. . . and in the end

. . . the love you take is equal to the love you make.
~ Lennon/McCartney

Friends, this is going to be an extraordinary post. Yesterday morning I learned of an extreme prediction that my beautiful area of the planet is about to experience several 8.0-9.5 earthquakes — beginning tomorrow, Sunday, Sept 4, 2011.

This came right out of the blue, and only time will tell if this source is correct. I say “out of the blue” because this is a source that hasn’t even been on my radar, so for this word to reach me as it did, when it did, is extraordinary in itself.

The story goes:

We had a relatively minor (4.8) quake here about 10 days ago, and numerous ‘aftershocks’ since then. However, a chorus of voices wonders if the quakes until now have been FOREshocks to what lies ahead. If this extraordinarily bold and outlandish prediction is actually correct, I will at best likely be out of contact via internet. If this series of quakes actually happens as predicted, my time in this form may be over, imminently.

As Mother Earth goes through her frequency upticks, and aligns ever more directly with the galactic core and its associated energetic collateral (the 2012 scenario), we are likely to experience many ‘events’ in areas that have been relatively peaceful for centuries, such as the area I’m in now. Last week’s earthquake was quite a surprise! I was at work at a production studio when the building began shaking violently. We sustained no damage, but it was a wake-up call that something major was shifting underfoot.

Recently my efforts to ‘divine’ outcomes have yielded glaring warnings that something major is indeed about to happen. Frankly I don’t particularly trust my own divinations — but I ‘check in’ nonetheless :)   . . . But now something is expressing through my cat that alerts me that she is on to something as well. She’s been fine through the earthquake and aftershocks, but now suddenly something is up with her, and the animals always know, don’t they!

So. I’m in one of the last places I would have expected huge trouble — certainly not THE most devastating earth changes America has ever seen, so ‘soon in the game’ like this. All my adult life I’ve had dreams and visions of serving/midwifing this ‘birthing’ time on earth (which I might add I initially thought would be happening sooner than this by a couple of decades). “Showtime” may be upon me, and millions of others, beginning tomorrow if this source is correct. Whether I end up surviving as a seeder for the new configuration or not remains to be seen.

Readers who’ve been with me for awhile realize that going on two years ago I moved from a major city to a totally rural environment. A few months into my transition here, I received a visitation (this was a higher-plane event) from someone I’ll refer to as “upper management” who came to tell me that my “work was done,” and that I’ve done well.

As you might imagine, I wondered if that pronouncement meant I was about to die, or that all the ‘light work’ I’ve done in my life was well and good and I could perhaps retire from the pressing drive to ‘serve the light’ as I have (not the standard career trajectory I imagined as a college kid).

Perhaps all those earlier visions of being out in the trenches when all fury broke loose belonged to another timeline that I am no longer traveling. Perhaps now my destiny is to leave 3D in a mega-quake event. Or perhaps I will survive the next few days of major quakes and be in the chaos after all, to help rebuild on higher energetic ground. Or perhaps there will be no 8-9.5 earthquakes in my immediate time/space and this source is not seeing what my timeline holds at all?  Such seem to be the current options.

It has been an interesting 24 hours, to say the least. I was awakened from sleep at 3:30 AM yesterday morning from an “alarm” ringing in the astral. This ‘device’ has been used for years to get me to come lucid quickly to RETAIN an event or a teaching I had just experienced on a higher plane. I’ve been aroused to full 3D awareness from countless out-of-body adventures, “meetings” with higher-dimensional beings, and the like for a very long time. I’ve probably shared some of these in this blog, and in the book Kundalini Rising.

This “ringing alarm” device has been used (by my higher self? by guides?) to ensure I don’t just drift off without CATCHING THE MESSAGE that I had just been given. Yesterday morning that “alarm” went off for me at 3:30 AM. However (and this was the first time this has happened) I couldn’t recall what was happening just before awakening.

All I “caught” was an image of many faces showing much emotion. I couldn’t even grasp what KIND of emotion, or what was happening that I was given to retain. I attribute this to the fact that I’ve been taking sleep aids due to a challenged relationship with sleep, in general. I know this is also happening for many . . . spending half the night awake after getting maybe 3 hours of sleep. Not optimal for the typical workday! So I’ve adopted a routine of knocking myself out to better my chances of actually sleeping. And doing so has impeded my ability to catch a message I was given while my ego was out of the way, sleeping.

But interestingly, the FIRST thing under my nose as soon as I got online yesterday morning was this extremely dire prediction from a ‘star being’ that massive earthquakes were about to occur, and HERE. So between an attempt to get some message across to me during sleep, then getting that message as soon as I was awake, and the divinations I’ve done around this, and the totally out-of-character behavior of my cat, and the recent (foreshock?) quakes we’ve been having… and this is where I’m at this morning — Saturday, September 3, 9:00 AM eastern US  time.

Having the idea that my experience of earth life might be about to end or change so radically — beyond all comprehension — has deeply impacted my perception of everything. Just driving down the road initiated an amazing flow of consciousness. What an incredible 24 hours it’s been. What will the next 24 hold?

If this is my last post (boy this is weird!), thank you for sharing the journey with me to the extent you have, and may I remind you to hold heaven in your heart and seek out opportunities to share your love. We are one — love yourself, love all.

I leave you with this video with Brooks Agnew re: his latest book, which discusses the quantum field and how we influence it with our attention.

Love, blessings, and great gratitude~



4 comments on “. . . and in the end

  1. Wow- such grace and beauty I read these words…thank you for sharing your experience and with that a reminder to me as I awaken this morning to a sinking in of who I am, how I am to Be no matter what…
    I love you!!!!


  2. Whitehawk – as you know these “times” are confusing in that often there are waves and fogs within the focus of our intuition . . . it is difficult with this sort of revelation . . but to sit in breath meditation – to let go of all fear of physical harm ( using whatever technique you can – EFT, Tapas, Sedona) – until you feel very calm and centered . . then pray the vision of whole, loving earth

    As an “animal person” – I trust animal knowledge – trust your cat . . . my horses, parrots, dogs and cat friends always have a knowledge of this. My brother has the only five generations of pack/human raised dogs in North America – standing up for canine sentience – http://www.edendogsledding.com – the UN-Chained Gang always knows thing hours before we pick it up . .

    I hold you and all sentient beings here on the planet in the light . . . Many Blessings!!!


  3. Much love and best wishes to you Whitehawk~
    Thank you for this post and your directness in speaking. I am humbled by your dedication and determination to follow your path and I am inspired by your light on the flight. We are one and everything is unfolding perfectly. :) I also trust your cat….

    Praise Love and Gratitude –
    Planet Dove

    ps ….where do you call home?


  4. Last week I was similarly getting ‘impressions’ that we’re about to hit a period of major earthquakes. Although my attention has been drawn elsewhere since, I suspect that warnings of major quakes keep bubbling up into consciousness en mass. What do you think of the possibility that there are counter-forces working to mitigate major earthquakes? Perhaps working to break them up into smaller quakes to relieve plate tension that way?


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