Pessimism’s Major Magnetism

In all the years Esther Hicks has been “doing Abraham,’ this is probably the most intense and penetrating dialogue ever to happen in the Abraham-Hicks seminar space.

During these chaotic times, sensitives can find themselves energetically plowed under, and everything they know to be true somehow seems unplugged from their actual experience. For these people among this blog’s readers, as well as for those who love or know people in this position, I post this video: Continue reading

Reconnect Your Electromagnetic Circuits with the Template

Friends, I’m sharing with you what I feel is an important video; an introductory ‘personal ceremony’ (meditative journey) that reconnects your precious circuitry that was derailed in humanity eons ago.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been really enthused about teachings, and teachers, and messengers, etcetc… I’ve been at this for a Very Long Time, and sooo much just sounds redundant to me. Or hokey. Or both. No offense intended to all the shining lights out there doing great work. But this Continue reading

Rebuilding Foundation, Work in Progress

I have been relatively quiet during what seemed a particularly difficult summer, in myriad ways. When Lisa Renee’s latest appeared, it resonated, so I’m sharing it. For whatever reason(s), my posting ability on this blog has become weirdly degraded; no idea what all is involved but it is a hassle! So posts are fewer, but I think of you often and send you courageous, brilliant light in the final stretch of this beyond-amazing year!

Love all,

Rebuilding Foundation, Work in Progress

by Lisa Renee – September 2012

This summer has been leading us through another one of those spiritual ascension developmental phases of feeling that your life is “under construction” or being continually evaluated in stages during a long “work in progress”.

Many of us have had to stand back with detached observation and stay behind the enforced construction site “yellow tape”, while the demolition derby came into your reality with a wrecking ball and a bulldozer.

For others, we have been waiting patiently for the right time and the right place to join into the new energy stream. This has had a massive impact in many ways to our life circumstance in any kind of relationship, (personal or professional) within any kind of organization, or any other type of dynamic that has been running an obsolete energy system.

These energies, astrologically, cosmically, planetary or otherwise, are forcing transformation into a new base setting of which we operate from. For some of us this is a real testament to our ability in “letting go”. We are being forced to let go of obsolete relationships, power imbalances and their emotional patterns, and that is not generally a fun experience, albeit, it is necessary. Continue reading