Ascension Primer in 5:33

This came to my attention today, and even tho I may have actually posted it here a couple of years ago (which is possible but I haven’t checked), I feel it is good to go again :)  Just 5 1/2 minutes of someone’s take re: how our paradigm will change. Sometimes a quick reminder can refresh a weary soul.

And while I’m here I’m feeling moved to thank you for your energetic presence here at Whitehawk’s cybernest. I hope at least some of your experience here is of service to your soul’s voyage.

Blessings ::: Whitehawk


2 comments on “Ascension Primer in 5:33

  1. After a long time I’ve ‘accidently’ visited your site again.
    Pleasently surprised to find this video here.
    Confirming my beliefs and hopes for the ( near ) future.


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