Sacred Circuitry & Synchronicity

I’m thinking you’ll appreciate this clip as I do. During this session, Bashar — the off-planet being who teaches regularly through Darryl Anka — introduces a “guest speaker” — another galactic entity — to talk for a few minutes. The message is about synchronicity & flow, the way ALL time & events will be experienced before long, I strongly feel. Beyond the words is the intriguing manner of delivery here, and also of interest is the idea that soon we can all simply tune in to the information we are ready for at any moment and it will waft in, telepathically. Take a gander and let me know how it lands on you!

oxo ~W

One comment on “Sacred Circuitry & Synchronicity

  1. Hi Whitehawk,

    Thanks for your blog, I’ve been following for a few months and I really appreciate the variety of information that you share. What really resonated with me with this information is the piece around flowing the energy of “unconditional love”. About a week ago my wife and I were having an argument and at one point, I just released to unconditional love and acceptance. I decided that I would love her exactly how she is and stop being attached to blaming her for anything. This shift created a huge feeling of relief and the next morning the entire energy of my life had shifted. Even better, after I took this unilateral step, her attitude towards me shifted as well. So this is a great reminder to keep our focus on unconditional love and that when we do, we will enjoy immediate and practical benefits in our daily lives.


    Practicing Happy Blog


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