Slammed, Slimed & Resuscitating

Hello friends. Well… with no smooth lead-in… I have been slammed with stuff I thought I was clear of by now… old dark shadow debris that has been slipping up from my ‘cellar’ into dreams as well as into my waking emotional body. I truly thought all those years being purged by kundalini left me ‘gleaming’ and free, for the most part, of all this old, malignant, torturous crap. How’s by you? :-‘

As some might relate, being miserable these days comes with wagging fingers (real or imagined), pointing and blaming for not adhering to the “love ‘n light” frequencies well enough. Seems most people around me are just perky and happy as can be, thrilled to be dancing in the new energies upon us (part of me wonders if they might be newbie souls, who don’t have hundreds of lifetimes worth of karma to clear NOW) while I, meanwhile, find myself dealing with a dark vapor I haven’t seen/felt in a long time.

It started slipping sideways into my awareness. I’d suddenly think—Where did THAT (thought) come from? OMG did I actually SAY that? etc.etc.  And dreams of old family messes, or situations in which I suffered agonizingly poor self esteem…. it’s all coming UP! Like dregs at the bottom of the pot… gushing out for another opportunity to practice healing! We are mature souls, now, who have to be responsible for every nook and cranny of our Selves!

This unpleasantness has been coming up in bits and pieces for about a month now… apparently in the window of this 11:11 power portal (and I have to admit to doubting the legitimacy of this particular phenom). I’ve been slammed by the squeeze of this higher frequency that seems to be wrenching any iota of old stuff that is still—apparently and shockingly—”in here,”  in forgotten, neglected old corners of my psyche. Our ‘work’ during times such as this is to just witness where we’ve scraped our metaphoric knee; where we’ve experienced (or inflicted) pain and maybe didn’t respond in the most conscious manner… and LOVE it.

Love it! — which basically transforms it from a problem into a blessing—a lesson learned—which can be released once and for all to join the higher energetic realms, rather than remain a glob of karmic oil puddled in the midst of a pool of sparkling, living light. Because once anything is truly healed and whole, it vibrationally aligns with the realms of  L O V E  that we are moving into now, with ever more speed and saturation!

So I say to anyone who might be experiencing something similar to what I’m describing here… TRY not to beat yourself up! TRY enveloping yourself in the wings of an angel (or your higher self) and allow the healing!

Years ago my guides told me emphatically, if you don’t do the work to raise your own frequency (which is a matter of deep self-healing, so your energy can then CONTRIBUTE to the field of LIGHT)… you will be “eaten alive” by the energetic realm we are now IN. And BOY, do I understand what that means now! I’ve been feeling eviscerated… psychically and physically.

Today, so far, feels better :)  A crisp, clear, chemtrail-free morning helps.  And now, I’ll move on to posting Solara’s November Surf Report (actually a portion thereof; one must subscribe for the complete version)… watch for that next…

Love all (including & especially your own barking demons; they are actually important wayshower allies),


One comment on “Slammed, Slimed & Resuscitating

  1. thank you Whitehawk – this a very timely post for me – when I see the dimming of the sun with those chemtrails on a daily basis, and know what the consequences of that activity are, it often spins me into a dark place. So I must remind myself to BE LOVE. There has been only one blue sky day in over a month (last Friday), so I have to remind myself frequently to stay in that place. Much old stuff has come up too.
    Praise Love and Gratitude ~Planet Dove~


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