The Lure of Becoming

Had a happy discovery during the wee hours of wakefulness in the night: Oprah has been putting full content of her “Super Soul Sunday” conversations online. I haven’t been checking on Oprah’s activities since she left her daily talk show, because you had to have access to her network via cable/satellite TV; her programs were not available online. Happily she’s putting her Sunday morning talks on the net as a form of service, which I appreciate, as I’m now living a back-to-basics life in the country with no TV!

I was initially led to these online shows via Dr Eben Alexander, the neurosurgeon who had a long, amazing death experience while in coma, and now has an enduring #1 NYT best-selling book detailing his experience and revelations. His interview with Oprah airs today on OWN, and I trust will be posted on soon afterward.

Meanwhile I was pleasantly surprised to find a new interview between Oprah and Jean Houston, “human potentiator” and linguist extraordinaire …  and mentor-from-afar of mine for decades. Oprah has somehow not interviewed Jean until now, and it was a good conversation. If called to the experience, you can view it here:

Oprah and Jean



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