Reconnect Your Electromagnetic Circuits with the Template

Friends, I’m sharing with you what I feel is an important video; an introductory ‘personal ceremony’ (meditative journey) that reconnects your precious circuitry that was derailed in humanity eons ago.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been really enthused about teachings, and teachers, and messengers, etcetc… I’ve been at this for a Very Long Time, and sooo much just sounds redundant to me. Or hokey. Or both. No offense intended to all the shining lights out there doing great work. But this couple – Juliet and Jiva Carter – are the real deal, providing important service, and it excites me.

I’m sharing this video that I’m working with daily now, to undo damage that I’ve allowed done unto me over lifetimes (or have simply done to myself), and correct the circuitry of my lightbody. My energy has felt unplugged for a long time. My health has been chronically sub-par in various weird ways. This ascension has not been a cake-walk!

Recently I’ve downloaded the Kindle edition of the Carters’ book, Worldbridger (, which is the story of how they came onto this path (an amazing ride, and very intelligently written), and started working with their intro videos available on youtube (bless them for sharing them freely!).

As I write this post, I have had the most clear and energized day I’ve had in, possibly, months! Juliet and Jiva are, in my view, consummate wayshowers who have been walking the walk and honing their amazing, highly purposed material for decades. It blends language with fabulous sacred geometries that bypass cognizance and heal lightbody circuitry. At least, I believe something is really going on here – something important that everyone would do well to try for themselves.

If you “go there” and notice changes to your energy, attitude, health, etc… I’d love to hear from you. Here’s the video; you must WATCH the graphics as you listen, so keep those eyes open!

Their website is here.


One comment on “Reconnect Your Electromagnetic Circuits with the Template

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this…I am experiencing another shift- it is one I would call for a lack of better words- a softer version of the letting go and creating cycle that I have experienced in the past; and at the same time a strengthening of the core, the body, the trust- the deconstruction is occurring- it is felt and there is no processing or angst and for the first time in a very long time (it seems) I experience desire and expectancy.
    I am choosing!
    This is aligned to all of this for me!


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