Your Path as a Divine Change-Maker

You and the Global Shift

from Selacia & The Council of Twelve

This is a year of revolution on a big scale – impacting you and everyone on the planet. A common theme you will see repeatedly is the need for humanity to come together as one family. This need has never been more important than right now.

The new Earth you want cannot come into being alongside centuries-old patterns of bickering, complaining, conquering, and killing.

A very long time ago people understood and valued the concept of community. People of those times knew about the power of unity and helping one another. In some cultures, threatened by droughts and other climatic shifts, people learned that they could survive through collective ideas, support, and actions.

Rather than fighting each other over dwindling resources, they used their joint creativity to adapt. They understood the power of a cohesive group; they valued the natural world and learned to work with nature.

With the Earth now sitting at a precipice – the future uncertain – humanity is being called to remember these things. Indeed, a remembrance is taking place all over the world, stirring a fervent desire for community. People like you from all walks of life are feeling this.

A New Paradigm of Community

Yes, a brand-new paradigm of community is in the process of being born.You are a vital part of the process, learning new approaches and dissolving old patterns. Deep within you, there is an understanding of how important community is and what needs to change to create peace on Earth.

You are encoded as a divine change-maker to help create a more peaceful and loving world. At the core of your being, you know this to be true.

When you tap that place of inner wisdom, you notice how disconnected the human family has become. You observe the distrust, the disregard, and the distancing. You see these things in your hometown, at the workplace, within government, and between countries.

As you are honest with yourself, you notice a similar disconnect within your own circles – including your family, colleagues, and other associates. When you can be even more honest with yourself, you see your own role in disconnect. You then seek understanding and clearing of fear-based DNA-level patterns that cause you to disconnect and to feel separate. As you do this inner work, you become freer – awakening to the truth of your oneness and knowing that you are loved no matter what.

If you are like most people, you want to feel more connected with others and the world. You want to see more peacefulness and love expressed in relationships, in business, and between countries. You know you are alive now to make a difference – but how? Here are a few steps you can take to help bring about a brand-new model for coexisting on Earth.

6 Steps to Take Now

(1) Focus on what connects you to others and what you have in common and you shift from being a bystander who feels separate and different … to an awakening being learning to live fully and as one with all.

(2) Refuse to live your life in the shadow of conspiracy theories and gossip about what “they” plan to do next to keep you enslaved. You are a powerful being, equipped with a mind that can be focused on goodness and creating great things. Don’t let your little self or ego convince you that you are in prison. You are free.

(3) Change the questions you are asking. Example: “When will they fix this?” This question is not coming from your empowered self but from a victimhood mentality. Better question: “What can I do or not do to help remedy this situation?”

(4) Avoid going along with the crowd. Remember your divine change-maker role – at the forefront, leading the way. When it’s time to take action on something or to act boldly and do something others aren’t yet doing – trust your inner wisdom and act.

(5) Listen more, including to input from the universe about what’s really going on. When your only incoming channel is a fear-based news station, you won’t have a clear idea of how much progress is truly being made. Cooperative meetings with productive debates don’t make as many headlines as failed talks or meetings with angry outbursts.

(6) No matter what the world looks like, no matter how bleak things appear … you can be one of those with a new vision. You can take your place at the forefront, envisioning a brand-new type of world.

As you continue the journey of discovering your divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

Copyright 2012 by Selacia * All Rights Reserved *


One comment on “Your Path as a Divine Change-Maker

  1. Thank you Whitehawk for this important post. As you know too well – it is very easy to get caught up with the many “negatives” that are appearing in the outer 3-D. The Dominator/Power-Over Paradigm that has held many peoples in the collective in the last 5000 years is at its limits – – the Powers-that-be behind the governments are afraid and spreading more fear in order to control the collective. It is very important for our individual healing into wholeness journey AND for the the collective that all that understand that we and many are awaking now – and the most important thing is to BE and focus on Eternal Divine Light, Love, and Joy.

    It is not that we are not supposed to act in the outer 3-D – when we see there is something wrong. Becoming educated about the paradigm and how we have been controlled is important BECAUSE if we are also centered in healing into wholeness
    ( our conception imperative) we learn facts that help us to dissolve the programming, the brainwashing at the levels of conscious and unconscious that we have not been aware was controlling us. As an example – watching several times a good, thought flawed, movie like THRIVE gives us an overview that may indeed be things we already knew or suspected – but the overview gives us a gentle outline that our heart/soul/mind/body/spirit can use to further evolve. ( Thrive – The Movie ) : we learn that energy from Niklo Tesla on could and should have been free to all everywhere on the planet but is being kept off the market – to the world banking system and how it “creates” money and controls us through it – to our food supply being controlled and making us ill – to cures (in alleopathic medicine) for cancer and most others. Then we can further our learning intellectually by watching films like 2012 The Online Movie ( ), David Wilcock’s videos ( Sourcefield Investigations 2012 Enigma Graham Hancock’s excellent videos on the real age of civilization ( ), Gregg Braden’s books and free videos on Youtube, the factual examination by U of California Theology Professor, David Rae Griffin – 9/11 which helps us from one event to understand specifically what the powers that be will do to control us (we can then extrapolate re the Kennedies, Martn Luther King, Gandhi, and many of the whistle blowers around the planet whose voices we have not heard) – – Niklo Tesla – the genius that brought us so much including the AC electric that most of us on the grid relay on whose further work to bring us ALL free energy was stolen by the US government and Power families ( Niklo Tesla the Untold Story – Tesla, Master of LIghtening ) and others do help us to free ourselves as we do our personal centering work.

    We listen to what these films share and information on the corporations powers-that- be behind the governments of the world – to not only educate us and help us to dispel the conscious limiting thinking that is fear based and materially led – but more importantly the UN-Conscious – covert programming that has led us – and is leading many of our fellow humans. If we watch, read, and learn – releasing blame – and doing deep, soft, centering breath as we watch – perhaps adding in EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique tapping, Tapas, or Sedona Method releasing AS we are watching / reading / discussing . .. we will further the dissolving of the negative, fear based, Domintor/Power-over paradigm.

    As we continue to educate ourselves – as this post directs – we also do our inner work. We take time out from the collective – to release. At this point the more that we can release our personal wounds and “less than” thinking and fear based patterns from childhood and life, from the generations that we got from the moment of conception, gender, religion, class, race, country of origin, language and over all Dominator/ Power-over/Fear based paradigm – the more our personal meditation, reflection, visualization will be empowered. We must also look – as you know! – to the unconscious and conscious patterns of addictions that most of us do not see as addiction – Materialism, busy/fast living that includes the continual use of phones, internet keeping us from nature and being, fear that drives into various careers chasing finances (including many of the “new age” weekend learned coaching and “healing” techniques that give immediate results/gratification but are really only a stop gap that keeps us from evolving as it is shallow at best – most of it, in the way it is applied – is New Wine in Old Skins – ready to burst at the seams – because covertly and overtly it is profit driven and NOT of the real whole evolvement necessary which includes letting go of the Dominator/money false value oriented paradigm) – – This is a time to really face the personal, ontological fears and wounds and release them – – as well as to see clearly where we are in the whole.

    As we evolve – often times the truth that will then drive our actions is heart based – not intellect based. The Intellect that has been our “self concept” – our experience of self – will become the tool of the heart that it is meant to be when we gain our integrated, greater whole.

    Doing our personal work is not “selfish” – if it is done from center – it is revolutionary – Evolutionary for ourselves, our loved ones, our fellow humans, our companion co-species, wildlife co-species, our sentient plant co-species, the planet and all Sentient Beings through the muti-verse. Pre-Conception .- In our Eternal BEING selves – we knew we would be subject to Amnesia – some more than others – as soon as we were conceived. (One of the reasons that Western Culture has such a fascination with amnesia – because symbolically we are seeing in movies, television, and novels our own mass amnesia) Our hearts KNOW there is a better way – but it is in direct conflict to what the Paradigm dictates. Thus in the uterus on – (not birth on) our nervous systems are developed along the lines of the very limited, fear based, anger/rage Dominator Paradigm and the eons of wounding/lack and fear that our ancestors have had. This turns off the DNA (so called junk DNA) that would develop and grow our nervous systems into the physical manifestation of our Eternal selves that literally can generate Eternal Light, Love, Joy into the multiverse – AND in combination with others – exponentially create HEAVEN through all layers of reality. We are born already “deformed” – Stunted – – and then get further wounded and programmed through childhood and adulthood.

    But in this fast moving, energetic time – the really good news is that each time we sit for meditation (twice daily is best as it teaches the nervous system to be centered) – each time we REALLY release wounds through knowing our “story” personally, generatonally – gender, race, paradigatically – by sensitively using our Personal Developmental timeline – – – (using a journal can help with keeping this information “factually) – as we release from Conception forward – or any where along the personal timeline – -(With Sedona Method, EFT, Tapas, Pstec, breath release, etc) – – – WE are freeing the nervous system and genetics. (Bruce Lipton – Biology of Belief

    Currently the more time we can spend in nature, daily meditation, shift our diets to lots of greens – especially through green smooties with a focus not on commercial – natural products but on wild greens (dandelions, lamb’s quarters, Lady’s Bed Straw, purslane, etc) (Grow our own romaine, swiss chard, beets and beet greens, carrots) – – put in light daily aerobic exercise like walking in nature at least 30 minutes daily, light stretching and/or yoga/tai chi (video tapes allow any of us to have studios in our homes/offices) – – – educating ourselves but not to the point of upset into negativity, read uplifting spiritual literature, teachings, and inspiration (Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda Life and Teaching of the Far East Masters , Rumi, poetry, etc) – and doing our “work” – the more our nervous system will be free and the more we we become the Eternal Generators of Light, Love, and Joy that we are incarnate to be. And with this – what Harvard calls, The Maharishi Effect – the energy of wholeness that we are generating joins with others . . and with this truly we are midwives birthing what is Eternally meant to be.

    Wow – thank you again for ALL that you do – all of the education – all of the support and inspiration – Whitehawk!!! – I bow to you! Namaste!


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