Spontaneous Healing: ‘Hacking’ the Biomatrix

Discovered a web site this morning featuring someone calling himself “The Fire Burn Doctor,” offering the free service of healing any burns reported to a call line or email address within 30 minutes of receiving the burn injury.

This aroused my curiosity, as I personally experienced the spontaneous healing of a serious hand burn (my hand was literally in flames; deeply burned) last year. In my case, when I received the burn, I had the strong inner sense that this situation was mine to heal, as though on some level I set this up to prove that it IS QUITE DOABLE to heal oneself in the moment. Not only did I not run to a hospital — I didn’t tell a soul what had happened, thereby avoiding anyone’s escalated concern and likely insistence that I seek medical attention. I had my own intention re: how this event would play out.

With my hand in profound pain and packed in ice, I stumbled around, mentally, seeking the right “wave” to catch in consciousness to achieve my goal. Finally, after hours of trying to land on the exact frequency (for lack of a better term) that would accomplish the healing, I “got there,” at which point a perfect peace came over me.

I then viscerally felt what I can only describe as a million miniscule “balloons” in my hand suddenly “inflating.” It was similar to feeling a kind of effervescence happening right under the burned dermal layer.

Turned out, that unusual sensation was the spontaneous production of new, perfect, “plump” cells that had replaced the deeply burned tissue — my hand had indeed fully healed, instantly.

After the process was complete, the hand appeared to have been through months of healing in the space of minutes, with a faint trace of scar tissue as evidence that something did indeed happen, and it involved a collapse of time! Even the scarring disappeared a week later; the hand now shows no sign of having been through such trauma.

So in my case, the healing of this burn seemed to involve a matter of speeding forward months in time (at least my hand did) to the point where the healing was a done deal, saving myself all that time in the painful process of ordinary healing.

My experience with this burn accident had even greater significance to me because my immediate family seemed to have some kind of karma involving burns. My father endured serious full-torso burns when a boiler exploded, spewing boiling water all over him. His hospitalized recovery was slow and painful. My brother’s house sustained a fire that took out a sizable portion of his second floor. Then the ultimate tragedy happened in the house I grew up in — this overnight fire took down the whole house with my mother in it, leaving her burned beyond her ability to survive.

So, when I heard about this service offering free healings (with the caveat that the burns must be reported immediately), I had to look into it. I understand the “immediate” component, because once an injury settles into a body’s energetic signature and biology, it is a far more deeply rooted issue to endeavor to correct, let alone do so spontaneously.

I offer this for your perusal. By the way, readers familiar with Richard Bartlett’s Matrix Energetics may see resemblances here to his work.

The remainder of this post taken verbatim from the The Fire Burn Doctor. A few paragraphs down is an explanation of the procedure.


For you, all you do is call or text to 1-818-332-6445 (from anywhere in the world) or email to fireburndoctor@aol.com, within 30 minutes of the burn and leave the information about the burn victim. That takes about one minute. Then watch and report the amazing results.

For the FBD team, volunteers on call 24/7, they call the burn victim (or whoever left the information) immediately upon receiving the voice, text or email message. They confirm the accuracy of the burn victim’s information and ask that someone report back with the results 30 minutes later.

For the FireBurnDoctor, as he tries to describe, through a good analogy with the world of computers, software and Internet, how he manages to generate such bewildering results, he says he would define himself as “Bio-Matrix Hacker,” something that everyone is now capable of understanding:

In that ‘computer context,’ I would define myself as ‘Bio-Matrix Hacker’ and my technique as the way to break into the ‘Bio-Fields Continuum’ (the ‘Matrix’) that interconnects us all with one another (and with all living organisms ultimately) like a global ‘bio-internet’… 

Then, when an individual computer (a person) is experiencing troubles, bugs, crashes, or an accident (as for instance with a burn injury), all that I am doing is ‘writing’ a specific bio-program with appropriate bio-algorithms to resolve and correct the problem, then ‘hack’ the bio-matrix to be capable to upload it. It will be then automatically downloaded to the individual ‘computer’ (the person) that has experienced a crisis to fix the specific software conflict or problem.

Just like in the internet analogy where the information itself is stored everywhere and nowhere in the same time but, nevertheless can be accessed by each and every individual computer in the world, all living creatures on earth are interconnected to one another in some sort of a bio-web. 

Similarly, all the people’s individual consciousness also works in a higher and collective networking pattern in a form of psycho-web (the ‘Psycho-Fields’ theory and the ‘Jungian Collective Unconscious’ theory in modern science). That is why even simplistic personal coordinates like ‘name, date & place of birth’ or a photograph of the burn victim are sufficient for me to locate the individual computer (the person) within the ‘Bio-Matrix’ (the psycho- and bio-continuum) and immediately ‘download’ an adequate existing written program to fix the problem ‘locally’ through ‘non local’ methods.

In a fireburn injury scenario, my new program will immediately provoke a neuro-bypass that keeps our brain from sending the wrong message to our defense and immune systems. 

In a severe pathology situation, even in case of so-called ‘incurable disease,’ the whole protocol is very similar (although infinitely more complex and time consuming) yet reverse: Rather than to inhibit deleterious self-destructive physiological processes like for burn injuries, I must instead write a specific new program to release and to engage extremely potent defense and immune processes and mechanisms which were either lethally blocked or not accurately programmed and calibrated.

When the software is inadequate or corrupted, the computer cannot work. Likewise, when there is a major conflict with several incompatible softwares, the computer crashes. Same situation when the ‘antivirus’ is disconnected or not properly designed.

I have never used that ‘computer model’ analogy before to adequately describe my actual line of work. I had previously to resort to highly complex models of BioCybernetics (Geosomatics, Bio-Continuum, Non-Local Events in physics and Quantum Mechanics, etc.) which very few people could ever understand.

But now, thanks to worldwide computer awareness where people all over the planet are getting familiar with ideas like world wide web, computer programs and computer problems, it has finally become possible for me to explain in a clear, understandable way what are the exact processes at play in my own scientific field.


One comment on “Spontaneous Healing: ‘Hacking’ the Biomatrix

  1. Wow, I just read this post. HOW COOL IS THAT? Totally made my day! I have been hoping that part of our great effort this lifetime is to heal the karma of the past, especially that of our families and fellows. How you were able to tune into the right frequency to heal yourself is both inspiring and mystifying to me. But even more so, you have confirmed and validated one of my greatest dreams! Thank you.


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