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Where we’re headed, there is NO WAY to fool the system, each other, ourselves… it’s all a matter of the frequency we hold. Period. One cannot masquerade as 5 if vibing (thinking, feeling, acting, being) at 3. To liberate yourself from the bondage, the fear, the karmic wheel, the seeking for someone to save you — practice, practice . . .

Lightness & the Ecstatic Sense of Something Wonderful

For your consideration, this piece by Alex Kotchkin of Global Awakening News, re: ascension:

How curious, is it not, that amidst growing chaos, angst, and growing suffering in the human realm, there is a simultaneous emerging of a new state of being and new state of consciousness!

For a growing number of beings, there is nothing more here for them, as to what they may regard as their previous or former personal human state. What little may be retained has little to no influence any more.

For many the changes are gradual, with the new awareness quietly shifting into place. For some there are intermittent physical problems due to the influx of new energies that require their bodies to adjust more quickly than they are accustomed. For others, these changes are in rapid succession, like flashes of lightning, then a quiet period, and it starts anew.

I know there are many who are still confused or distracted by the appearances of what is transpiring in the human realm. There is no need or point to worrying over who did what and when and how concerning “9-11”, secret governments, secret technologies, secret secrets, etc. We are coming to the end of this human civilization, involving human social-political and economic structures and the physical structures of this civilization.

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Changes Coming Soon — Hold Your Center

The Arcturians ‘sent’ this message for our consideration today; source linked at the end.

We of the Arcturian Group come today to tell you of the many changes taking place on your planet.  You see so much chaos, but you do not see the light that is bursting forth from within the chaos.  We see the pockets of shadow  now beginning to integrate the light frequencies that you are sending and holding.  Many are awakening and are also adding their new light consciousness to the shadow.  We do not say dark, evil, or use these type of terms because all darkness is simply the absence of light and these words carry an energy that adds to the shadow.  That is why we tell you to send light to  people and areas that seem to be dark.  Every spark of light will brighten the shadow until the shadow is no more.  You see, this is how evolution takes place. Everything is in movement toward a consciousness of Light.  All  is Light, shadow is simply the unawareness of this. Because of free will, this can be a chosen state of consciousness, however for most it is simply that until now  they have not been spiritually ready for this understanding.

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The Heat is On—Kundalini Rising

Just came upon this post by Denise le Fey from earlier this year and thought I’d share it. I’m rather astounded by how little personal writing I’ve been doing of late.  

Here… still hanging on re: this incredible ride, doing much tracking re: ascension/2012 etcetc matters, including the dissolution of the 3D Matrix which I swear seems to be happening right in my very body (physical & energetic) in a big way these days. All this discomfort and energetic oddness going on in and around me brought me back to my personal ground zero — when my kundalini started acting up in the late 90’s and was really roaring by then time we were in the 21st century.

I’m sure millions are feeling Strong Peculiarities as the galactic frequencies permeate more & more deeply into our lives — individually and collectively. This seems to be either waking people up at long last, OR pushing them more & more deeply into denial. Have you noticed how tranced-out people seem? The wake-up tones are sounding throughout the universe, and kundalini is responding in the innerverse. Our gongs have been struck and there’s no unringing them!

Anyway… lots to mulch over in this meaty post by Denise:

Kundalini Rising & The Rewiring Process

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This post is for the people who may not be familiar with how kundalini energy feels and also how the Rewiring process feels in the body. Many of you have  already lived through these stages so it’s old-hat to you. There are however increasing numbers of people in 2011 being activated who are suddenly living with some very weird energies and sensations inside their bodies. This information is primarily for them but I hope you too will enjoy this recap.


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The Lighted Path

8 ‘Be-Attitudes’ & 8 Woes

I’m posting the following beatitudes from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount as accounted in the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ. If I recall correctly, this version of the  “Gospel” was drawn from the Akashic Records around the turn of the last century. In places it might be useful to reach beyond the words into the energetic intention. 

This is a repost from awakeningasone.com . . . if you haven’t seen their 48-minute film by the same name yet (I posted it here a month ago), it is highly recommended food for contemplation and consideration. 

The Lighted Path

Over the past year, we have been humbled by the willing requests of people who have contacted us after seeing our films with the question “What can I do to help?” Though the answer to this could most simply be expressed in the timeless phrase “treat others as you would have them treat you” we offer here, additional words of guidance as presented by Jesus to his twelve apostles during his sermon on the mount, as extracted from the book The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ by Levi Dowling (1911).

The Sermon on the Mount. Jesus pronounces the eight beatitudes and the eight woes. Speaks words of encouragement. Emphasises the exalted character of the apostolic work.

1. And Jesus and the twelve went to the mountain top, and Jesus said,

2. Twelve pillars of the church, apostles of the Christ; light-bearers of the sun of life and ministers of God to men:

3. In just a little while you must go forth alone, and preach the gospel of the king, to all the world.

4. And you shall go, not with a scourge of cords to drive; you cannot drive men to the king;

5. But you shall go in love and helpfulness and lead the way to right and light.

6. Go forth and say:   Continue reading