Earth Rovers R Us

Life is a virtual reality game, and consciousness is the computer that programs, creates, and runs it. 

On that key point, two highly accomplished – and highly conscious – men of science agree.

Treat yourself to an excellent, mind-expanding chat between two luminaries who have integrated consciousness into their world views and their work: NASA physicist Tom Campbell & biologist Bruce Lipton.

Stay with it; just when you think you might be slipping into brain freeze from the ‘geek’ verbiage streaming at you, a concise, comprehensive line zings in that snaps it into a brilliant, coherent AHHH!! moment through which your awareness expands a little bit. I love those moments, don’t you? Well worth the 54 minutes viewing time.

The conversation continues beyond this segment, too, if you’re interested & able to support the producers with a few dollars to keep them pursuing the high-caliber conversations they do, for public consumption and enlightenment.


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