Delightful Living Lightships!

On a couple of occasions while traveling oob (out of body), I’ve been in the presence of great lightships. I don’t think I’ve written about this before on the blog, but I’ve just had a related follow-up experience so will share all of it now.

BTW — I have posted a good documentary re: the regular presence of lightships in a small town in Mexico, and their ongoing communications with a man there (their go-between to humanity). A long documentary was made about this story, which has been going on there not only over recent decades, but for centuries, as evidenced by likenesses of the ship being built into the very old architecture of the area. This film was posted online, then was removed (except for excerpts)… and I haven’t checked its status lately to see whether it’s available currently or not. The title is Ships of Light (I leave it to you to google if interested) and my earlier post about this was made while still living in Chicago 2 1/2 years ago. That post is here.

Back to our story. I’ve seen, up close enough to discern some detail, two similar, large lightships. They resembled huge rice paper lanterns suspended in space. All white, and made up of many smaller units that fit together perfectly and (this was the revelatory part for me at the time) — I could see that the ships themselves were alive. Actually, all the components were alive. In one ‘living’ ship, I saw its segments actually breathing.

Now, I doubt they were actually ‘breathing’ as we relate to the word, but in this experience this is how it was made clear to me that this was a very large composite “vehicle” or traveling lightship composed of hundreds of individual living light units that lived together as ONE GREAT ENTITY of sorts. 

The second lightship was similar in that it, too, resembled a huge Japanese lantern (ie membranes emanating light similarly to how light shines through rice paper, and more vertically oriented than horizontal, and made up of many smaller units) . . . except in this case the ‘units’ would occasionally spin in place, similar to the way Tibetan prayer wheels are spun to ‘release’ prayers into creation.

It’s conceivable too that I was seeing two . . . functions, I’ll say . . . of the same lightship. Or two modes. They are made of light; they are undeniably conscious . . . I suspect they have beaucoup morphability!

Anyway. This all comes up for me now because I just had another little experience of these lightships, except this time they were not together in their collective unit; they were on the move, flying through space as individual little lightships! This was beyond delightful to behold, truly! I can’t wait till such experiences are fully out in the open for all to experience and enjoy!

These little lightships reminded me of little backpacking tents. (What can I say — I’m drawing from my earthly experience to describe a rather heavenly one. ;)   Anyone who’s been camping knows how tents glow at night when there are lights on inside. If you pull an image up in your mind of a small pop-up tent that sleeps two or three (in close quarters) on the ground, turn it WHITE, and have it lit from inside . . . that would be an approximation of these little lightships flying together like a flock in the sky. I suspect it is these in all the videos posted online — all those lights moving around together in the sky.

Another tidbit about this phenom is: they actually make music together! It was very sweet and celestial sounding, just delightful to bask in, adding substantially to the intoxicating beauty of the whole experience.

So: a fleet (or flock; they are alive, after all) of small lightships – that fly as individual units and also merge into ‘oneness’ in space and create heavenly music together while in motion! Their presence and activity struck me as a gift to the local universe, as though healing the very atmosphere (or noosphere!) they occupy.

This was the most delightful experience I’ve had in some time — in-body or out. The joy and love alive and expressing in their field was palpable; everything about this was glorious. I would have been happy for it to continue ad infinitum. I’m also wondering if this might be my own ‘true tribe’ I’m visiting at another level of existence!

Living lightships. One of the gifts of our long-awaited awakening will be  the opportunity to shine brightly, play/dance/soar freely, and sound our joyous celestial songs openly in this universe!

We are living lights . . . the more we remember this, the sooner we will experience it in the kairotic, unfolding NOW.

Love all,



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