Don’t Look Back

My goodness… I never expected to be running so many ‘channeled transmissions’ on this blog! And for so long, they seemed to all be saying the same thing anyway; what would be the point? However we are now in a major forward lunge. About this I have no doubt whatsoever; this is not just same old same old. I offer the following, as always, for your discernment. Just try to breathe & let what’s coming in flow through you; we all need to make this a continual practice. Seek into this experience  (of coming events) for inspiration and expansion. Blocking — not a viable plan at this point!

Love all, Whitehawk

Message from the Masters
Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.
March 7, 2011

Antui, Anshallah! Ensi, Asi, Asi, Asi

Greetings to each of you from the light, within the light and of the light! It is that in this time the 4th of seven star gate systems begins to reopen after many millennium of slumbering closure. It is that we have spoken before of these events:

This is a multilevel system, meaning that it crosses the time-space continuum and dimensional thresholds and is interconnected by a vast series of wormhole systems. These systems are regulated with something that resembles a valve system, which allows, for lack of a better description in your language, for a vacuum-system type of operation, which in turn allows for the expedient transfer of matter in particulate form. At the same time, these valves, which are the star gates, maintain positive and negative pressure thresholds between transfer stations and angulation changes within the system.

This series of star-gate systems was utilized by the precursors of the Atlanteans, who were beings of an intergalactic nature. These systems are the Um, the Lenhe, the Aetnalin, the Urnallum, the Renari, the Leioni, and the Dendor. Seven systems—the number of truth.
This [opening of the star-gate systems] began on the third of October, 2009.

The combination of star-gate systems opening and astronomical events will bring to your world evidence of visitors from other worlds, because your world will once again be accessible to distant travelers.

One area of this system remained open during the times of ancient Egypt, and it opened into subterranean chambers. The system closed in 624 B.C. and has not been operational since then. It will soon be again.

As the openings occur, there will be a certain amount of dimensional bleed-through. Some of you will see or hear beings of other realities as these brief bleed-throughs happen. It is nothing but energy, memory contained within light, and there is nothing to fear. At the same time, energies will blur the lines of division and cross into your dimension in such a way that there may be brief and intense changes, such as when the wind changes direction before the weather changes. These events you will feel inside of you as if something light has just walked across your inside.

The Renari star gate system has begun its reopening. It is that with this opening, it will encompass nearly every dimension and parallel universe across the multiverses in such a way as if creation is experiencing an infinite yawn. For as this system reopens it creates a unification of all reality, all levels of creation harmonically for a time. As this occurs, the energies begin as a small aperture in the constellation of Libra and spread in an ever-widening path. This path will be briefly as if it is on fire as the intensity of its energies will be causal to coronal mass ejections of your sun (sun spots). It will cause gravitational disturbances that may lead to movement of the earth in seismic events. This opening begins on March 13th of your current year and continues through October 19th.

As this event escalates you will feel as if you are being cosmically pulled into unknown territories, the sense of coming changes within you will escalate exponentially. That which are your intuitive gifts will rise accordingly if you let them. That which is your inner sense, your communion with your planet will increase dramatically as well. There will be electromagnetic events in the form of great movement and display of what you call your northern lights with new and different colors as the harmonics sweep across your planet.

As this occurs, inside of you will come a cosmic calling to unification, to curiosity of exploration as souls both individually and collectively. There will be revelation of more truths upon your planet that have been hidden from you and there will be further evidence revealed of your star ancestors coming to call.

The heavens will ring with a new and different song of collective harmonization as they are literally parted for a time as the widening rush of energy moves through.

How this will affect you as beings is that you will feel as if you are being carried beyond your control. The time for hesitancy, for indecision, for unimportant distractions is no longer. You will learn to be more fully present out of necessity. As you do, you will also become more in touch with your greater aspects, those parts of you that you have denied or deemed not possible. The ability to connect into the greater consciousness will come as a blur in your attention. Your beingness will be swept of untruths and your minds will to be able to maintain their distractive activities. You will begin to see your world through innocent eyes but you will not have time to wonder at all as the pace of all of these changes will become faster and faster as this star gate system connects and reconnects then connects more.

The actuality of the occurrence is that worlds that have been disconnected are reestablishing their connections one with the other and all as a whole. As this occurs so it is with you and those in your world. You are already seeing precursors of these changes as the nest of your beginnings in the Middle East is rising up and calling for justice, for truth and for the rights of human beings beyond aspects of control. The illusions are dissipating and with them come stark truth. There are people who need. There will continue to be further uprisings in these areas form the next many months for as humanity began its origins in these areas the memories of the before times are coming forward.

What was before, what succeeded and what did not. In many ways you are coming full circle with your histories, your roots. There were those before you of whom no records remain. In many ways they succeeded and in others were the root of their own destruction. In this now you can choose your outcomes.

In this now the mass of consciousness that is you and you together has risen far beyond that which was then. You have created by the very aspect of your internal awareness and your intentions to carry your race into the next time, and to do so with peace and truth, with the greater being that you know is possible. You do not require mass destruction this time to realize the power of your intentions. You only require the awareness that new and different possibilities exist and then to act upon them first by intention and then by your actions in every moment.

Your contributions as individuals join the collective efforts of the very being and free will of all of you as a whole and create literal reality for the coming times. Aspects of God coming together as new and positive creators of the coming times.

As you feel the pull of the cosmic river, do not look back. Do not regret what was, what was to of what might have been. Instead, look to the now for what is and always has been. You are the light of the world. That you have the freedom of will and the imagination of possibilities combined with the ability to act in any given moment brings to you outcomes beyond your imaginings.

As the Renari star gate system continues in its fierce reopening, its fires will clarify and cleanse the way throughout all reality. This is the time of shifting dimensions. What you do not realize is that while you are waiting for your shift to arrive, it is happening within and around you. Your dimension is already shifting, rolling in its infinite position to a new and different set of harmonics. It can become the world that you have envisioned. When a dimension shifts it is entirely reliant upon the energies of its interior consciousness to direct that change. You are the consciousness within your dimension. Set your intentions now. Act upon them. Where your shift lands and re-harmonizes is entirely dependant upon you as individuals and you as a collective. Aspects of God dictating new outcomes.

Those before you became caught in egoic and self-serving traps that were causal to massive and great destruction of the world as it was then. Part of your world in this now is caught in the same kind of being. The greater part of your world is moving toward and causal to your current dimensional shift. You are there, at the crux point of all future events upon your planet. Take the wave over the top and into the reality that you have striven so greatly to achieve. You have arrived. Don’t stop now.

As a dimensional shift occurs, this does not necessarily interrupt or change the electromagnetic dynamics of the interior of that dimension. Instead, clarification occurs, static is alleviates and clarity of awareness becomes forefront. This does not create shifts of opposing poles, and in fact can assist in stabilizing them.

What will be the way of your future? How far will your dimension shift into new and greater reality? Together, you are the pilots of your infinite reality. How far do you desire to go? What limits will you set on yourselves or will you realize that limits are self -imposed and self-serving. What can you become toward the greater being of all? Only you know. Only you can choose.

We are grateful to be of service with you in this now. Be in peace.

End of transmission.

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