‘Soul’ vs ‘Spirit’

For the many who have pondered this question . . . ~W

Spirit & Soul & ‘Traveling’ There

by Lauren Zimmerman

The ‘other side’ was fascinating, to put it mildly, but as this particular piece was unfolding, it was clear that this was one of the major Knowings that I needed to take back to life on Earth. Once I returned with this ‘tidbit,’ it became clear that there were not many who agreed with my ‘take’ on things. Nevertheless, this is what was given to me and so I present it to you … food for thought.

I felt the Presence of God turning me gently toward the beginning of time. That might sound odd but if you think of all things existing simultaneously, the beginning has to exist somewhere, just as the future does. (but that’s a whole new topic and so let me stick with this one for a minute) If I were to put 3-D words and phrases to what I ‘saw,’ which is what I am attempting to do, it would be described as an infinite, and very intense, ‘batch’ of densely packed ‘light cells.’

I heard the Voice. I paraphrase the words here.

“The beginning is soul, an infinite source of light, existing through all time and space, here in this existence. As Soul, you look upon the entirety of all that is and desire nothing more than to explore it. With that comes the ability to send soul into existence, a journey far too magnificent and incredible to imagine, when one attempts to put that into words.

“Soul has the ability to form a cell of its own light into something that can travel on its behalf. Something that can make manifest its need to delve deeply into its own existence. That something, that cell of light, is the essence of spirit. The essence of spirit enters into a more tangible form of light, inserting itself into various aspects of existence in order to experience it in a very intense and personal way.”

“And so, basically,” I suggested, “soul takes an atom of itself and sends it forth to incarnate? And the term we use for that atom is ‘spirit’?”

“Exactly. And so what you see within the human body is an atom of the infinite soul. That atom, that spirit, is an atom of the pure light of soul. It is never dis-connected from soul. It is always light. It is always soul. It is always infinite and eternal.”

I studied the ‘batch’ of dense light thoughtfully. “This is soul that I am looking upon.”


I turned my thoughts inward, to the essence of who I was in the moment, standing there as pure light, somehow being One and yet somehow separate. “What I am here, in this moment with you, is spirit then?” I looked back at the ‘batch’ of dense light. “And that is soul, my original source?”


“And instead of reuniting with my own soul I am taking this essence of myself back to Earth?” (I won’t go into my thoughts and reactions to that, in this blog, but, trust me, that’s another story … or book)

“Yes. That’s what you have agreed to. But what you will take back with you is this. This knowledge of your origin.”

As though my soul had planted the thought into my spirit, an ‘ah-ha’ occurred to me. “But now that I know this, or will remember this when I get back to Earth, will I be able to use the knowledge to access my own soul? Or will I have to continue to feel that sense of separation that I had before?”

I could feel God smile, for lack of a better way to state the feeling that came over me.

“You have always managed to amuse me with the way your thoughts jump from one magnificent possibility to another. To answer you, yes, you will remember these words we’ve exchanged. Not only that but you will given various ideas of how to reinforce that connection to your origins, your Truth.”

That has been the truth. Through the years I’ve been blessed with hundreds of ways to remember, to reinforce, to re-connect with the union between spirit and soul. This is one of those offerings.

As spirit we are a ‘cell of light,’ to put it simply. We have within us the ability to release our cell of light into existence, to travel where it may. That travel can be done as time-travel, bi-location, long-distance healing, remote viewing, etc.

Imagine, if you will, that you can gather that cell of light with the intention of re-connecting with the Truth of your own soul. Silence your thoughts entirely and focus only on the task of connecting with the spirit of light that is you. This lifetime is but a flash of time in your infinite being within this existence. Everything here can wait while you take these moments to remember and connect with your own Truth.

As you release your thoughts of the moment and feel yourself becoming as one with the cell of light that you are, imagine that your light will rise from this body. A fabulous visualization for convincing your human thoughts that it is ok to travel is to imagine yourself getting into a hot air balloon. The more you release your thoughts, the more you allow yourself to connect with your spirit, the cell of light that you are, the lighter the hot air balloon becomes. Before you know it, you are floating safely away from this Earth-body. The heaviness dissipates, the worries get set aside. You are floating away with your Truth.

With this visualization comes the intention of the freedom to reconnect with your the truth of who you are. You are momentarily free to be the cell of light, your spirit. Free to realize how temporary this lifetime is, and free to accept the vastness of your own Infinite Truth.

Once you become familiar and confident with your travel, you can begin to use this visualization tool to release your feeling of separation. When you begin to explore your Oneness, every manner of connecting with All That Is will be available to you. You can travel to others to assist them in their time of need. You can travel ‘home’ to your own soul and access your own infinite memories. You can simply float in your own freedom, giving yourself a break and coming back with a new perspective. The possibilities are endless … literally.

If you decide to try this method of reconnecting, please remember to set up the intention of returning fully, to be grounded into your body and your life experience. As freeing as this experience is, you are here on Earth for a very good reason. Ground back into your body. Fill yourself up with the Divine Intention of making the most of every moment, bringing the best of who you are into your life, with the knowing that you … and everyone around you … is an infinite soul having a temporary Earth-experience.

Lauren Zimmerman


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