Heeding Divine Impulses

Heeding the wisdom of the heart is generally not how we humans have been indoctrinated, and for many it isn’t an easy transition to make when voices from within and in the outer world scream at us to “be logical.” This is the left brain/right brain, masculine/feminine, divine/human perspective we are needing to address now. The heart is the master to listen to! And Source Creator is now amplifying our capacity to acknowledge divine impulses, to help us get up & running in this regard.

If I may distinguish here between “heart” and “emotions.” The heart’s place is in the ascended field of Love. The emotions are generally entangled with the lower centers: battles of will, feelings of insecurity in situations or relationships, etc. It’s no accident that the heart chakra is the middle chakra, situated between the three lower and three higher chakras. The heart is the great synthesizer. The following is another Anael message translated from French. Tune into your heartlight! 

Love all, Whitehawk


Pulses of the Heart

I am Archangel Anael.

Beloved Children of Light and beloved Starseeds: Love is Your House.

The Archangelic Conclave asked me to transmit this message for the period which will proceed through your summer (northern hemisphere).

A number of pulses coming from (or through) your Heart will arise in you. These pulses of the Heart will seem sometimes in opposition and contradiction with pure logic and reason. These pulses will manifest in different ways in the morning when you wake up in the form of dreams, and also during your day.

These final pulses of the Heart are designed to make you choose and decide on important things to put into place in your lives, and in this world, to live in the resolution and dissolution in the conditions most suited to your vibratory state.

Even beyond what is called the response of the Heart, through these same impulses, it will represent in most cases a challenge to verify the status of your state of abandonment to the Light. 

(Note: the ascension is about reunifying with the Creator — the Light — from which we have felt separated for eons.)

These pulses of the soul will be subject to conditions of life where everything will go easy; be easy. Now if the reason and logic of your life opposes this divinely guided pulse, you’ll quickly see for yourself that the flow no longer exists and many obstacles will appear. Thus you are training to differentiate very clearly what the order of the pulse of the Heart feels like, versus the old tyrants of reason and logic.

It is your responsibility, in relation to this, to identify and discriminate rapidly, precisely, the order of reason and logic versus the order of the pulse of the Heart. It will be easy from the moment you have located the events and the moment you have observed the circumstances arising in the course of your lives.

It is up to you to follow your Heart, rather than your reason and your logic, even if the pulse of the Heart may sometimes seem in complete opposition to reason and logic in your life.

This is directly related to the Crossing of the last door, and the ultimate “flip” that allows you to truly and effectively be guided by the Heart — if this is your choice. This will appear more and more clearly, as the days of summer pass. You can then put out the circumstances best suited and most conducive to the development of your Heart — your built-in guidance system.

This brief message is offered by the Archangelic Conclave, regarding the conduct of your lives in this dimension. 


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