Andromedans Part 1

Searching for a particular item in one of my notebooks yesterday, I came upon something (else) I thought share-worthy for readers of this blog. It’s actually a big chunk o’ writing, so I may just get a section of it up in this post. It involves what’s happening in the cosmos currently… from the Andromedan perspective!

I became interested in Andromedans last winter, when I experienced a flurry of pronounced dreamtime encounters with beings with pale white skin and translucent blue eyes. Very striking and other-worldly in appearance… while also quite human. In these dreams, the ongoing theme was, “approaching.” These beings seemed to be trying to make contact in ways that wouldn’t frighten me. This ongoing “encounter” theme in dreaming resulted in my finally sitting in meditation one day to see if I could consciously tune in to what was going on; who were these people with the light skin and eyes, making overtures in the night?

I sat down with a large crystal I’d found in the woods out behind the house, closed my eyes, and no sooner had I begun forming the question, “Who are they?” when the word ANDROMEDANS thundered into my awareness!

Well: “surprised” doesn’t begin to describe how this landed on me. At first I had nothing to even relate it to. Andromedans?? At least there was no doubt re: my making this up. Had I “made up” a galactic species I thought might be trying to make contact, it would have been one more familiar by virtue of all the channeling pouring forth in recent years, ie, Pleiadians, Sirians, or maybe Arcturians. When “Andromedans” was virtually yelled at me, I just sort of blanked; I didn’t know what to associate it with. (I’ve since discovered sci-fi Andromedan references, but not being a sci-fi buff, these weren’t on my radar.)

So naturally I went on a quest of discovery… and honestly there’s not much about them that I could find, other than via one contactee who’s had years of Andromedan close encounters (who talks about them) — Alex Collier. Following are notes I jotted down from Collier’s summation of Andromedan messages. Also, if I recall correctly, the Andromedans are a master race, ie, they are ancestors even to the aforementioned extended ‘galactic family’ of Earth, and very highly evolved.

Following is (part of) what the Andromedans reportedly want us to understand. As always, filter through your own discernment.

All the black holes in the known universe have begun emanating new color-sound frequencies. (Note: our galactic center is a black hole.) This is the first time these emanations have occurred in recorded history in our universe, which the Andromedans say is a 21-trillion-year-old hologram. They have been able to chart at least 100 trillion galaxies in this system!

The Andromedans live in the 5th/6th/7th harmonic densities of this system. Inhabitants of the 7th can communicate with the next level up — the 8th, 9th and 10th densities. Those in 9 and 10 can communicate with those in 11 — who have already moved into the NEW 12th-density hologram that has just recently been added to our universe.

This new higher-frequency realm of 12D is causing everything else in the universe to be “pulled up” a notch.

This is the frequency shift that so many of us are feeling.

Prime Creator is in a mode of creating and orchestrating an expansion of our system, involving streams of light & sounds & colors which, for the most part, are beginning to be felt by humans tho not directly perceived through our physical senses quite yet. However, the energetic lattice upon which our hologram has been projected (by our collective agreement and perpetration) has indeed undergone a pronounced restructuring… thereby giving the new frequencies a conductive network through which they disseminate throughout our universe, solar system, all its planets and all who dwell upon them.

No particle in any density will be untouched by this profound penetration of hyper-evolutionary frequencies.

What impact might this have on the 3D world?  To be continued…