Imaginal Journey of Peace

When a caterpillar first begins its transformation, an entirely new kind of cell begins to appear inside the caterpillar that scientists call Imaginal cells. These cells contain the imagining or blueprint of a whole new being.

At first as these cells appear, they are attacked and resisted by the caterpillar, but gradually as more of them appear, they grow stronger and begin to cluster together to form the first organs of the new creature.

Caterpillar to Butterfly by Mike NelsonEventually clusters of cells will form extensions of connective tissue that bridge these small groups of cells into a larger form. The old form literally dies, as a new being is born from within the old.

This is what is happening to humanity. Every person who carries universal peace in their hearts represents an Imaginal cell. In every nation there are groups of these cells that have begun to cluster together in specific regions to form an organ of peace, and gradually these groups are weaving a web of peace throughout the land.

– Michael White


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