Do Less, Be More

Today I’d like to bring to your attention an interview between ‘Reconnection’ healer Eric Pearl and an enthusiastic young host with an online program called Energy Talk Radio. (His title could use an upgrade because it’s actually a video. :)  My reasons for sharing this particular clip are twofold.

First: if you have had no exposure to Eric Pearl before—or haven’t recently—I believe you’d do well by listening to him here. He’s got his ‘rap down,’ so to speak; he knows his material, being, he knows how to command profound healing in an instant and how to discuss it. He’s a colorful character so I find him rather entertaining as well… even while knowing that what he says here he’s said a million times before.


Hearing it now was a good reminder for me—the notion of just plugging into the Field, so to speak, and just being in that connection with something so much vaster than yourself that nothing sub-standard can perpetuate itself in that high energy awareness, or “allowance,” if you will. Eric Pearl was graced by this realization during his chiropractic career, and it launched him into a revised reality about 20 years ago that the world is accelerating into now: consciously integrating with and navigating through the quantum.

(Richard Bartlett of Matrix Energetics has a similar background: was a chiropractor whose perception blew open and – whew – he is a force!)

So anyway, since I’d been up half the night here, I started cruising around online and circuitously came to this interview. Listened to Eric explain how relying on ‘props’ for healing creates more distance between you and the actual field that surrounds and penetrates your very self, ready and poised to accept your intentions for not only physical healing, but mastering life in general. This is all part of the first reason I wanted to pass this on to you.

The second reason, interestingly (to me at least) involves my cat! During this interview, she came and curled up in my lap. By the end of the interview, she started vibrating!I suddenly felt her body going through cyclic pulsations of pronounced vibrations through her body and legs. She would vibrate — body buzzing and feet curling — then pause, then cycle through another round of this vibration, all while curled up, eyes closed, in my lap. I sat here observing this for a couple of minutes, thinking about how, by virtue of my own ‘plugging in’ to the field rather passively just by knowing what Eric was talking about here (having had a few spontaneous healings of my own, not involving any healer other than myself… and also having spontaneous kundalini activations merely by thinking about kundalini for a focused bit of time) . . . by way of my attention on this, my cat received a spontaneous burst of healing energy in/through my lap! She has a chronically challenged immune system, so this was all good, in my view. After her vibrations stopped, she stretched slightly, gave a contented little squeak, and went back to her nap. She had a little more buzzing, and is now still and quiet.

Maybe you’ll listen to this interview and have a little ‘experience,’ but at the very least, it may well open you and bring you closer to the possibility of not only spontaneous healing, but moving into a far richer experience of Life Itself because you are not separate from the Field, from God, from the higher beneficent frequencies that are HERE. IN you. At your service.

Love all . . . W


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