For the Sensitives

After a couple of very busy weeks involving intensely-focused work and social things going on during ‘off time’ … I crashed — big time!

I wondered, is the current solar E/M blast nailing my lightbody?  The profuse chemtrails taking their toll?  Radiation from Japan???? “Ascension” in general, with all its anomalous signatures?  Talk about a ‘buffet’ of culprits!!

Then this little video came under my nose and I thought OH YEAH, *THIS.*  Before all that other stuff “out there” to consider, is this fundamental fact of my life (and maybe yours) — I’m an empath. I feel it ALL many times more acutely than does the majority.  You name the ‘input’ — work, sound, smell, other people’s vibes, environmental factors — and it all penetrates my ‘essence’ incideously (ie usually without my conscious awareness when it’s happening), until some breaking point is reached.

Even then I might “forget” that this is my energetic makeup, and I would do well to keep it in mind when the intensity of life doesn’t let up for days or weeks on end. I’m sure many who are tracking the shifts now underway are also susceptible to the backlash of too much go-go-go (even if some of it is what most people consider “social down-time”).

So, two days ago I found myself in Big Pain. Yesterday my entire energy system seemed completely discharged, as tho I could hold NO “juice” for myself to function with. Then a deep headache moved in… still have that today, but today I’m going to try to get back on track in spite of this :-/ .  I really would do well to take one more day to just hang loose and decompress; let all those factors that nailed me diffuse.

Here is a video of a woman whose books rang bells for me a few years ago, discussing ‘sensitives’ and how to work with this “type,” especially useful if the person in question is YOU or someone you love. Indigos (and I consider myself a 1st-wave indigo) are something of an ‘updated version’ of the empath/sensitive.  We ‘receive’ the 3D world far stronger than average. It’s this ‘hyper-sponge’ nature that also opens doors into higher frequencies of perception.

It can be a LOT to manage. Maybe something in this 8-minute video will be of service. For me it was good to remember a very basic premise of my life.

Honor thyself,

ox ~W


4 comments on “For the Sensitives

  1. Hi

    It’s worth noting that, over the last few months, the general energy around us has been much more eccentric. Sensitives I know who are usuallly calm, centered and positive, have become anxious, “itchy”, angry or depressed.

    It’s good to consider strengthening ones energetic shields and grounding out negative energy more to deal with the current conditions :)

    Hope that’s a help



  2. Yes Catherine, good advice/reminder, thank you! Today I’ve got extreme dizziness, near-fainting, feeling seasick. So extreme is this, I really am thinking it’s related to the solar E/M blast hitting earth now. Scrambling my ‘balance’ in a big way… anyone else? errrrrrrggggg


    • Hi Whitehawk,

      Thanks! Yes, a hyper-sensitive for sure! The past few days I have felt increasingly “ungrounded” — anxious, dizzy, emotional rollercoaster, light-headed with need to lie down and hug trees many times during the day, inexplicable crying at night in restless sleep (still!)… Have wondered, “here comes the Kundalini fire again…” A lot of K-activations this year! How about you? In my daily runs, I have felt “drunk” – unbalanced, leg muscles weak, like the Earth was receiving some higher energies. Seems like a (Cosmic) Kundalini happening with the Earth, with humanity…



    • Things that are useful under these circumstances:

      1) Know the energy is currently wacky and this at least partially explains things.

      2) Ward your living space, especially where you sleep, to give yourself a place where you’re less exposed to excess energy

      3) Ground out negative or excess energy ( lotsa ideas how to do this on my blog…)



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