What Does the “Galactic Community” Want with Us?

Ok, here’s something a little different, which I’m posting to tweak your powers of discernment. As most anyone who visits this blog knows, the preponderance of channeled material is, at this point, just beyond the beyond. Numerous blogs have become, in essence, Times Square video billboards changing content every few minutes to ‘broadcast’ the latest shiny message that came in from who knows where, really.

Moreover, since the calendar rolled over into this mythic year, 2012, the messages are almost screaming with pre-orgasmic excitement about impending contact with luminous, friendly ets who will, in effect, “save us” and help us clean up the massive mess we’ve made of our world with their advanced knowledge and technologies.

There’s a critical message here in this comprehensive interview between “contactee” and messenger Marshall Vian Summers and Kerry Cassidy, of Project Camelot, about how easy it is to SEDUCE people by simply offering them what they want, or need . . . and before long, the seduced have given over their power and resources to someone (or some race) that has wants and needs of their own, and are here “doing trade” like any other business transaction… just in a much greater arena. This information is worth hearing, to temper one’s inclination for such wholesale seduction.

So . . . 1.5 hours, for your discernment~



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