Lightness & the Ecstatic Sense of Something Wonderful

For your consideration, this piece by Alex Kotchkin of Global Awakening News, re: ascension:

How curious, is it not, that amidst growing chaos, angst, and growing suffering in the human realm, there is a simultaneous emerging of a new state of being and new state of consciousness!

For a growing number of beings, there is nothing more here for them, as to what they may regard as their previous or former personal human state. What little may be retained has little to no influence any more.

For many the changes are gradual, with the new awareness quietly shifting into place. For some there are intermittent physical problems due to the influx of new energies that require their bodies to adjust more quickly than they are accustomed. For others, these changes are in rapid succession, like flashes of lightning, then a quiet period, and it starts anew.

I know there are many who are still confused or distracted by the appearances of what is transpiring in the human realm. There is no need or point to worrying over who did what and when and how concerning “9-11”, secret governments, secret technologies, secret secrets, etc. We are coming to the end of this human civilization, involving human social-political and economic structures and the physical structures of this civilization.

There is no need to worry over the fate of Earth as it too has a destiny and is in the process of enormous changes. There are some who are moving more into their next stage of existence who will be working closely as part of a new earth.

Those who are aware of the difference between the discontinuity of this fallen realm and the dark forces etc., and who are aware of the enormity of the true creation and its higher oneness, know that it far surpasses anything of the imposed limitations of a distorted consciousness that is experienced here. Those who know of this, also know that this existence here has been one of terrible distortion and of falsehoods upon falsehoods. This is effectively ending, never to be repeated.

Despite all that has happened here, the original intention of creation was never extinguished and is developing into something unexpectedly extraordinary.

So, call to yourself your true light and for the true light to call to yourself.

Do what little you need to take care of your human self, to ease your human existence.

There is no need to worry over all these other matters.

While human events seem to involve so many and to such seemingly futile ends, these are only appearances that have no durable substance or meaning.

More humans will eventually come glimpse something of true reality, and some of those will be able to help others see this too, when they are asked for such help.

What matters most is what is being born. Can you feel it?

There is a new existence, a new consciousness, and a new reality emerging. It is also involved in creating what we might call the future. Thus it is not possible to know what has not yet been created, as the vastness of this destiny is such that it can only be known as it creates itself.


new earth summit


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