True Time Travel Tale

Time travel has always fascinated me, and I’ve always ‘known’ it is an absolute reality in the quantum field, where all is going on simultaneously – mind-bending as it sounds. Following is an accounting of a recent event experienced by Lauren Zimmerman. Her online presence is linked at the end.

This story particularly speaks to me because shortly after my father died, the family home went up in flames, taking my mother’s life. A few days before this happened, she made a cryptic remark that sounded like she had a premonition that her ‘time’ was near. I dearly wish I had encouraged her to tell me why she felt this (she was in good health), but regretably, in the fear this very idea raised in me, I poo-poo’d her remark changed the subject. I hope I’ve become a better listener since then.

Synchronistically, just yesterday I listened to a ‘Coast to Coast’ interview with Bruce Goldberg explaining techniques he had developed to switch timelines (ie, travel to parallel timestreams) to see other trajectories that ‘parallel selves’ are traveling, and how these experiences can transform one’s life. Encounters with time travelers from the future are also discussed. That conversation can be found here:

ox ~W

Time Travel – A Very Real Experience

Even after 30+ years of incredible experiences I hesitate to share some of the more incredible ones. It’s taken me a week to decide about sharing this one, but the urging of ‘spirit’ has grown louder on a daily basis and so, here we are.

This experience changed me in ways that I can’t yet explain even to myself. For those who doubt the veracity of this story, I urge you to check out my years’ of work that precede this reporting. I’ve made my life’s work all about giving the Truth to others, to the degree that I can, in order to help expand human awareness. I’ve come to believe, in the days since this event, that this is a multi-dimensional experience that is alerting us to the fact that the current energy-reality of Earth is going through yet another transition. It seems to me that this transition will make it more possible than ever to connect with the Truth that we are infinite souls who, when we allow, all things being energy, and all energy having ‘frequency parameters,’ are learning to live ‘outside’ of the temporary human boundaries of experience.

And so here is the event, exactly as it unfolded. The city and the time period are deliberately left out due to the fact that, if things happened as I was told they did, someone would be recognized as being responsible for murder. The purpose of the event was not to bring this person to justice but to assist the person who ‘died.’

It was midnight when I was awakened by the sense of someone in the room. Having had an uncountable number of experiences with angels, I was not surprised to find a glowing image of an angel standing next to me. Her exact words were .. “A woman died and it was not her time. We would like your help.”

Again, based upon years of experience with similar situations, I did not hesitate. I allowed myself to be transported by her, without question. When we arrived at our destination, we stood in front of a small, white home. There were flames coming from the windows.

The angel explained. “The woman who died here was not supposed to die. It was not her time. Her husband reported that he was trying to pull her out. But in fact, he was pushing her back in. She became so exhausted from fighting to get out that she fell back. The fire then had her in his grips, and he ran out to safety once he knew this.”

I was horrified. “Why am I here? What am I meant to do to help?”

“We will go back in time several more days. I need you to appear to her and talk with her. Tell her she’s in danger and then tell her what to do to prepare to leave this place.”

Before I could blink we had gone back in time and I was standing next to the woman. She apparently sensed my presence. Whether she could see me or not, I don’t know. I do know that I felt a tremendous sense of urgency. I told her what I’d been asked to say to her. She listened to me and believed. I watched her as she began rushing around, gathering some things that she wanted to take with her. I pointed out a secret stash that her husband had hidden and had her take just enough to get by for a few days. As I watched, one of the things that stood out was a small, white, stuffed bear.

Suddenly we both heard a car pull up. She began to panic. The angel appeared to me and told me what I needed to say to the woman. She was to suggest that her husband take her to see something about a mile from the house. Pretend to be excited about this and he will catch that excitement and go with you. And he did. I found myself in the back seat, talking to keep her calm as they drove the short distance. When they stopped and got out, the angel appeared again. She advised that the woman tell him that she’d forgotten something and would he go back for it? He agreed, ordered her to stand right there, he would be back in a minute.

As I watched him drive away I ordered her to run as fast as she could. We were in a neighborhood with many houses and the streets curved this way and that. I told her to run as fast as she could until she found a phone booth that was hidden from the street. I then gave her two names of people that she was supposed to call to come get her and keep her safe.

As I watched her run away, the angel appeared next to me again. Together we watched her until she was out of sight. The angel then returned with me and, once we were back in my room, went on to explain what city and what time period this event had taken place. She advised me to do an Internet search, telling me exactly what words to type into the search engine. I can’t say that I was surprised to find an article, as well as a video, of the fire and the woman’s death. The house in the video, with flames pouring from the windows, was the house that I had stood in front of. The date of the fire was one year ago, to the day.

Did this happen? Yes. Absolutely. Did the woman live? I have no idea. If she did, how could that be? If there was/is a video and newspaper article about her ‘death,’ how could events have been changed? And yet, well, I saw her escape. The angel assured me that I had changed this woman’s path.

You can probably imagine the brain exercises that I’ve been through following this experience. One thing I’ve learned in all of my years of ‘odd’ is that there is a reason for everything. No matter how extreme or unbelievable things may have been, it has always been proven (eventually) that each experience was a ‘precursor’ into another layer of greater understanding of existence. I have no doubt that this event is a ‘precursor.’ As if to prove that to me, the days since this event have been extreme in their challenge of not-logical-at-all events and other-world-messages. As I listen to the messages and feel the depth of their Truth, I feel another layer of ‘being human’ breaking away, allowing the Truth of our infinite connection to all that is to surface even more. Our connectedness to all time and space, to powers beyond our comprehension.

My life’s work has been all about helping others remember their own Truth and infinite soul. I looked for a reason for why I felt I had no choice but to go even further out on that proverbial limb of pushing the limits of logic by posting this. I came to believe that I am meant to share in order to break through yet another layer of ‘human logic’ and introduce yet another layer of ‘possible.’ Though this particular experience seems to challenge the borders of logic, it certainly does cause one to think about what exactly is possible. We may not understand how something like this could actually happen. We may not know for sure if the woman’s path was actually changed. But it certainly does cause us to pause for a moment. Maybe, like the first tiny crack in a shell as a chick begins to break free from its shell, this could be that first tiny crack in the shell for humans beginning to live as ‘galactic, universal beings,’instead of within the imprisoned belief system that we’ve been taught here on Earth.

Let’s remember this … I do not know the people involved, am not familiar with the city where this happened, had no knowledge of this house fire. And yet, at the angel’s instruction, I found not only a news article but a video of the fire. The fire took place a year ago. The house in the video is the one I saw during my experience. How is there still a video online? How was the fire exactly where and when she told me? How could I have known? If nothing else, it certainly raises some questions.

Where there are questions, there are answers.

Presented as a gift to Human Enlightenment


Lauren Zimmerman

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