helix, which is the multidimensional self in physical form…the cosmic gateway or portal to living in full harmony with the soul. This is a time-encoded galactic/solar activation fired when a soul has reached the light quotient necessary to transcend the lower 3 dimensions of polarized time and space. So really…its all math and geometry.

Apparently, what happens after the reconnection of this strand is the reuniting of god-flow… and on a biological level I hear that the “body will be washed of any remaining toxins (incurred through 3d dimensional existence) through the alimentary canal as the soul’s consciousness is carried to the upper echelons of spiritual/physical existence.” (This apparently accounts for all that lower intestinal distress since May)

I am also told that this process takes about 4-6 weeks for the physical body to integrate and mutate to align with this new level consciousness. This particular reconnection started around the 3d week of May which brings us to right around the June Solstice for completion & activation (give or take).  As always, we will be-lie-ve it when we feel it….

Here’s what the Pleiadians had to say with regard to our growing cynicism….

“We’ve said to you many times before that what is arriving is what you’ve all been waiting for, but we realize that only your direct experience will ensure your full understanding.

Because of this, we patiently wait by the sidelines to watch you experience the full lifting of the veil.

It will be a timed moment, consisting of 3 powerful solar-galactic gateways by which those who are on this side of the veil will merge energetically with those of you participating with the 12 dimensions of physical creation.

This moment is nigh, and all those theories that you have surmised in your thinking of what it could & will be like, will be washed away in the flood of actual living the Christed experience.

The storms are passing. A resurrection is imminent.

All who are participating on this timeline consciously or not, will experience the shift into love. This will be a moment of great magnitude for all way-showers, yet this moment of breakthrough also marks the beginning of another cycle of downfalls for even greater structures of influence… a bitter-sweet experience in global terms.

Stay tuned to your inner light, disregard the dismantling world, and remain steadfast in the inner workings of your 12th dimensional reconnection.”

What next?

Next up for all you pioneering star-people out there: the rewire of the 13th strand of DNA… which I am told is the biological reformatting phase.

The reconnection & activation of this strand of DNA will allow for the intent of consciousness to restructure the human body.

I will have more to report on this in the upcoming days… and I don’t want to you to blow a circuit while trying to wrap your brain around these concepts… but I will say that we are coming up on the ability to alter our human genomes (The human genome (the genetic material of an organism) is arranged into 12 dimensionalized mathematical programs, each of which set the blueprint for one Double-Helix chemical DNA Strand) to the point that we will be able to communicate and direct our cells to mutate, regenerate or alter in a way that will be beneficial to the whole organism of our physical biology.

Happy Solstice!



“You will hear of the sea turning black, and many living things dying because of it.”
(Gulf Oil Disaster)

The overall message of this Hopi prophecy is that the Earth is soon to endure a great purification and that Humanity can make the decision as to how extreme this purification will be.  Their belief is that the world undergoes a period of destruction and renewal prior to entering into a new age, the 5th world.

Hopi Prophecy (Frank Waters version)

NOTE: I’m posting this message from Tiara Kumara ( because it emphasizes the idea of engaging the higher-frequency crystalline grid in consciousness to strengthen antidotal energies & thought-forms to assuage the ‘dark forces’ rampant on the earth plane currently. I’ve not been speaking much here myself recently… as I have been involved in a wave of difficulties, and considerable research (within and without) to get a handle on the how and why of it. I have a post in mind to compose on this matter, as I suspect others may find it will speak to their experiences also.

The Gulf oil fiasco is huge, and only becomes more so the deeper one looks into it. In my personal environment, it is the unrelenting barrage of chemtrails that has been very challenging to cope with. To stand on the ground and see one’s entire sky fill with heavy heavy chemtrail assaults all day every day — as has been going on here for months — and know tons of aluminum, barium & other toxins are sifting down on you and all life around you, and all that SUSTAINS that life, can powerfully mess with one’s consciousness. My forthcoming post will speak more to my experiences here in this “land of Eden” I moved to 7 months ago, to find the skies filled with poison — which has had its impact, as it is DESIGNED to. This piece underscores the importance of rising above the fear.

Later re: my story. In this moment, I’m encouraged to take greater control over my personal consciousness “in the foxhole” so to speak. Please join me in plugging into levels of consciousness and intention that TRUMP what’s going on here. It’s critical to engage the incoming frequencies I’ve gone on about in so many posts in this blog, to negotiate this bloody birth of the 5th world victoriously. Claim the Divine energies of Absolute Truth. ~W


Intro: This letter went out to the Children of the Sun who are on a spiritual path of Self Mastery in the light of inner truth. If this sharing induces a fear response, this is a signal that more personal work needs to be done. This is a time for everyone to come as one tribe in sincere spiritual maturity and astute awareness of the mission that we are here to accomplish together with the assisting star nations and ascended beings of light. The following information is presented in order to emphasize the importance of our greater unity and the deepening preparations now necessary. Please read the message between the words and that which speaks to your Soul.

There is a lot to contemplate taking into consideration all that is swiftly unfolding in the Great Shift of the Ages. Impressions from the field of consciousness, astrological configurations, prophecy, scientific findings and Divine Inspiration… solidly confirm that the next couple years will be a very intense period for all life upon this transitioning planet.

Many of us are prompted through internal soul guidance to prioritize focus upon individual preparations on all levels of our human and spiritual make-up, without delay. This includes a much deeper evaluation of our lightworker roles, where we live physically and how we are to prepare for these coming times of escalated event scenarios. For example, some people are guided to remain in the thick of things, available to assist and inspire the masses into the light. Others will continue to spread the needed messages through travel, diplomacy and activism. Still others are relocating to more sustainable situations in which to carry out planetary work with non interference from external energy.

Most importantly, it is a time of propelling into action the pristine clarity of knowing in who we are as spiritual masters, our abilities as energy alchemists and the light roles we are to play in this next phase, both individually and within our group collaborations.

In this current time-acceleration cycle, our entire make-up is receiving much greater divine attunement in order to appropriately respond to what’s ahead. This includes  resulting situations from continued dissolve of the planetary magnetics and an unprecedented intensity of solar radiation which stresses all aspects of world systems and biological life. The increasing velocity of winds and enormity of earthquakes, floods, volcano eruptions, land movements, system breakdowns, natural disasters and human transitions have very high potential to be a continuous flow of transitional movement.

In balancing all of this with our own personal metamorphosis, we are required to continually keep up with the increasing planetary frequencies on the many levels of our ascending consciousness. There is no other choice right now than to be absolutely fearless, accepting of all occurrence and ready to fully embrace each open door with major leaping into unknown space. Our time is here to truly walk our talk as the humanitarians of light.


Combining with these natural cyclic changes are the gross manipulations being carried out by certain factions which are in failing last attempts to maintain hierarchal stance. These energies are synthetically capitalizing on the drama of 2012 and have intelligently engineered great levels of toxicity in all that we consume, through mind control techniques and through high tech psychic and energy weaponry. This is not new information but certainly worth repeating due to much escalation in this arena.

One example of severe manipulation is the current biological warfare from the air, affecting every single human that breathes. Chemtrail spraying from unmarked planes is heavily saturating the world; contaminating our air, water, plants, wildlife and being especially harmful to our human bodies. These chemtrails contain varying mixtures of pathogens including fungus, yeast, parasites, heavy metals and high tech “nano” engineered particles.

Especially concerning is the airborne nanotechnology; a ploy to covertly microchip humanity by creating internal body antennas that self assemble into a programmable fiber matrix, all part of an idea for an electronically based mind controlled society. We know, of course, that this too will fail, yet, these invading pathogens are causing much havoc on bodily systems and mental disorientation in a lot of people.

Sacred sites and places of new emergence are also being heavily sprayed with purposed chemicals. Numerous groups who travel to sacred sites come back sickened with respiratory conditions. Research across the internet reveals a plethora of articles, images/videos from around the world and outrage from untold numbers of people who report serious deterioration of their health as a result of these false cloud formations raining down upon us all.

Chemtrails are an issue that, up to now, has not been openly discussed yet could be one of, if not THE most destructive silent plagues happening in this timeline. We  may be experiencing a form of slow mass genocide right before our eyes that is being cleverly masked as our attention is swayed towards more visible external news. As with the oil cataclysm, this planetary chemtrail situation is quickly growing and has become  blatantly non stop in many of our community skies. This situation could be far worse than anything we have ever experienced to date.

Using the Grid to Affect Change and Manifest New Realities!

“Being the change” we want to see in the world begins at home, absolutely. It also requires from the greater group sincere unified action and our taking full responsibility for cleaning up all toxicity, especially that which harms our human family and all things sacred. Turning away because of not knowing what to do, or because we are soon to “shift” is not of the humanitarian spirit and is not the legacy we want to leave, especially for our children.  

With our greater unity, we must demand answers and create change. We can step up our action on the planetary Crystalline Grid… and use this higher dimensional matrix to radiate neutralizing energy to all chemtrails and to all parties involved. We can use the Grid to call forth into manifest a new and organically sustainable environment, to be made available for the entire human species. 

The potential for change is infinite… yet it requires EVERYONE to participate. It requires each of our skills, talents, wisdom and all available means to propel greater change into action. The Law of Action!


Gushing oil and chemical sprays are two examples of what  is likely to continue in outplay for our human race through this very necessary “6th Night Galactic Underworld Cycle”, as described by the Mayans. So much is transmuting and transforming on a cosmic level and Earth, as a  plane still with dual natures, experiences the “trickle down” in a physical cause-and -effect reality.

To endure this phase while remaining in heightened awareness to unhealthy energy bombardment, both intuitive and practical sensing must be utilized. This will help us to quickly make necessary adjustments from an illumined and grounded center of being. We are still bridging realities.

VIBRATION IS KEY in all that we say, think and do. It is so important to remain above the increasing chaos and not get distracted or delayed in the nets of emotion and material plane attachments. Gaia is ready to birth big and we are inspired to keep accelerating our vibrational frequencies in exact pace with her movements and quickening pulse. The alchemy of her love teaches us to embrace everything that each now moment presents. In this way, the inner debris can be more easily neutralized, body rhythms calmed and then transformation happens.

We have voluntarily come to this Earth plane to assist, as ground crew, in Gaia’s plight and to evolve the human race into a brand new blueprint of unification. Many of us are driven by a sense of divine purpose and a non stop internal drive to keep our single pointed focus upon ASCENSION versus “survival”. Our task is to transcend completely from this polarized density of the material world.  We are discovering that this requires not only an open, loving heart but also an intelligent and discerning mind in which to make transition into total Self Mastery while overcoming all physical plane limitation.


The coming days will present many new situations for everyone, as swift and abrupt changes occur on all life dimension to make way for the glorious new dawn of Divine Dispensation.

One of the greatest acts of preparation is to remain centered in the core of life which is our inner flame. Abiding in this flame as our greatest security, we can peacefully embrace these changes in the name of our Creator and Supreme Self of the light.

As we stand together within this inner Sun, we gracefully shine our unified flame through every cause, core, effect, record and memory of all discordant condition. This transmutes the frequencies disconnected from Source so that  all may be requalified and reunited into the sacred fires of Divine Love.

May we know ourselves as a ONE ETERNAL LIVING FLAME of Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Power!

Rainbow Tribe Unite!

Tiara Kumara, Founder

Children of the Sun Foundation