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Last week I shared an experience about my “contrary contribution” to the Grid that seemed an apt teaching opportunity for readers, in the Orb & Ark of Triumph post. This is a brief update on that theme, preceded by a personal note and followed by a link to an in-depth essay on gridwork that might speak to you, should you choose to explore it, and perhaps your role in it.

First, about the ARK vision — that ARK rising into the sky along with a whole lotta “Earth.” I associated this with the exodus of so many animals lately, and their own departure from the chaos of Earth to a brighter, ascended world. It comforted me to ponder this dramatic vision of the Ark in a field of Light, taking the animals to a better place, ie “summerland.”

This scene took on added significance to me when I had the sorrowful experience of witnessing (midwifing really) my dearly loved cat make her exit from this plane over the weekend. She died in my arms, which was, I believe, the best possible send-off scenario for her. She embarked on her new journey in the warm loving embrace of her Person who cherished her for 14 years—a tumultuous 14 years including the most intense family tragedies followed by years of profound, unpredictable & disruptive adventures driven by my awakened kundalini.

This brave and spunky feline, along with her sibling sister (who was the psychic seer of the two) were my anchors in this world more times than I can say. Kundalini took me into soular, cellular, and karmic depths… during which time much of my mundane life suffered. Plants died; relationships were critically challenged… but these felines stayed the course and blessed me profoundly with their soft, purring love & unwavering acceptance. I managed to keep their food dishes full, the litter boxes clean, and showered them with love and catnip. :)

It shocked me that not six months after leaving the stresses of city life (we moved to the country), one of the girls suddenly fell ill and left us. She finally lived in a place where she could enjoy the peace she craved for years. Her attuned perceptions and susceptibility to beyond-the-veil visitations that were part and parcel of our life back home were replaced with the pleasures of  bird-watching and quiet days in a beautiful rural setting. She was clearly so much happier here. Then — suddenly her health failed and she left. I could hardly believe this turn of events.

Now, 8 months later, her sister followed her to the next realm. To me, this feels like the final closure of a huge chapter of my life.

So I honor my kitties here, and thank them for sticking with me so stoically over the long haul. I love them dearly; they were precious companions and teachers through my shamanic dismemberment and beyond. I imagine them playing in the sun, chasing butterflies, and being in perpetual joy.

I anticipate a beautiful reunion someday. Meanwhile I am in good stead to carry on. {{{ Zoe & Maya }}}


Synchronistically, later on the same day in which I had the experience of being reprimanded for “groaning into the grid,” Daniel Jacob brought my attention to his essay about gridwork. Daniel communicates with a lovely group of beings who call themselves the Reconnections. Many, many wonderful messages have been filling Daniel’s website for years.

grid workCheck to see if you resonate with this message about grid work; I feel this is a portion of my ‘other-realm’ services. Considering we are Infinite Beings, capable of doing ‘dozens of amazing things before breakfast’ as it were… helping morph the lattice (several earlier posts discuss this) seems quite logical.

Love all,


“The internal cost of having one of the Bridge Gifts often involves a substantial loss of a person’s ability to separate from things that are unfolding upon the Earth.  They all seem to be happening within YOU.  One primary benefit of Gridwork is a tremendous expansion of personal authority and influence upon what happens here.  Those who do not have this gift are disinclined to believe that such power exists.  Those who do have it can become impatient with others who do not share their own commitment to the planet, and belief in their ability to affect it.”  ~ Reconnections, via Daniel Jacob


2 comments on “Grids & Gridworkers

  1. Hello my friend. I am so sorry for your loss and wanted to jump in here to give you a hug through the ethers. I know so well your loss of furred friend. And your love of cats. I have 12 at the moment. Some fosters, most permanent additions. I volunteer at a shelter, and somehow 12 is still not enough. I have dogs, bunnies, birds as well, but it is the cats that ground me, hold me in place and see me through when times are toughest. They are my Zen, my comfort and my solace and my biggest smiles. They know things that a dog cannot know, because dogs are too devoted, too attached and therefore too compromised to assist, other than through their singular devotion. But cats, they are the most pure of filters for human emotion and struggle. And they come and go and come back again so effortlessly in that purity.

    I hope it does not take you long for you to find another feline friend to go through the next chapters and greatest heights of this lifetime. In the meantime, I wish you comfort and healing and light.


  2. Aw, lamplighter2, your thoughtful post is such a sweet gift. I too volunteer at a shelter, and am scanning the many whiskered beings there, wondering who might be a happy addition to my home world when I’m ready to ‘ride again.’ (Actually I suspect felines & I come from the same ‘homeworld’ – the feline planet, home of the mystical beings worshipped by ancient Egyptians… probably because they brought the secrets of the pyramids here with them. ;) Thank you and – hoo! – ‘carry on’ with your amazing menagerie. Feel free to send video :-D


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