Lightbody Fireworks in a Quantum Universe

As many of you well know, the ‘airwaves’ so to speak are saturated with messages about this 11:11 alignment. Another one follows this post, as I have a few items I’d like to share on this matter of a tremendous wave of incoming energies due to “infuse” with us, full-force, as of this Friday.

This is turning out to be a very powerful moment for Earthlings. A “whole lotta light” is pouring — blasting — its way into our planet and our bodies… energy that, due to an alignment akin to a thousand tumblers falling into place that have had no relation to each other for many, many thousands of years (and has never come to Earth in quite this blend before)… their new placement causing a massive cosmic pipeline to swing open and flow. These are frequencies that come from vast areas and aspects of infinity that Earth has never encountered… and they are here as part of the Ascension Program for Gaia and the rest of our local universe.

Now, 95% of all messages you’ll see re: this event either focus on the end of the world, or an “absolute” positive, ie, this is the most liberating and enlightening event of this planet’s history (or at least, many millennia of it). I certainly believe the positive is true, but there is this interim period that is the niggler for many of us. Just like an individual’s kundalini ‘ascension,’ or deep energetic activation moving up from the base and through every center of the body, any massive energetic amplification in the body also has every chance of creating challenges before all the “goodies” can be enjoyed. Let me share a few examples.

As many readers know (and many also ARE)—I’m an empath. As I’ve discussed here before, I tend to feel things… FIND things in my field—my mental/emotional/spiritual and also physical aspects—without understanding at first what is going on. This happened in spades in the late 90’s when my kundalini began its deep-cleaning mission, and it has manifested variously during the energetic shifts we have been going through since; more pronouncedly over this past month than any other time in recent memory. I shared some of the emotional ramifications of this yesterday; dark, ancient thoughts and incredibly challenging, and ancient, feelings that have haunted me intermittently in this life and are certainly hold-overs from other lives during which these old wounds haven’t been properly addressed and healed.

What I did not get into yesterday was the physical slam that came upon me “out of the blue.” I woke up one day feeling extreme and highly localized pain… feeling for all the world that I’d been shot, and maybe had the bullet still in me. I’m still hobbling today with this ever-so-slowly fading pain. Immediately following this sensation of being shot came the ‘big slam,’ by which I mean, a full-body agony that one feels in the wake of a high-impact accident. I had an experience in my 20’s of sailing over the handlebars of a moped, and belly-flopping into the pavement. Miraculously nothing broke, but my entire body was in such pain I could barely move for a couple of weeks.

This very phenom — without the physical accident part — hit a couple weeks ago, and even that wasn’t “enough” … as the entire length of my intestines also inflamed in a “whole new way,” ie… not a flu or anything food-related;just an incredible pain emanating from every millimeter of intestine in me. So on top of feeling shot (so strange!!), and then body-slammed (full muscular-skeletal agony)… now the entire abdomen was an inferno of pain. I still wonder if I should be on a light juice diet at this point, though I do eat fairly lightly already. I’m feeling increasingly repelled by the notion of animal products (animal suffering pains me worse than human), but have not made a full transition to JUST fruit and veggies — was this the message of the abdominal pain??

I’ll spare you the whole mental thing I went though over this… trying to understand what was happening. I’ve come to believe, in the final analysis, that my first “grok” is in fact the deal:  being empathic, I’ve been a sponge for the energies that have been filtering in recently… coming into full-throttle “blast” as of 11:11:11… and onward. Having one’s lightbody deluged by wayyy higher amperage than it is used to WILL have impact on the “appliance” (OUR BODIES). All the old rust, wiring, connectors etc etc (you get the gist) will likely be stressed by the increase. If the energetic “purge” is something the body can (or is meant to) withstand, it will take some time to adapt and recover from the increase.

If the soul of that body made the decision NOT to endure what’s happening, well then… that’s a whole other outcome. I’m aware of many people leaving the physical plane lately; peers of mine, and I’m not that old ;). But this is a major passage that Gaia is in, and we will either ride it out through the dimensional shifts embodied, or disembodied. It’s all ok :)

Why are others not even aware of these energetic changes at all? Well to people “like us” on the front lines of this shift, it is hard to imagine not feeling it in every CELL. But those who are really fully 3D-anchored, and not “experiencers” of emotional or energetic nuance… all of this is, so far, a non-issue — except possibly the parts that involve their financial situation, or the earth changes happening in all directions. Even still — the majority are expecting politicians to save them, and sports or bad TV to distract them.

And so it goes.

In closing may I remind you make the time for your own “communion” with your higher self — your direct link to higher awareness and love — preferably out in nature somewhere, if possible. You are a living, conscious link between the cosmos and Gaia, and much energy and information in pouring through you in ever-increasing pulsations. In my humble opinion, it is best to work WITH it all than to try to avoid the whole transformation knocking at the doors of our souls… offering the “keys to the kingdom,” so to speak, even tho there seems to be something of a MAZE between here and there in the interim! May be helpful to remember, “maze” is the basis of AMAZING. Can we swing with amazing grace? Speaking for myself, I’m “in” for the duration. At least, my conscious mind thinks so!

Well, I’ve gone on far more than I expected, so will post the “enormous energy boost” message separately, next.

One more thing: whether you believe the Mayan Calendar “ended” on 10/28/2011, or it’s true “turnover” is 12/21/2012… the POINT is that we are graduating to a “galactic channel” or realm where WE ARE “IT.” WE ARE THE ONES who determine the outcomes with the POWER of our light-guided intentions and actions. We cannot expect to be spoon-fed answers anymore. We aren’t “followers,” we are emerging WAYSHOWERS.

Please join me in keeping this foremost in your heart and mind. The only way we can predict the future is to CREATE IT.  Or, more aptly, CO-CREATE it with each other AND the Source Creator AND galactic family we have yet to meet. It’s an extraordinary time of conscious collaboration. Time to UNPLUG our most precious collateral — our attention — from the dreary dross of old.

It is a QUANTUM universe, meaning, its unfoldment is CONSCIOUSNESS-DRIVEN.  My new challenge to myself is to fling the covers back every morning and *sing* out to the cosmos — “WHAT IS MINE TO DO TODAY, TO ANCHOR MORE CREATOR LIGHT ON THIS PLANET, FOR A LUMINOUS FUTURE, THROUGH MY LIFE IN THIS BODY???” … and then go about it :)

Love all,


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