Quest of the Elementals

Following is a wonderful ongoing dialogue between Dhyana Markley and elementals who’ve approached her for assistance during their difficulties with these ascending waves!  Excellent reminder that the ones involved in this massive event are not ONLY 3D humans. Mind-expanding, heart opening material here, in my opinion. For us as well as the troubled elementals…

The Quest of the Elementals:

Earth, Wind (Air), Fire, Water, and Spirit

from Dhyana Markley


The morning of July 25, 2011, I awoke from a Dream/Vision in which I was quickly putting together a rummage sale. As things progressed, it seemed as if I was giving away more than I was selling. A small group I did not know appeared. The rather short man, obviously taking the lead, had a beard of green forest moss. I looked at the woman standing near him and noticed that she had some moss growing in the area under her right ear. They seemed to urgently want something I didn’t think I had or could give them. In their urgency they sent an electrical charge into my Crown Chakra. I quickly placed a strong shield around my body which cut off that energetic flow. They seemed surprised I had done that. End of Dream.

Dianna/Dhyana: They seemed more interested in me than any of my give-away things.

Thoth: They were.

D: What did they want of me? I had the feeling they wanted me to go with them.

T: They did. They were Elementals.

D: Did they wish me harm? I have never met any of the Earth Elementals but Pan before and he was very nice. I have met an Air Elemental though and he was very helpful.

T: No, they do not wish you harm. They want you to do ceremony for them too.

D: I will think on what I might do to help them.

T: That is fine.

D: Do you have any suggestions?

T: No.


About Noon

Dhyana: Christ Michael Aton and Lady Gaia…..

Aton: Yes.

Gaia: Yes.

D: Would I be offending either of you or stepping on your toes if I were to help the Earth Elementals? They asked for my help this morning and I don’t know what I can do to help them.

A: Diana, I leave you to Gaia. I would not be offended at anything you choose to do.

D: Thank you, Aton. (Aton leaves.) Gaia, I don’t want to interfere with your responsibilities. Perhaps you can suggest ways I might help them.

G: Diana, I am delighted for your help with my Elementals… all of them.

D: Thank you.

G: My Elementals can speak for themselves better than I can speak for them. They know what they need. I must focus my attention on my changes for ascension. Helping them, all Elementals, will be helping me too.

D: Okay, then I will contact each group, but first the Earth Elementals, and see what I can do. Perhaps I can even create a ceremony for ALL Elementals and ask for big help from all of Creation again. There is such love in this Creation, it is easy to find volunteer help.

G: I think that is a glorious idea.

D: Okay. I was just looking for a place to start without stepping on someone else’s responsibilities. Thank you.

G: Thank you.


D: I call to all of the male and female Earth Elementals who visited me this morning. I AM Dhyana and I would like to speak with you at your earliest convenience.

(In a moment the male and female Earth Elemental leaders stand before me.

Others stand nearby.)

Please make yourselves comfortable.

(I feel pressure on my Crown Chakra again and feel the need to

reenforce my protective shield.)

Please DO NOT try to affect me psychically or force anything into my mind or body! I do not respond to lies or force very well at all, yet I am willing to help Christ Michael Aton and Lady Gaia in any way that I can as long as it is in harmony with the Sacred Laws of the affected worlds. What are your needs and how do you suggest I help you?

(The male leader steps forth.)

Male Earth Elemental Leader~MEEL: I apologize for expressing our need in such a forceful way. Our need is great and we are at wits end. Our wards are dying even though we try hard every day to keep them alive.

D: What kinds of things do you do for them?

MEEL: We bring them water, tend to their needs…

D: Do you sing to them?

MEEL: Not lately. So many have died that we are brokenhearted. We feel we have failed.

D: I understand. That can be overwhelming. But, you do know that this is the end of the Kali Yuga, the last dark age, and that we are in the process of the Golden Age manifesting, don’t you?

MEEL: It is hard to believe this when all we love dies.

D: Have you ever thought or remembered that nothing or no one with a Soul spark of Creator God ever dies? I know you understand the Seasons, but have you ever thought about the Seasons of Planets or Solar Systems or Galaxies?

MEEL: I don’t think we have talked about that.

(He looks at the Female Earth Elemental Leader.)

FEEL: We know we are a part of the Grand Plan, but we are simple folk. We thought we would always be taken care of as long as we did our job.

D: All life is taken care of. It’s just that in our world of illusion here upon, above and within Urantia (Earth) that it is easy to forget it IS an illusion and the challenges here help each and every one of us to spiritually grow into even greater understandings. I cried many a tear before I learned this. I still cry with frustration at things I don’t understand or have forgotten. Finally, when I am exhausted, I ask for help.

FEEL: We are exhausted and we ask for help.

D: How can I help you?

FEEL: We don’t know.

D: All right. If you will be patient a few minutes, I would like to speak to all of the leaders of the other Elemental groups as well.

(FEEL and MEEL sit down.)

D: To all Elemental Leaders of Urantia and her involved levels of existence, I AM Diana and I ask that you join me and the Earth Elemental Leaders of Urantia for a conversation in this Now, above Space and Time.

(Immediately my small apartment seem much to small for all

who join us, so I switch everyone to a grand meeting hall in

Inner Earth where we can all sit comfortably at a huge round table.)

D: I hope….

(I pause when I realized that even this room is too small, so I

switch us to a lovely green field near my home in Inner Earth.)

D: I hope you will all be more comfortable here.

(Many seemed a bit surprised at the environmental jumps,

but quickly settled in and gave me their attention.)

D: Ladies and Gentlemen, I have asked all of you here because the Earth Elementals have asked me for help. I was wondering how the rest of you are coping with the End Times of the Kali Yuga and the beginning of the Golden Age.

Male Air Elemental Leader (MAEL): I am Joslin. (He bows.) The Air Elementals have been very busy because of the irregular air currents. They are greatly aberrant. We have never seen their like, although some of our Ancient Ones remember similar times. We don’t really know what we are doing anymore. We just do the best we can in every situation.

Female Water Elemental Leader (FWEL): We do the same, with the water I mean. So many volcanoes and plates shifting… so much pollution.

D: Anyone else having problems?

(No answer.)

Okay, then. We all know that Lady Gaia is going through some major challenges so she can help uplift those who want to ascend with her. She is or has been tolerating great pain so that life upon, above and within her might be spared long enough to awaken in consciousness and ascend too. All of us, and I mean ALL of us, including me, have been inconvenienced and often in physical and emotional pain during these changing times.

FEEL: You mean you’ve been in pain too?

D: Yes. Some of it due to the physical changes in my body, like dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, seeming inner ear infections, sharp pains in various parts of my body and great mental frustration from feelings that my family doesn’t truly want me with them to feeling split between worlds.


FEEL: We didn’t know.

D: It is not important. I only said that so you might better understand that great changes… mental, physical, emotional and spiritual… are difficult for everyone. Even Christ Michael, Creator Source and the Sugmads have their times of great challenge and forms of discomfort.

(All are quiet.)

D: What I would like to accomplish with all of you today, is to find a way to help you, your people, to ease your pain and discomfort and work toward the mutual uplifting goal of ascension for all who choose to ascend… and the complete healing of Lady Gaia and Urantia. Now, we will have help… as much as we need and more than you ever dreamed possible.

(Their faces now look visibly relieved and eager to hear more.)

MWEL: How?

D: As I understand it, and I could be wrong, Urantia is the last planet… Seed Planet… to be made ready to ascend. Dark ones on our planet have refused to loosen their hold on

banking, commerce, industry, religion, politics and many other things. They fear greatly their loss of power and influence, as well as the rage of people they have harmed, so in their fear they have caused even more pollution of the waters, air and lands with poisons toxic to all life. This they are doing with even more vigor than before. This has caused the delay of almost all healing and resolution. However, it IS happening!

Quadrillions of Souls gather when called, to help out by giving their unconditional love and energy or life force to Lady Gaia and all of you above, upon and within her Urantia.

(I see many eyes wide open with surprise.)

MWEL: We had no idea so many were helping.

D: We have only called truly large numbers of them together a few times. Mostly it has just been trillions within our own Galaxy. But they come because they realize when WE ascend they too will ascend as ALL of Creation will ascend in one great movement. We here upon Urantia are the key… the last stone that will tip the weight into the new Golden Age. What we do here is essential to all of Creation.

(I suddenly realize that my words are, and have been for several minutes, on “speaker phone” and now being heard by all.)

Now, what I want to say to all of you is that WE ARE NOT POWERLESS, especially if we work together and support each other. We have had some help by the Galactic Federation and other Federations in clearing the air, but perhaps each of your groups can create or imagine or dream solutions to your problems… like some way to filter or destroy the toxic elements poisonous to all life on this planet, from the air, water and land. Fire is already helping in many places around the world, as is Water with floods, Air with hurricanes and tornadoes and Land with massive dust storms.

Perhaps creating or increasing microbes that already exist, to eat these toxic material at no danger to themselves, but who are truly harmless to all other lifeforms. We can dream this together. We can create and manifest Paradise here upon, above and within Urantia and I will ask for volunteers from within our Creation to help us manifest it.

We of Urantia must do the work, but Spirit never gives us challenges we cannot handle. The Spiritual Hierarchy and Galactic Federation have been helping and will continue to help us, but each one of us has our own unique talents and skills to help out. Each and everyone of us is just as important in our Oneness as any other individual. I would not have my job but no one else seemed to want it and I thought it would be fun… hard work but that I’d learn a lot from its challenges.

Do you have any questions so far?

MEEL: Will you help us by creating a ceremony to teach us how to dream create?

D: Of course. Please give me a few minutes for a potty break and more liquids.

(I realized that I had to eat too. I was a bit dizzy. I had been working since

I got up this morning and had nothing but coffee for over three hours. About

an hour later I was ready to work again, though still a bit dizzy.)

D: All right everyone… thank you for being so patient with me.

First of all I would like to take you through some techniques I use to get me ready for Ceremony. I’m sure you each have your own method, but since I am working with so many of you, I ask that you at least try my methods and then choose which works best for you… helps you to the most loving, peaceful and balanced place within yourself.

First of all, I would like you to try the Kundalini Activation Technique which will enable you to balance the Right and Left Hemispheres of your Brain, balancing the Male and Female within. I’m not sure how to do this for Water and Air Elements, but the GOAL is to enable, through active energy impulses, a balancing of the male and female parts of your body, then an interlocking or merging of the two energies to form a complete balance of these energies. I create the energy impulses by my “Intent” to do so.

In a human physical body I stimulate the energy surge by intending the squeezing together of my anal or vaginal areas at the base of the spine, to start energy moving UP my spine. I instruct my body with the words: SQUEEZE, RISE and FILL. The SQUEEZE I just described activates the 1st or Pelvic Chakra creating an energy flow that must go somewhere, so I then “instruct and Intend” that energy to RISE up my spine as spinal fluid and FILL both sides (hemispheres) of my brain until both are full and equal. Then I consciously, with intent, merge both sides together.

Okay, let’s try it. Please make yourselves comfortable with no bent arms, legs or any part of your body so that flow may be unrestricted. It may take several SQUEEZE, RISE and FILLS before both sides are totally and equally full and balanced.

Personally, my left side seems to remain more full than my right hemisphere, so when I perceive one side is full I dump all of the energy into the one less full.

Now, breathe deeply and slowly a few times.

Close your eyes, at least in the beginning, and focus on your Third Eye located just above the bridge of your nose, between your eyes, and back a little bit into your head. It is from this awareness that you can feel, sense and/or watch what your body is doing… or you could go farther back to a point between your ears in the middle of your brain to the Pineal Gland. I’m not sure if everyone has this gland but you each can search that area in your mind and find what works best for you.

Okay, now in that private or pelvic area of your body, SQUEEZE the area, instruct the energy to RISE and FILL both hemispheres, both sides… then do it again.




Do this as many times as it takes to fill both sides so you can merge them with your intent to do so.

Some of you may already be full and merged. I ask you to be patient a few minutes so the others can catch up. Those of you not quite finished, please do not feel distressed. This is not a contest of who is bigger, better, faster, smarter. We are all equal here.

If one side seems much less filled than the other, it only means that your work up until now has mostly demanded that you use one side of your brain more than the other side.

Keep going…




and, when you feel ready… energetically merge the two sides. Perhaps you can even see an electrical charge when the two sides are merged.

(When I feel everyone has completed the task:)

D: All right… does anyone NOT feel the difference energetically in their head?

(There are no responses.)


The next technique is to How To Balance Your Chakras, those energy centers of the physical and spiritual bodies which regulate the areas they are in charge of.

For years humans here thought there were only seven (7) Chakras:

The 1st, Base or Pelvic Chakra in the lower hip area;

The 2nd or Stomach Chakra located about the width of your hand below your belly button;

The 3rd or Solar Plexes Chakra located about your hand’s width above your belly button;

The 4th or Heart Chakra, located behind your sternum or breast plate;

The 5th or Throat Chakra, located in the center of the neck behind the Adam’s Apple;

The 6th or Third Eye Chakra, located between your eyes, above the pupils of your eyes and between the eye brows; and

The 7th or Crown Chakra, located on the top of your head about your hand’s width in front of the apex or highest part of your skull.

I have mentioned “your hand’s width” because each of us is a different size and the width between your thumb and little finger is different from mine. The locations of the Chakras on your body is unique to you.

In actuality there are many, many more Chakras, but those are not needed for this technique. However, today I would like to add an 8th Chakra, The Seat of the Soul. It is located in the lower most lobe area in the back of the skull called the Medulla Oblongata.

The number 8 on its side is the symbol for infinity. I think that it is a great symbol for something that can help to enable us to live longer and healthier in our physical and spiritual bodies.

Before I continue, I must ask. How are you feeling? Is anyone dizzy, sleepy or a bit overwhelmed?

Voice: I’m a bit sleepy.

Another: Me too.

Yet Another: Me three. It’s a good thing I’m sitting down.

D: Okay, then… let us stop for today and I will call everyone, not just the leaders, but all who want to continue learning these techniques, to join us tomorrow.

Of course, any two of you together, a Male and Female, may gather to teach others so they too will be ready for tomorrow. Several teaching couples will make this very fast and efficient. As I said, for our other sessions everyone may join us, as many spontaneously did today.

Now, I’d like to thank each and everyone of you for coming and I will see you tomorrow. I will call everyone together when I am ready, but if I don’t contact you by 3:30 in the afternoon Kansas time, please send a representative to remind me.

Many voices: Thank you, Diana.

D: You are quite welcome.




About 2:30 p.m. ~ July 26, 2011

(I invite all who would like to participate to a beautiful green field of short grasses, surrounded by waterfalls, forest and copes of trees, bushes with splashes of colorful flowers surrounding the area. The field is limitless in size and a higher reflection of one which exists in Inner Earth near where I live. Various animals gather along the outer rim, but may come closer if they choose. No one will harm them.)

D: “KNOW that each and every one of you will be able to easily see and hear everything that is going on.

(I scan the entire field to see if everyone seems settled and ready to start.

Only a few are still moving to sit down. When all is quiet:)

D: Today while reading over my notes of our meeting yesterday, I realized that with so many of you, perhaps in different body forms, that it might be helpful to manifest a transparent body, much like the one you each wear, that will demonstrate, with bright colors, the areas and the actions that I am talking about. May I speak with the Female Earth Elemental Leader for a moment?

FEEL: Yes, Diana.

D: Do you feel that all Elementals are comfortable in their understanding of the lesson we had yesterday?

FEEL: I believe so. We worked with it yesterday and last evening with all who showed an interest.

D: She makes a very good point. There will always be some who will refuse or not be interested in these teachings. This is as it should be, for it is THEIR choice. Ascension is never to be pushed or forced upon anyone or anything which has a spark of Soul. All will ascend whenever they decide to, whenever they choose to take the steps necessary to cause it to happen for them.

The major KEY to Ascension is to always BE in Peace, Love and Harmony with All That Is. Any kind of Fear will jerk any of us out of the higher vibrating worlds and put us back into a lower one, because we have “chosen” to create a fearful world for ourselves. Yes, each of us creates our own experiences, our own world in every moment. If you decide in this and every Here & Now that you will live in Peace, Love and Harmony and refuse to even allow fear or anger or guilt into your thoughts, let alone your heart or body, then you will be creating the next moments of your life and all will become better and better until such a time that you realize you are living in Paradise… because you, each of you and all of us together have created a world of Paradise.

But first, that which is not of a vibration to tolerate the changing vibrations which are, even now, lifting us ever higher into Ascension… must die or be left behind. If you do your duty, your work, and it is not enough, even though you have given it all of the Love, Peace, Balance and Harmony that you can muster, then let it go. Leave it to Spirit… to Lady Gaia and even to Christ Michael Aton. All is included in the Divine Plan. You may grieve for awhile, recognizing the sacredness of all life, but then let it go. Feel no guilt that you can not keep alive or in existence anyone or anything that wants to go, to change bodies into a higher form of themselves and perhaps return at a later time and even in a different body more vibrationally in harmony with a totally healed Urantia… one existing in the next level of consciousness or even a higher level than that.

All is included in the Divine Plan. Each of you and even I am included in this plan. So please, eliminate for good any feelings of guilt and fear that you did not do your job well enough or that you are not good enough to ascend… because you ARE good enough. But it is YOUR choice.

May I suggest, and it is only a suggestion, that you walk away or remove yourselves from individuals, be they plants, animals, humans or one of your own species or family group, who have obviously chosen as their path, one not of ascension.

Let all of us create a beautiful, loving, peaceful and harmonious future for ourselves and those who will join us, whether it be in, above or within Urantia, or on one of the other planets or the Sun of our Solar System, or even on another world… perhaps one from which we originally came to Urantia.

Let us create unlimited opportunities for ourselves and allow this for all others too. Thank Heavens, not all of us are attracted to the same mates, jobs or schools of learning and experiences. Some of us will return to our Home Planets, others of us will choose to stay with our ascending Urantia, some will choose to migrate to Venus or Mars or travel with Members of the Galactic Federation, while others will give lectures or classes to many throughout our Creation who are truly interested in “duality” and what it is like to experience it. Some of us will work on Intergalactic ships and others will be able to travel in an instant to wherever in Creation they wish or need to go. I ask you PLEASE, DO NOT LIMIT YOURSELVES, just live in love, peace and harmony and go for that which you wish to learn and do.

As you may now know, since I kept you waiting an extra 30 minutes while I watched a television program I forgot about, I take time out for myself occasionally and one of my current interests is learning more about fine art. Yes, I have been an artist before, but I have not allowed myself the time to get back into it as fully as I wish, so I do take time out or away from work to do what I want to do. If I do not do this, someone else will always make demands of me, of my time. I am happy to give of myself to others, but I must find joy and balance in my life too.

One day I and many others will help to create a new Root Race. But now, our job, if you choose to participate, is to help Lady Gaia, Mother Earth, and her body known as Urantia to ascend with all of us along with her. As I believe I mentioned yesterday, our ascension here in the Milky Way Galaxy, is essential to the final upliftment and ascension of not only our Universe but all of the much larger Creation. That is why we really do have all of the help we could possibly need. All we need do is ask, and I do that whenever it is obvious that we need more help than is close at hand, because those upon Earth, mostly the surface of Earth, are not yet awakened enough to help out. It is all they can do to just survive the darkness that we all have created for ourselves by adding our anger and fears to the group consciousness that constantly creates our world.

Please stop adding your personal anger, frustration and fears to this group consciousness and start adding peace, harmony, laughter, joy and most of all great love and compassion for those Souls who are trapped in their own darkness. Just send them love and let them be. Each Soul must choose to save their Self, their lower Self. We cannot choose for them. All we can do is love them. Love your wards. Love your work or do something else that you do love. But don’t live in fear of where your next paycheck is coming from or where you will live. Homes can be created from the earth at our feet, in great trees, in caves underground. How many changes of clothes do you truly need or pairs of shoes? It is amazing how well you can live with almost nothing as long as love surrounds you.

Now, if any of you would like to take a short break….

(A big “NO!” responded to my comment.)

FEEL: We have each waited so long to hear these words that we would like to go on until you tire.

D: All right. Next I would like to create the transparent bodies, I mentioned earlier, above your heads so that all might easily visualize the Kundalini Activation Technique. You may either sit or lie down and view various transparent bodies if you choose, so you better understand the anatomy of each species. There will be both male and female examples and these bodies will rotate so that you might view the actions of SQUEEZE, RISE and FILL from all angles. You may also view the entire cranial area more closely so that you see how the energetic Cerebral Spinal Fluid enters each hemisphere of the brain, what it looks like when it is full and the energetic flow between the two hemispheres when they merge. Of course you may follow along with your own bodies, but this is not necessary if you have already filled and merged both sides of your brain. However, you can never overfill these lobes with this energetic fluid, so don’t worry.

In most species the right side of the brain is considered female and the left side more male. I won’t get into what each side is best at because once they are balanced and merged they work instantly and in total harmony, so one side is not dominant.

All right, here come the transparent bodies.

(I manifest multiple transparent bodies rotating above them,

within easy viewing of each participant.)

D: There will be at least one near you which will demonstrate this technique in your species.

(I check and now see many, many transparent bodies demonstrating the SQUEEZE, RISE and FILL of the Kundalini Activation Technique and closeups of both sides of the brain filling with energetic Cerebral Spinal Fluid and the energetic merging of the two hemispheres. Since I don’t remember ever doing this before, I am pleased that it working so well. After a few minutes, I see that many are checking out the activations in other species. It is only a short time when all eyes are upon me once again.)

D: All right. It appears that each and everyone of you now truly understands this technique and it is time to move on.

As I mentioned yesterday, the next technique I almost always use before I do ceremony is the Chakra Energy Balancing Technique. I have decided to add a ninth Chakra to the eight I mentioned yesterday. The Ninth Chakra is located usually about 10 feet above and beyond the top of your head. (An example of it’s location is demonstrated above the transparent bodies above their heads.) It is this Chakra which connects you to your Over-Soul and it is your Over-Soul which has access to all knowledge.

I am reminded of an important Key that you must know and fully understand before you are allowed to travel in any of the higher Planes and that is that you must be HARMLESS. If you are not harmless you might not only create destruction in various worlds but literally “un-create” yourself. So, until each individual has proved Itself to be truly harmless in the worlds of various Planes, they will have a Guide with them who will shield them or protect them from doing anything dangerous to themselves or to any other. This is the main reason why none can ascend and enter any of the higher realms until they are almost constantly filled with love, peace and harmony with all life. Fear, anger and guilt will sink you like a heavy rock in a pond and bind you to the bottom until you make yourself “Lighter” so you can float again. Okay, that said, back to the Chakra Technique.

I believe the transparent bodies worked out so well that I have recreated them in male and female versions of the various species, above you all once again. The Chakra that I am describing to you will make itself very obvious to you when you are viewing it, sort of like a neon or bright flashing light around that specific Chakra.

I realize that some teachings ignore the lower Chakras, however it is my truth that ALL Chakras are important and must work in harmony for optimum results. Scientist upon Earth thought for along time that except for two strands of DNA, the rest was “junk”. Only recently have they discovered what they thought of as useless junk is in fact, very important to our progression as a species… our spiritual ascension.

So, I would like to start off with the Pelvic Chakra, also known as the First or Base Chakra. It is located in the area of the sexual organs of most species. A color is usually associated with each of the Chakras, but we won’t go into every detail. It is not necessary for energy activation and balancing of Chakras. However, if this is something that your are interested in, I see no harm in you researching it more. But please remember, please do this with the guidance of your Over-Soul. If you allow teachings from the lower realms, you will often run into half truths or outright lies taught by ignorant individuals. I leave it to you to choose.

Between the Pelvic Chakra and the top of the pelvic bone, at the level of the belly button, which was formed from a severed umbilical cord at birth… about your hand’s width below it, is the Stomach Chakra, the Second Chakra. That area is now flashing on your transparent display body.

The next one is called the Solar Plexes Chakra, the Third Chakra, and is located about a hand’s width above the top of the hip bone or the belly button.

Above that is the Heart Chakra, the Fourth Chakra and is located about a hand’s width above the Third Chakra. This Chakra is located behind the Sternum or the bone plate of the chest area. It was the first Chakra to have both the clockwise and counter-clockwise flows of its energy flows fully activated. Soon all Chakras will have full activations.

Now, in ascending humans and I assume in other ascending beings, not only are many more Chakras being discovered but it is being realized that a Chakra flows clockwise into the front of the body, viewed from above or outside of the body being viewed, switches to a counter-clockwise energy flow in the center of the body, then exits the body to the rear. Let’s look at a closeup view of the clockwise energy entering a Chakra from the front, reaching the center of the body and instantly changing the direction of its flow to counter-clockwise before leaving the body. This flow reenters the body… so, midway to that reentering point it will once again change directional flows. This is like a circle becoming an infinity symbol, lapping over in such a way as to change directions as it reaches the mid-points. This creates a balancing of this energy throughout the circle of flow and can be perpetual motion or a never-ending flow as long as it is kept in balance. This is very important for extended life, or everlasting life. Please watch the transparent examples for better understanding.

I guess another example of this energy flow, a more basic one, might be: the food that we eat goes into our body, we digest it and it comes out as fecal material. This material is then used to help nourish the soil and help more food plants grow, which we can then eat for more energy and the cycle continued. Nothing is ever truly wasted within all of Creation and was developed to work in harmony with the rest of life. So, it is silly to believe that every plant, insect, bird, animal or each one of us does not have purpose in the Divine Plan. We do. Everything and everyone is an important part of the whole of Creation. However, not all species will be ascending. This was and is part of the Divine Plan. Everything and everyone must be harmless in the ever ascending levels of Creation. Those plants, animals, insects, humans, et cetera who are not harmless must be redesigned or recreated in such a way as they too are harmless before we will see their like in the higher realms.

I hope I am not using words that are unfamiliar to some of you.

FEEL: Most of us understand you and those of us who don’t, we that do will explain it to them. Please do not be concerned.

D: Thank you.

The Fifth or Throat Chakra is located in the middle of the neck area, below the chin and above the sternum. (The flashing lights on the 5th Chakra become obvious.)

The Sixth or Third Eye Chakra is located in the forehead between the eye brows, or between the eyes if you don’t have brows, slightly above the top of the eyes… a slight distance deeper into the frontal lobe of the brain. The difference in depth is unique to each species and perhaps the size of each individual.

(The flashing lights change and closer views of the frontal lobe of the brains of various species become obvious to all.)

D: The Seventh or Crown Chakra is located on the top of the skull where the soft spot is located in human infants, about a hand’s width to the rear of the Third Eye Chakra. Although not always true, this is the Chakra where Light, Sound and various energies sent from the higher realms usually enters the body. These energies may enter through the Crown Chakra, fill the entire body before exiting through the Heart or Solar Plexes Chakras or may enter through the Crown and go directly to one, many or all of the other Chakras. Energies may also come into the body through the other Chakras for various reasons that we won’t go into now.

The use of energies in this way is usually done when an individual wants to be used as a vehicle in their world for the spiritual energies of the ever higher worlds. The flow comes into the volunteer’s body, fills it, then by way of INTENT, is directed to leave the body. The most common exits of this type of flow is the Heart Chakra giving out unconditional love; the Solar Plexes Chakra, giving out energy or life force; or the Feet Chakras which flow in and out through the soles of the feet, often to Mother Earth.

The Eighth or Higher Self Chakra is the one described as the Seat of the Soul. This is because it is where you can focus inwardly and make direct contact with your Higher Self and/or your Over-Soul by way of your Higher Self. It is located in the lowest part of the brain, in the back of your skull, which usually covers the first two or three vertebrae of your spine. The location for contact with your Higher Self is about midway between your two ears or the Pineal Gland. The exterior reflection of this Chakra is usually about a foot above your Crown Chakra but a bit more to the rear of your body. This exterior reflection is directly connected to the interior one but the exterior one is more easily connected with the Over-Soul. Please study your rotating transparent bodies for a better understanding.

The Ninth Chakra, at least for this lesson and in this Now, I will call the Over-Soul Chakra. It is usually located about ten feet above and to the rear of the Crown Chakra. Once you can maintain good and constant contact with your Eighth or Higher Self Chakra, communication with your Over-Soul will become more and more easy until it too is a constant source of Knowing and Being. This is our ultimate goal for now. It will be much easier to obtain after ascension, but we can all strive toward that goal even now by keeping our Chakras balanced, our peaceful hearts open and functioning in balance and harmony with all of Creation.

I believe this is a good place to stop for today. I should be able to work with all of you again tomorrow. Thank you very much for your interest in my work. I AM Dhyana.




About 3:00 p.m. ~ July 27, 2011

D: Please join me all who wish to continue our discourse on creating readiness for Ceremony and then a Ceremony to help all to uplift the All That Is. Join us in the field where we met yesterday. If you have difficulty finding it, please let me know and I or someone will transport you.

(I look around the huge green field which is quickly filling with many conscious species of varying shapes, sizes and bodies. It is wonderful to see so many eager to learn.

I hope I won’t disappoint them. I hear a voice say, “You won’t.”

When everyone seems settled and ready to listen:)

D: Thank you for your patience and returning for more discourse. Things in the most physical worlds are not as easily and quickly handled as they are in the higher realms.

To sum up what we have learned so far… the Kundalini Activation Ceremony, which I ask that each of you do again right now, to not only refresh your memory as to how it is done, but to ready you for our next technique. Remember to SQUEEZE, RISE and FILL until both hemispheres of your brain are full of energetic Cerebral Spinal Fluid, then MERGE both sides by INTENDING that they merge and act in Harmony as One.

(When I know that all have done this, including me, I continue:)

As you will note, I have once again placed transparent bodies of both sexes of various species above you to demonstrate what I am saying. One again, please note the Pelvic Chakra flashing; then the Stomach Chakra flashing; next the Solar Plexus Chakra flashing; on up to the Heart Chakra flashing, and on; next the Throat Chakra; the Third Eye Chakra; the Crown Chakra; the Seat of Soul Chakra and Its matching ball of light about a foot above and behind the head; and the Divine Over-Soul Chakra about 10 feet above and behind the head.

For this technique to work, it is not necessary to know everything about Chakras. It is only important that you know that at this time and in these bodies, the energetic flow into the Chakras at the front of your bodies enters in a clockwise direction, viewed as if you are standing in front of your body or someone else’s watching the flow go in toward the body.

I forgot… some of you may not mark time as it is done on the surface of Urantia, so when I say “clockwise”, viewing this energy movement from in front or above the vortex, I mean that the flow creates a circle that goes from the top, moves around to the right, then down (opposite the starting position) and back around left then up to the top and repeat making a circular vortex. Please remember, this is viewed from “outside” of your body. If you viewed it from “inside” of your body it would look just the opposite… (from top to left to bottom to right). This is important because if there is an imbalance in any of your Chakras, it might be just that it is not spinning fast enough to remain in balance, but in rare cases a Chakra might be spinning in the wrong direction. If this ever happens to you or someone you know, please “intend” for that Chakra to spin in the opposite direction and ask or feel your body to see if you feel better, less sick, angry, guilty…etc. whatever has caused you to become unbalanced in that Chakra. It might just be an aberrant one time happening but it might also have something to do with your species or a major warning of illness or injury. If you can’t fix it yourself, please contact me on the Inner. I would like to have the opportunity to discover what has caused this imbalance and make sure that it does not hinder your journey into ever higher worlds.

As I have just hinted, the intent of the Chakra Balancing Technique is to make sure that these nine major Chakras are fully activated and balanced. Some of you may be able to see these energies when you are fully relaxed and in a receptive and conscious state, while others of you may not. It does not matter. If you INTEND that it be so and perceive how your body FEELS in the areas of these Chakras, you will be able to energize and balance your Chakras. KNOW THIS. Do not doubt this. I would not say it unless it were truth.

We do not need to know or see everything to be able to do what needs to be done. Just ask Sananda and Saint Germain. I do not accept that I cannot accomplish that which needs to be done, so I just DO it. I just know that if something needs to be done that there must be a way to do it. But I make sure that my actions are within the borders of the Sacred Laws. I greatly honor the Sacred Laws that remind us that we are truly all ONE and that our worlds were and are born of love and purpose, not chaos… of Light and not darkness. It is acting against the Sacred Laws of Creation that causes such pain, suffering and harm in our worlds. So, I encourage all of you to always act with the most honesty, integrity, love and benevolent kindness that you can muster in each and every moment.

If you cannot see the things I describe each time you do these techniques, remember what you see in the transparent examples here and draw pictures so that you can recall them again any time in the future or share what you learn here with others, newcomers, your off-spring. These discourses are being recorded in the Akashic Records so that they may also be viewed by anyone in any NOW.

As I said, the purpose of this Chakra technique is to energize and balance each of the major Chakras. Please look at the examples rotating above you to see what a body in balance looks like. Please note that each Chakra vortex is spinning at a speed, fast enough so that the vortex, though spinning on a small point, does not topple over.

(I cause the Base Chakra to spin slower.)

D: Please note that the Base or Pelvic Chakra is now spinning slower and the entire vortex is wobbling… slower and slower until it seems to be disappearing.

(I re-energize it.)

D: There, now it is picking up speed and starting to straighten.

Let us now look at the Stomach Chakra and notice that it is spinning the wrong direction. Know that your own Stomach Chakra is spinning the wrong direction. How do you feel in this moment?

A voice: I feel sick.

Another voice: Yes, rather nauseous.

D: All right, I have now caused your Stomach Chakras to flow the correct direction and at its healthy speed. You should feel better in a moment.

A voice: Yes, I feel better already.

Another voice: Me too.

D: That was just to give you a taste of what to look for when you don’t feel as well as you want to feel. You see, some foods that you eat will cause the imbalance of certain Chakras, while smoking, drinking, drugs, strong negative emotions like anger and fear will disrupt many or even all of your Chakras. Thoughts are VERY powerful and you can go from feeling fine to feeling terrible in just a few minutes by indulging in dark thoughts or unhealthy actions.

These are the major reasons why it is so necessary to start your ceremonies filled with unconditional love for all life and emotionally balanced so that your Chakras are balanced too.

All right, how do we energize and balance our Chakras?

First of all, don’t worry if your Chakras are balanced or not, just do each one, starting at the bottom… literally… (some giggles) and work up. You cannot over-balance a Chakra that is balanced. Okay, I suppose you could unbalance it with bad food or thoughts, but you can’t over-balance a Chakra that is in true balance. That’s why it’s always easier for me to quickly do them all and make sure. This allows me to know that I am making choices… decisions from a peaceful and balanced place within. It is also wise to make sure the Chakras of your various bodies are in balance before sharing your own points of view or wisdom with others, since then they will be unable to pick up any imbalance in you. They might not agree with what you say, but they will not feel an energetic imbalance in you trying to force them into your way of thinking. They will also not be able to feel any anger, fear or negativity in you because it is not anywhere in your Chakra centers or elsewhere in your body.

So, starting in the Pelvic Chakra, please notice an imbalance in your transparent examples. Now, imagine the energy vortex speeding up. Perhaps you might want to imagine a silver spoon or gold stick or something to stir it with. Now I want you to imagine the words or feelings of LOVE… HARMONY… PEACE… BALANCE… TRUST… GRATEFULNESS… JOY… LAUGHTER…and any other positive image or word that you can think of in this moment and stir it all into the vortex with your silver spoon or gold stick.

Notice how the vortex of the Chakra stabilizes, strengthens and literally shines or glows with health and balance.

As the words spontaneously come to you in the moments you are working on a specific Chakra, it is because that Chakra NEEDS the energetic input of the vibrations of that word or feeling. Many times I have had to add many more words of TRUST and PEACE in my personal Chakras. Do not judge yourself. This is normal. This is natural. We each have our challenges and it is important that we consciously recognize them. Just add the words that come to you in the moment to the spinning vortex and KNOW that they are vibrationally balancing and healing them.

Now, I want each and everyone of you to do this to your own Pelvic Chakra.

Remember: If you are looking at the vortex from outside your body, as if facing yourself, then the vortex will go from top to the right, to the bottom then to the left and top again before repeating.

If you are laying on your back and viewing from inside of yourself, see the energy as going the opposite direction. You may use your fingers or silver stick to note the direction.

I will check each and everyone of you to see that it is going in the correct direction.

(I see one individual having trouble.)

D: Let’s try it in the opposite direction than you are doing it.”

(I watch as it is corrected.)

D: Good. You are doing fine now.”

(I look around for more anomalies in the vortexes. When I see none:)

D: You are all doing fine. Now let’s go to the Stomach Chakra and do the same thing.

(I watch as the participants add many words to that Chakra of their body and stir. All come into balance and energetically stand on the tip of the vortex.)

D: Excellent! Each and everyone of you is doing it wonderfully. I am checking the back side of your Chakras and they are balancing and standing up on their tips too.

(I see one back Chakra wobbling so I go over to that individual.)

D: It appears you need more of some words in your Chakra or a different one or two. Note what word or words come to you and add them to your front Chakra.

(I watch as he does so. It instantly increases the speed of his Chakra and reflects in greater balance of the front and back of the Chakra.)

D: Excellent. That was just what you needed.

(I look around for others having trouble but see none.)

D: Is anyone having trouble that I did not see?

(There is no response.)

D: Excellent then. Let us go on to the Solar Plexus Chakra and do the same thing.

(I watch as everyone moves their attention to their own body’s Chakra, and all of the transparent example bodies do the same thing. I watch as words flow into the Chakra vortexes of them too. As I look around I can see that every one has really caught onto the technique and is easily balancing their Chakras.)

D: You are all doing very well! Please feel free to go on to your Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra when you KNOW the ones below those are fully activated and in balance.

(I watch as everyone, even most of the animals are doing this. I realize I am not surprised. I scan for feelings of frustration. There are none.)

D: After you have completed the Heart and Throat Chakras, go on to the Third Eye and the Crown Chakras. You will notice that you now are able to accomplish this task very quickly. Just remember to notice how you feel… Make sure you FEEL strong, energetic and at peace before leaving one Chakra for the next. Please stop before working with the Seat of the Soul Chakra and the Divine Over-Soul Chakra.

(I wait and watch… scanning to see if anyone needs help. None do. I am grateful. A few minutes later I notice that everyone has paused and is now looking at me.)

D: Wonderful! I was just checking to see that everyone was okay and everyone of you has accomplished your goal. Your Chakras are all balanced up to and including the Crown Chakra. Please take a moment to see how you feel. Ask yourself, ‘Am I at peace in this moment? Do I feel totally balanced and secure? Am I now able to give love without worrying if it will come back to me?

(I give them a few moments to check themselves out.)

D: If you are able to answer ‘Yes.’ to all of these questions you are in a much better state than most of the people on Urantia. If you said ‘No.’ to these questions, please take a few moments and add more words to your Chakra vortexes before going on.

(When I check, everyone seems fine.)

D: Okay, now I have a question for all of you. Would you like me to create an imbalance in each Chakra, one at a time so you can learn to spot which Chakra is out of balance and how your react to this imbalance or would you rather just quickly balance all of your Chakras a couple of times a day, or more if you need it, and let us go on?

Many voices: Let us go on.

D: Okay. The Seat of Soul Chakra is one newly rediscovered but from my point of view, perhaps even more important than the 7th Chakra, because it is an even better doorway or connection to the Over-Soul than the Crown Chakra. There, it is now activated on the transparent example bodies above you. I activated mine through years of spiritual exercises and chanting sacred words. I started by focusing on the Third Eye Chakra, then as it seemed to open I would refocus further back in my head and downward. The place I seemed to best hear the sounds of the other Planes, the higher worlds was between my ears, maybe slightly behind and below them. I discovered it was the Pineal Gland.

(a short pause)

I just now realized that this is one of those times I mentioned previously, when I just DO something but haven’t paid any attention to HOW I accomplished it. As I view the Eighth Chakra now, it appears that the top of of the vortex is just above the apex or highest part of the skull where several plates converge and flows downward into the back lobe of the brain, and comes out the bottom of the skull, slightly behind the neck. Instead of calling its flow from the front to the back, I will describe it as from the top of your head to the bottom of the back of your skull. I will also say that since it is so easily connected to the Over-Soul from that point, your Higher Self KNOWS which direction each of the twin vortexes are suppose to be spinning.

At this time let us each stir in the words, PEACE, TRUST, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and FORGIVENESS into the area of these vortexes. KNOW that these energetic emotions will go where needed. Please remember that FORGIVENESS is not just you forgiving someone else but you forgiving yourself also. You cannot carry GUILT or FEAR into the higher worlds. So when you share Peace, Trust, Unconditional Love and Forgiveness to all others, remember to give it to yourself as well.

(I watch as they stir these words into the vertical vortexes at the back

of their skulls, just as the transparent bodies show.)

D: Now, look at the bright ball behind and above the Crown Chakra vortex. I forgot to have you look at it before we stirred in those words, but I’m sure that after all of the other seven Chakras were energized and balanced, that would reflect in your Seat of Soul Chakra also.

And, even though there is another extremely bright ball of light about ten feet away and behind your body, it does not need balancing. Within the realms that it resides, all is balanced within the Light. Darkness has been absorbed by the Light and transmuted into Light. So, this technique is now complete.

I think we will stop for today and continue again tomorrow. Please activate your Kundalini, merge both hemispheres of your brain and balance and energize your eight Chakra centers at least twice a day whether you need to or not, because this will help you remember the technique so that you can teach it to or share it with others.

Thank you for your interest in my work.

Until tomorrow…

I AM Diana




(The Final Day)

2:30 p.m. ~ July 28, 2011

D: Come one, come all to our discourse on creating readiness for Ceremony and then a Ceremony to help each and every one of us to uplift the All That Is. Please join us where we met yesterday. Again, if you have trouble finding it, let me know.

(I look around, watching the arrivals. There seem to be a lot of smiles… excitement.

I don’t want to disappoint them.)

Thoth: You won’t.

Dhyana: You are always so encouraging.

Sananda: So am I.

Dhyana: Yes, you are. Thank you both.

Saint Germain: I encourage you also.

D: (giggling now) Yes, you do too. My sincere thanks to everyone who so kindly supports my efforts to help the upliftment of All That Is.

(From out of somewhere, there is applause and then I notice that everyone

around me is clapping, smiling or whistling. I could not stop the wide grin

that crosses my face, even if I wanted to.)

D: Thank you everyone, for your enthusiasm. Today I would like to start by asking each of you to activate your Kundalini, fill both the male and female sides of your brain and merge the two so that your brain is working to its current fullest balanced capacity.

(I watch as everyone settles down to do as I ask. I have placed the rotating transparent body above their heads to demonstrate, in case we have any newcomers. The transparent bodies dissolve as each group near them accomplishes the task. When it is obvious that everyone has completed the task, I continue.)

D: Now, please activate and balance each of your eight Chakras. Oh, by the way, I realized last night that I did not show you where the Crown Chakra goes out of your body. Notice the transparent bodies again and look at the highlighted Crown Chakra. Please note the inward spiral or vortex into the top of the head, then watch as it travels down the body along the spine. About the middle of the body, between the top of the head and the bottom of the pelvis, is where the energy switches directions and continues down to the bottom of the spine, pelvis and with legs slightly apart, out of the body. This energy from the Crown Chakra will also sometimes split at the bottom of the spine and exit through the legs and soles of the feet. It depends upon what is needed and intended for the flow. Sometimes this energy continues into Mother Earth, and at other times it will circle around and reenter the top of the head. At other times it will come in the top of the head, flow throughout the body and exit another Chakra.

Okay, let us all start at the Pelvic Chakra, stir in several positive images of PEACE, HARMONY, LOVE, GRATITUDE, JOY and any other positive word or image that comes to you, with your silver or gold spoon. You may continue up through the eighth Chakra as soon as you are sure you are balanced in the ones below.

(I watch and wait. Some of the participants are working very rapidly, while others are slow and deliberate. It does not matter how fast or slow. It IS important that they are comfortable and confident in their ability to accomplish the task. Again the transparent bodies blink out when those around them no longer need this visual aid. When it is obvious that everyone is finished, I continue.)

D: You really are fast learners. Today we will create Ceremony. The Male Earth Element Leader (MEEL) ask me to teach you how to Dream Create. This is exciting for me too, because I don’t recall ever doing this before, so we will learn together. If something seems not to be working, I would appreciate your questions or comments to help guide us to a better, more efficient way of accomplishing our goals.

In our first meeting, I told everyone that each of you have the power to create everything you need and many things that you just want to have, to experience each life. The only thing that will hold us back from doing this is the Divine Plan. Since we are at a place of ending the Kali Yuga, or end of the Darkest Age and beginning the Golden Age, it is essential that we all work together to accomplish our ascension according to the Divine Plan.

I also told you that even though we try our best to help someone or some other life form to heal and live, it is sometimes part of the Divine Plan that they die or transmute into a higher life form. Nothing is ever lost in this Grand Creation. It is true that some very, very, very dark Souls who just refuse to even look for the Light, that spark of the God Source within, may be uncreated after being given thousands, perhaps millions or billions of opportunities to find their Light and start a path back to Source. So, what I’m also saying here is that as we create with this technique or another one which fits you better, not everything will manifest… at least until we are each established in the higher worlds and are creating that which is For The Good Of The Whole (FTGOTW).

Now, that is a term you will often hear from me. I might ask someone who has asked for my advice… “Have you asked yourself if your idea or plan is For The Good Of The Whole?” Because I know that if you have, you will have contacted your Higher Self or Over-Soul and you will KNOW for yourself and you won’t need my advice. However, there is a trick to this method… IF you are not detached from the outcome of your inquiry, you might actually lie to yourself and create a false positive, when in truth your plan is not FTGOTW. This is why when a plan includes others, it is good to ask each of you to go within, make contact with your Higher Self and Over-Soul and get a consensus before taking action. Another thing can affect the positive or negative response and that is the EXACT words used. As every politician and poller knows, it’s HOW you ask the question, the exact words you use, that often determines the response. So, I suggest that you write down the exact words that you want to ask, being careful that it does not recommend one outcome over another before you ask your Higher Self… and please make sure you are fully balanced, as you are today, before asking questions of your Higher Self.

(A small pause as I gather my thoughts.)

To me, Dream Creating is a form of conscious visualization. I am not actually “dreaming” but in that space between full conscious awareness and sleep. In other words, I am balanced… very relaxed… with my inner focus upon my Third Eye or between my ears, I relax even more by chanting a name of God like SUGMAD (Sooog Maaahd) or HU (Huuuuuu) and slow, very slow… deep, very deep… breathing… I am creating my pathway to my Higher Self and my creativity.

I am still very aware and consciously awake, even though I am also very, very relaxed. Some might call it a self-hypnotic state, perhaps it is, but for me it is… or has been in the past… necessary for me to truly connect with this creative aspect of myself. As you do this more and more, connecting in a way that accomplishes this for you, there will come a time when it is effortless and instantaneous for you to create.

I remind you again. All creation in the higher worlds MUST be harmless. You can get away with some that are not for TGOTW here upon the surface of Urantia for a few more days, but the time of duality as it has been experienced here for at least thirteen thousand years is over. All, but those who have been controllers, have decided that we all want our personal power back and we choose to stand in the Light.

Therefore, it will benefit all of Creation if you choose to always be harmless whenever you create, intend and declare that what you do is for the highest good of All That Is and is being done in the name of SUGMAD or Creator Source.

REMEMBER: If you create darkness there will be unpleasant Karma for you to experience so you learn the wisdom of better choices. If you create wonderful things of Light, you will create very pleasant Karma for yourself and be lifted ever higher into the God Worlds more quickly. It is your choice. Some individuals want a specific experience so much that they are willing to pay a high price, like multiple lives on a dangerous planet of low vibrations. Each to their own….

All right, you are probably tired of me rambling on…

Many voices: NO!

D: (giggling) I meant that you are probably ready for a Ceremony. As I said, you may ask questions or give comments to me during the Ceremony, but please do it telepathically directly to me so as not to disturb the others. I may not answer you, but I will make an effort to explain things in a way to answer it for all.

To me, Ceremony fills a need. It provides a forum for wisdom to be shared, much to be discovered and wonderful things to be accomplished or created. Whenever I enter Ceremony, I never know exactly what is going to happen because I am open to the flow of the moment. Perhaps what I have in mind for a Ceremony is not what Source or Christ Michael or SUGMAD has in mind or thinks is most important for me or the group consciousness of those around me within Ceremony, needs most to hear or experience.

So, though our goal is to learn how to create within dreams or visions, of the two creating within visions is easier, at least for me. Creating within Ceremony is even easier, because of the focused energy of more individuals participating. This is why I invite everyone who wants to participate to my Ceremonies for the ascension of Lady Gaia, Urantia and all above, upon and within her. Whenever we work together, be it two individuals or several trillion, there is much more creative power and therefore a greater opportunity to create wonderful things, including the body of Urantia totally healed, healthy and beautiful… full of life, love and great joy experienced by all of her inhabitants. Together we can dream a new, totally healed Planet Earth with clean waters, clean air, healthy land with healthy, long-lived inhabitants.

Sure, it will take some manual labor along the way, but all will be accomplished much easier, much quicker if we envision it first… and we will find that as we are so quickly successful in our efforts to clean the planet, we are more joyous… more excited about our next steps, be it training in something we’ve always wanted to know about or do, or travel to other planets.

We will also recognize that our Creations are being validated more and more each day. Validation is very important for us not to lose heart, lose our enthusiasm. For many know that if we are not directed by our High Self or the Divine Plan to go in a certain direction, we will seem to hit road blocks, situations which delay or prevent our continuing in that specific direction.

So, let us now get very comfortable for a Ceremony. I will guide you with my voice yet allow you to experience what you personally need to experience in this Now. There is plenty of room, so feel free to lie down… sit in the Lotus Position… lean on a tree trunk… and generally get into a position where you feel you have total unrestricted energy flow throughout your body so that you might more easily make contact with your Higher Self or Over-Soul.

Now, please close your eyes and breath slowly and deeply… sweet air into your lungs to a slow count of five… Breathe in, One….. Two….. Three….. Four….. Five….. then breathe out, One….. Two….. Three….. Four….. Five…..

Do this several times, maybe three or four times, until you start to truly relax.

Next, breath even deeper and slower, perhaps to a count of Six…. then Seven…

When you feel ready, take your attention off your breathing and focus on your Third Eye. Watch the screen of your mind. Perhaps you will see the movement of Light, like an afternoon sky… or perhaps and eye or a shadow or silhouette floating or seeming to walk by… maybe you will see colors… it doesn’t matter if you see anything or not, just watch quietly and wait patiently, but with expectations.

Feel yourself move deeper into yourself, perhaps and when you feel totally relaxed, slowly shift your attention to the Pineal Gland… that area in the middle of your brain, ever so slightly below but between your ears… The Pineal is shaped like a pine cone. Perhaps you will even see it.

Listen closely with your inner ears… perhaps you hear the sound of wind… or a flute… or insects… Let yourself be filled with this wonderful, peaceful sound…

Then, when you are ready, turn your attention and see a new scene… realize that you are in the most beautiful place you have ever seen… perhaps it is on or near a seashore… perhaps it is in the mountains… perhaps it is a home, a farm with laughing children playing amongst peaceful animals… Whatever it is that you see makes you feel safe, greatly loved and joyful.

As you look around you will see a perfect place to sit down, so you walk over and take a seat. Things look a bit different from that angle but you still know that you are safe from any and all harm there and that you are greatly loved. That gives you great peace and joy.

Perhaps you find you would like a drink of cool water from that stream nearby or a small waterfall of freshwater spilling from cliffs nearby. You realize that you need a cup or glass to drink from so you look around and suddenly see a cup next to your hand. It wasn’t there a moment ago, but it is now because you think you want it, actually need it. You look into the cup and find it is filled with the cool, fresh water that you wanted. Or it might be a favorite juice or an apple or pear or whatever you would like to have to refresh yourself.

As you sit there you might daydream and the scene you are in will change around you to reflect your thoughts. This is how we create in these higher worlds. It is so easy. There is no need to create danger for yourself there. If you accidentally do, just KNOW that the monsters are toothless, harmless, because they can’t hurt you unless you truly feel you need that experience. If they try you will suddenly wake up from that dream, from that vision or you will laugh them away, knowing they are illusion.

But we are not going to exit our vision just yet. While we are here why don’t we each create something wonderful…

Let us first envision Urantia with some challenges like too many junk satellites in orbit around her, most which no longer serve any purpose. Let us take an eraser or even our hand and gently wipe away the satellites no longer working, no longer needed as if you were wiping a mark from a board or a stain from a counter. This wiping away leaves no dirt on your hand, but now only a few satellites remain encircling our Mother Earth.

Next, let us look closely at the particles in the air. Are there too many in some area, like right over a volcano or over a large city? Let’s pull a cloth from our sleeve or pocket and spread it so that it acts like a filter, gathering poisonous pollutants as we fly around the planet. Yes, you can fly. Look to each side of you and notice that many others are doing the same thing. When you all have circled the globe and cleared most of the air of pollutants, toss your cloth and watch it disappear like a magician’s handkerchief, taking all of the pollutants with it.

Let us now fly over the waters of Urantia… Some of you might see large areas of ocean filled with plastic trash floating on the surface. Let us imagine this being vacuumed up into a huge spaceship, being transmuted into something good or even uncreated as it all rises higher into the sky in the direction of the ship. Know that you are the Captain of that ship and in control of the re-creation or transmutation of the plastic substances in the beam. Your machine is turning toxic plastic into harmless materials and then into chemicals natural and beneficial to this planet which will serve the Good Of The Whole.

When you are finished with this cleaning of the ocean, perhaps you will choose to send it your unconditional love… send your love to each and every creature, plant, animal and every drop of water in that ocean or sea or lake or river or stream or pond upon Urantia. Water is a conscious and living being. Not only is it filled with life of many forms and sizes, it is also a being which travels all worlds, all Universes, and helps to bring life to many planets and support this life while it lives there.

So please, love and bless each and every drop that falls from a cloud, pours from a faucet or well, that runs along a stream… every single drop in every spot of water… and express your gratitude for all that it does for all life, everywhere….

When you feel ready to move on, let us focus our attention upon the land… all land. Some will appear healthy and green, while other areas will be deserts and appear as if raped by the big machines parked nearby. If you feel you would like to, let us sing the name of God, SUGMAD, to all of the land. We don’t truly know what is needed or exactly where but Lady Gaia does. So, let us just sing awhile and direct our love and attention to all areas of Mother Earth.



When we feel that we have done enough to help Lady Gaia at this time, let us look with love upon all of her plants, upon all of her creatures great and small, upon all of her children no matter their species… Then look upon those around you and give them your love.

Before we leave this place, let us each form in our mind something that we would like to create in our life. Declare that you want to create this but only if it is for your Highest Good and FTGOTW. Do this in the name of SUGMAD and all that is Sacred and Holy.

Then imagine it in your hand or in your life. Imagine how it feels to have the blessing of this creation in your life… how it brings you joy, especially since you know it is FTGOTW when it arrives physically into your life.

Express your gratitude for this gift. Your gratitude to SUGMAD… to Creator Source… to Christ Michael Aton… and to all others who helped make this possible, because we truly all work together in manifesting that which is FTGOTW.

And now, when your creation is complete in these higher realms, let us know that we have done good today… that we have learned much and shared much of ourselves with others… and we are thankful for this opportunity…

Then, when you are ready… take a deep breath and notice your breathing… then, when you are ready… open your eyes and return to me… here in our beautiful meeting place.

(It seems to take awhile before everyone has their eyes open and are sitting up, looking toward me. Every face seems to wear a peaceful smile.)

Now that I have you back, does anyone have any questions about what we did or how it was done?

(I look around. No one responds until:)

VOICES: THANK YOU. Thank you. Thank You. Bless You. Thank You So Very Much.

(It seems an ocean of love and gratitude is sent my way.)

D: And I thank each and everyone of you for giving me the opportunity to help do my bit to uplift the consciousness of the All That Is.

I believe that we have now accomplished the goals that we set out to accomplish. If there is ever anything else I can do to help you in the future, please let me know.

Thank you so much for sharing this Ceremony and these discourses.



This message may be freely shared as long as it remains in its entirety and all credit is given to its creators. Thank you. Dhyana Markley.


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