Reset to True Lives

Following is a fragment of Solara’s August 2011 Surf Report.


The Keynote of the next 11:11 Activation, Tenth Gate, on September 11th is LIVING TRUE LIVES AS TRUE ONES. This is bringing us experiences that help us live truer lives. First, we need to shed all that is untrue. Any areas of falseness or compromise are becoming increasingly obvious. Unresolved issues, both large and small, are coming up. This is happening because for a long time these issues were not faced honestly, but were instead, swept under the carpet.

New True Lives are far more than a change of outer circumstances; they are an entirely new way of living. When we start living our New True Lives, we have a totally new perception of who we are, why we are here, what is truly important, how we relate to others, what is real and how we want to now live our lives.

The issue of split lives is coming up right now. This is the often awkward, and sometimes painful, gap between our True Lives and our duality-based lives. Some of us are still trying to live two lives. We have the “normal” life of our job and family and our somewhat secret life of Who We Really Are. We are hesitant to insert Who We Really Are into our old lives, afraid that if we do, our old lives will shatter. What we often forget is that all the false aspects of our old lives are in the process of shattering, whether or not we want them to.

Every day that we continue this old pattern of maintaining split lives, we allow our energy to be weakened and diluted. Lives that aren’t based on Trueness keep us disempowered. We limit our creativity and stifle our potential to be truly fulfilled. We cannot continue to live two separate lives with two ways of doing things, two ways of relating to others and two personas. This condition is not healthful and adds unnecessary stress to our lives. The problem of having split lives will continue to get stronger until we either let go of our old life or merge the two together. We can merge them together by bringing our self as a True One into our old lives. We can make all parts of our lives authentic and honest. We can meet all life situations with our natural authority and listen to our Heart’s Knowingness at all times.

Entering August is like going through a huge portal into a wondrous New Landscape while many old doors are closing behind us. There is a new sense of finality to the doors that are closing which wasn’t there before. As we pass through the powerful portal of August, a huge RESET button has been pushed and we are now ready to reconfigure every aspect of our lives into greater Trueness. It’s time to start building upon our new foundations, complete unfinished projects and get things in order so we can fully inhabit our New True Lives.

A massive creative surge is bringing us new options, new opportunities, new people, new places and a huge synthesis of the scattered elements all around us. This creative surge is bringing us far reaching, sweeping changes that will be implemented throughout the month. It’s time for us to make bold decisions, think outside the box, follow our Heart’s Knowing and openly walk as a True One..

Living New True Lives immerses us infinitely deeper into the Ultra Greater Reality. IT IS A COMPLETE RESETTING OF EVERYTHING THAT WE THOUGHT WE KNEW. The changes are so profound, it’s almost like inhabiting a new planet. It changes what we see around us; it changes what we feel; it changes what we think; it changes how we interact with others; it changes what we do and it changes how we do things. We now navigate with a combination of our Heart’s Knowing and wide openness to go into the Unknown with courage, openness and a zest for new experiences.

Part of our focus right now is on completing anything that is still unresolved. At the same time, the New is coming into our lives from unexpected directions. Situations come into our lives which, on the surface, look like repetitions of old stuff from the past, but when we look at them with the eyes of a True One, we see that they are totally new. This shows us that even situations which may appear to be old situations are not what they seem, if we meet them with openness, honesty and Trueness. Since the world is greatly changing, we need to remember that these profound changes are affecting many old situations, adding to them the component of Newness. When we encounter old situations as a True One, it frees us from our old judgments. It flips over our old perceptions and enables the New to come in with a burst of freshness.

Often things don’t happen as expected, yet they turn out better than what we’d expected. Scattered elements suddenly come together in new wondrous ways. We find things that we’ve been searching for, for a long time. And the finding is easy.

It’s time to enter a whole New World. This isn’t a new chapter of an old book; it’s a brand new book. It’s an enhanced state of beingness when we are positioned in the Centerpoint of the Expanded HERE and NOW. This enables us to deal with the super accelerated pace. Massive, unprecedented change is all around us. From this moment forward, nothing will ever be the same.

• • • 

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