The Truth Vibration

Enduring friends of this blog will notice parallels between my POV and Icke’s, tho the language may be different. Wasn’t too many years back when Icke seemed at the opposite end of my personal spectrum! One never knows how their evolutionary journey will unfold. Meanwhile, the Truth Vibe:

Resetting Your Light

Ok, so, I am something of an edge dweller. I’ve relocated many hundreds of miles from a gargantuan metropolis to the tiniest rural, mountain berg imaginable (tho now that I’m here I’ve seen tinier) to find peace, conscious community, and a deeper personal connection with nature. I’m scraping along with freelance gigs, and have stopped using credit accounts to bridge gaps in income/outflow. Being out on the limb like this can make one… let’s say… creative. Sounds better than crazed.

Especially challenging are all those unexpected “emergencies” like health crises, pet crises, and automotive crises… the latter of which inspired this post.

The other day I was on an exploratory road trip, checking out some of the wondrous local terrain, towns, etc. I pulled into a gas station and fueled up at a pump sporting a sign about its fuel containing up to 10% ethanol. I did this totally unconsciously… vaguely noticing the sign, not registering enough of a blip about it to think twice about putting it in my innocent, unsuspecting, and already maintenance-hungry car. Back on the road, my engine light lit up.

This was not a welcome situation: alone, exploring fairly far from home, with the light that to me is the automotive equivalent to The Tower card in a Tarot spread blazing its warning. The engine light is vague but crucial; it yells, Get thee to a mechanic! Which also means, Be prepared to pile debt onto your plastic… except I no longer have plastic. So a serious problem could totally immobilize me, and have I mentioned I live way out in the boonies?

I drove all the way home with that light on, feeling terrible about feeding my poor innocent trooper of a car some phlegmy poison from the pump. Luckily, no breakdowns on the road. Back home, numerous people said Oh, ethanol doesn’t hurt cars! Maybe your gas cap just isn’t on tightly enough; that can make that light go on. One friend sent me to his favorite mechanic, who said the same thing (about the gas cap — which struck me as highly unlikely, having had this car a long time and never having That Light go on because I didn’t replace the gas cap correctly). The mechanic said, Ethanol didn’t hurt your car; I’ll just reset your light. Piece of cake.

Naturally this mention of “resetting my light” struck me. My vehicle is experiencing some kind of mishap, and now this guy wants to reset the light… which he did. I drove out of his garage, and two minutes later the light was on again! So much for his wisdom on the matter.

The light is not fooled by empty gestures.

People are still trying to tell me nothing is wrong with my car… especially nothing having to do with some strange fuel concoction that my car does not function well on. One person recommended I fill up on the highest-octane gas and let that cycle through the system; it could clean out the ethanol gunk. I now have a tank full of high octane, have been running around, and the light remains on. I am not hearing any overt complaints from under the hood, but I just don’t think that engine light would be on, politely tho obtusely calling my attention to a problem, unless there IS one.

So the mystery thus far remains. But the ordeal inspired me to address this option to reset one’s light. Seems a good metaphor for traveling through life as we do day by day, facing numerous ‘opportunities’ that might dim our lights, dash our hopes, sabotage our journeys, or darken our field altogether. If we can pay attention to the ‘dimmer switch’ of our perceptions being dialed this way and that by whatever influences… we can take control and dial it back up to maximal glow :). Discernment, discipline, and knowing when to change direction are primary tools to have in one’s toolkit.

Could the glow of a car’s warning light be a reminder to adjust the illumination of Self? Might keep various troubles at bay.

Trust as a child…

in signals from your own light.

Interdimensional Bleedthrough

I post this video, as usual, for your possibility-expanding consideration. Eceti Ranch in Trout Lake, Washington (US) has been an ever-increasing location for phenomena. James Gilliland, the proprietor of the land and its developing education center, is a uniquely dedicated and gentle soul in my estimation, and certainly a bridge-being for the worlds… regarding dimensions (or densities) as well as UFOs from ???.

I had a notable experience back in 2001 re: James. I was aware of him, and the ranch, while traveling in the Pacific Northwest with a friend. At breakfast in a cafe in Oregon, near the Columbia River, of all coincidences… over my friend’s shoulder I see walk through the door… James!  I sent a napkin over to him via the waitress asking if we might come by the ranch for a visit. He said sure (even tho this was on the one day of the week he reserved for privacy—ie, no visitors). So we did! This was before it was as developed as it is now; they have since built a nice event center and are far more “active,” as you will see in this video. (BTW… this visit had QUITE the finale—911 happened the next morning and getting home became a major adventure in itself with all flights grounded! Moreover, I was in my really active kundalini period at the time and the shock of 911 seriously rocked my highly sensitized, amped-up lightbody; I shook for days.)

The ranch serves as something of a staging platform between worlds. UFOs are seen around the nearby mountain constantly. Sophisticated orbs are everywhere. And now more and more photos are capturing beings from higher realms, such as a Mother Mary figure (there are Mary sculptures around that land honoring her… maybe they were her invitation). Some photos of her were taken with cell phones, totally raw and untouched. (This is the story anyway, and I personally feel James to be of high integrity and besides, evidence abounds. As always, I recommend personal discernment.) In this video, another towering ‘ascended one’ has apparently been caught in a photo (at the end)… as well as a white feline being!  So check this out and let your mind/spirit mulch it and mull it over. Think of it as a preview of what’s to come en masse in coming days—I do :) The veil is evaporating in the new energies upon us; the “scales are falling” from our eyes ;-)

Which Prayer Speaks to (for) You?

In November 2008 I posted The Lord’s Prayer and The Sovereign Soul’s Prayer to Creation together so readers might contemplate the differences between them. I’m here now reprising that piece with a third version of the prayer added—the version that was “scribed” in A Course in Miracles. I studied the Course back when it was very new on the scene, and hold it in high regard still. I added the Course prayer in between the other two, and removed the original introductory comments.

Which version (if any) speaks to you? Why?

Traditional Lord’s Prayer

Our Father
Who art in Heaven
Hallowed be Thy name.
Thy Kingdom come.
Thy will be done,
on earth, as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread;
and forgive us our debts,
as we forgive our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
For Thine is the Kingdom,
and the Power,
and the Glory,

A Course In Miracles version

Forgive us our illusions, Father,
and help us to accept
our true relationship with You,
in which there are no illusions,
and where none can ever enter.
Our holiness is Yours.
What can there be in us
that needs forgiveness
when Yours is perfect?
The sleep of forgetfulness
is only the unwillingness
to remember Your forgiveness
and Your Love.
Let us not wander into temptation,
for the temptation of the Son of God
is not Your Will.
And let us receive only
what You have given,
and accept but this into the minds
which You created
and which You love.

Sovereign Soul’s Prayer to Creation
(Oneness Prayer)~

I AM the Mother/Father Creator
Hallowed is the name, I AM.
I AM the Kingdom come,
I AM will being done.
I AM on Earth, even as
I AM in all Kingdoms.
I AM this day giving life to all Creation, even as
I AM all Creation giving life to me.
I AM this day releasing all duality, even as
I AM all duality releasing me.
I AM the Sovereign Witness of the unfolding Now.
I AM the Power, and
I AM the Glory, from
Everlasting, unto Everlasting.
All this

Appreciation to Gary Bonnell, who retrieved this ‘prayer of Oneness’ from the Akasha.