Your Luminous Bloom

One subject that arises regarding ascension is . . . what happens to my identity? My personality? My ego? As I move into vibrational realms where there is no duality, no pain, no conflict . . . what will become of WHO I AM? Will my individuality be annihilated in some energetic poof?

Many have pondered on this ‘annihilation of the self’ idea as you merge with higher realms. After all, the ego is all about responding to the pain, anxiety, separation, conflict, polar opposition, etc. etc. Ego uses life’s frictions to sculpt itself, to rate its progress in comparison with others who have, or are “more” — more successful, more attractive, more adept at navigating this earth plane in myriad ways. If the ego is dissolved in ascension, WHO, THEN, AM I?  

This ego – the core of the personality – is threatened by every little thing, and makes dozens if not hundreds of adjustments daily while relentlessly judging itself. It’s an ongoing condition of enslavement, sizing itself up and often falling short in every conceivable situation; there’s no end to it!

Except now, there IS an end to it — to the suffering, that is; not the ego. During this time of ascension into rarified frequencies, when all the struggles will fade quickly from memory, the ego will not be “snuffed” – it will be healed. Profoundly healed! It will barely recognize itself, because its identity has been sooo reliant upon endless, harsh experiences . . . for eons of time; hundreds of human lifetimes. And finally, the end of suffering is near. The ego is soon to merge with its SOUL in an act of ecstatic integration. Imagine your battered ego stretching, expanding, blossoming into a huge flower . . . with a thousand perfect petals. Emanating light and colors that are currently beyond our palate of experience . . . but very soon, we will KNOW. We will BE this. 

My whole crown is literally sparkling joyously – victoriously – just writing this post for you! 

We will still know ourselves as individual entities. But these entities will know themselves in the context of complete synthesis with the Godhead. This will be the biggest, most blessed RELIEF imaginable! We are soon to graduate into our own Godhood, and ahhhhhh . . . words cannot approximate what life will be like when “Godhood” becomes our norm.

The ego has had a brutal, and usually thankless, job for millennia. It has given you something to center on in physical existence. You have built all manner of life experiences on the scaffolding of your ego. Ego has provided you with an individual perspective from which to reference yourself in 3D, and build strength.

At the point of transformation (which is very soon to be an accomplished fact), it is necessary to reframe beyond this strongly built-up individual perspective.  

This does not mean “throwing the baby out with the bathwater.” The ego is part of the Self – a strength – but the focus now lies in re-educating it. This means making adjustments to your POV (point of view) so the ego will understand that it is a cherished part of something much GREATER (in every sense of the word). The time has come to apply its various strengths in service to the WHOLE. Because ONENESS is soon to be our context for living, being, and creating. The little wounded, understandably defensive ego simply has no place in the Oneness. That “little self” is about to be completely healed, and BLOOM into its rightful place in the lush Garden of Godhood! 

So PLEASE DO NOT FRET; this is a very good thing. The ego is soon to join with heavenly, infinite love, joy, and divine wholeness, and it will be bliss! 

During these final days of 3D agonies (and who could have ever imagined how horrid it could get!?), the ego is easily re-trenched in the upsetting stories we hear (and empathically feel) day in and day out. How will I survive? How will I manage in an ever-tightening police state? I am so small and vulnerable in such a large, cruel world . . . a sitting duck for the cabal!  And so on. The ego plugs right into the fear; it is its home frequency, more or less – trained to be so, over many lifetimes – it IS a “sitting duck,” a prime target for the “fear porn” that’s solicited 24/7 in the media.

Your Spirit must take the reins now, my friends. It WILL care for your little self (your trembling ego) if you just allow it to come forward and take control. Nothing going on here can destroy your soul (though I know it CAN feel devastated . . . it is an illusory & transient perception).

Learning to turn to your OWN SOUL, your infinitely Higher Self – that part of you which is eternally ONE with the Godhead – is the way through all the current chaos. Just as someone at high altitude can see what’s ahead on a road, that, at ground level seems impossible to continue . . . so can your soul guide your ego. It will guide you right through this ascension process, and they will MERGE in blissful union in higher frequencies of light and love. 

I PROMISE this is so! 

For now, practice trusting the divine outcome that is mere heartbeats from you now. Regard all the challenges you’ve been through simply as learning experiences necessary to your evolutionary education. Accepting yourself is crucial. Imagine holding yourself as an innocent infant if you can . . . loving that baby with all your SOUL. This exercise provides a clear, comforting sensation of your soul’s relationship with you. You are so precious!

Look deeply into experiences as they come in, gleaning their meaning without harsh judgment, as they indicate some form of interaction with Source. They are lenses for viewing existence as service to the Cosmic Plan. The strength that you ARE assists the Whole. 

Perceiving the Whole from the reference point of your Self and appreciating all the divine activity playing out on the physical stage is a way to bloom your luminous flower and share your personal divine participation with Creation.



Love all,


3 comments on “Your Luminous Bloom

  1. Once again your message is in perfect and Divine timing!! such a wonderful way to look at the ego instead of blaming it for all that has gone wrong or reacted to. It was only doing what it knew how to do by the replaying of its programs that is learn’t from life’s experiences. Thank you Whitehawk! wonderful indeed!


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