The Agony and the Ecstacy


I haven’t given a whole lot of credence to specific dates when it comes to our timeline zooming in to the zero point of the Great Spiral – the long-awaited (since “time” began) click-over moment where we irreversibly shift from vulnerable victims of a formidable dark power (and their descension timeline) to powerful creators in a context of benevolence and Light!

Today, 12/12/12, as you are likely aware, has been touted as the =peak= moment of cosmic energetic influx thus far. Yesterday, the 11th, seemed to mark a shift in my personal experience – I feel markedly clearer than I have in a long time!

Human Lightning Rods Grounding the Waves

While some have been riding the in-pouring waves like blissful children, and others have been trucking along completely unaffected and/or unaware, a third group of us have been having a rough go of it for a very long time now.

If you happened to read my story in Kundalini Rising (a highly simplified, truncated account of a very trying series of  years that started amping up around 1999), you may recall some of the harrowing physical experiences that active kundalini brought on. As I was told at the time, “You are being cleansed of everything you thought you were, to finally become what you really are.”

Meaning: we are great, infinite beings of Light who have endured 26,000 years of the tyranny of extraordinarily dark forces and are now leaving this whole ordeal behind like the bad dream that it’s been. By the grace of God we are ascending and departing those frequencies forever.

I refer to this whole epoch as

Deep Light and the Great Retruthing

My kundalini cleansing involved purging centuries and incarnations worth of “inherited” diseases (inherited through contaminated bloodlines, soul karmas, and even the earth itself), which could only be cleansed by pulling them up (activating them) and processing them out at the cellular level. This process had to happen through the physical. It included things like diabetes, pleurisy, and jungle viruses (I lived in the city at the time), among other “surprises.”

On all levels, this ‘cleansing’ went on… clearing one intense challenge after another from the DNA of not only myself, but humanity at large. (We are all cells of one great organism, after all.)

It has been nothing less than harrowing, I have to say. The relief I feel today is profound.

Guides have reminded me this was a form of service I signed up for . . . not as a martyr, but as a soul who knew it had to be done and “knew” (ahem) that I (along with an extensive planetary team working on similar transmutations of ‘cooties’ courtesy this long, dark yuga) was strong enough, and motivated enough, to pull it off.

I thought, at the “grand finale” of that journey with kundalini (the finale being my personal ascension through realms of Deep Light into the glorious frequency of Oneness that lasted about six weeks before fading), that I was DONE with that theme . . . until the last three years brought on yet more levels of misery.

Let me confess right here, I have not been a pillar of strength and optimism with all this seemingly unrelenting physical agony dogging me. Beyond my personal energies, earth’s kundalini has been activating powerfully – as I discussed in my first posts on this blog years ago. My experience of this has been beyond bizarre in many ways, well past the point of being just sick of myself, and becoming more and more of a hermit living far out in the country and away from commotion while just hanging on, trying to survive long enough to experience the beauty of the New Earth!

My latest “projects” include processing symptoms of a form of cancer over the last six months that, even while knowing I could clear it eventually (I’ve lived through enough ‘miracle cures’ to fill a book; we are well equipped to heal ourselves if we just let it happen!), my spirit sank into depression. The last thing I wanted was to cross the finish line here in a depressed state. Also in the mix has been chronic head pain (base of skull) for many weeks now – a major joy-buster – which finally seemed to “break” yesterday. Today is day two of waking up without that horrid pain, and I cannot express how beautiful this IS!

As a sidebar, you might be interested to hear that I attribute part of my healing of the cancer matter to the practice of quantum jumping, which I posted here recently. I practiced visualizing my lightbody as a clear, radiant, joy-filled template standing at the shore of crystal blue waters… then ‘jumped’ into that perfect lightbody template with my physical form, and entered the water for further healing. This was a beautiful and truly healing practice; I invite everyone to look seriously at quantum jumping as a valid practice as we head into our creatorship!

One more ‘physical curiosity’ of late happened on 12/3/12, which was another ramp-up energetic alignment I was happy to ignore. That night, I didn’t sleep a wink, and in the middle of the night found myself suddenly leaping out of bed into several hours of the deepest, most violent purging I’ve ever experienced in this life. It came right out of nowhere. I’ve been weak, drained, dizzy, staggering, and experiencing “falling elevator” sensations between then and, well, yesterday! I’m suspecting that was the grande-finale (let’s hope) of my service as a transmuter of 3D dark contamination. I pray I’ve fulfilled my agreement to do this work; it has been in my experience for so long at this point. I am SO READY FOR ASCENSION!

The Ecstacy

Lately, while my physicality has been going through the grinder, my dreaming has taken on incredible beauty. Some of the deepest wounds of my human journey have been though lovely do-overs in dreamtime.

I also enjoyed a delicious bi-location experience two days ago, where I was on a “luxury liner” of a craft in space. We were cruising past a breathtakingly beautiful planet at close range. I asked what it was, and my mother (deceased from this world 17 years) casually informed me it was Venus!

Peering out the front window of this craft I saw the “port” that we were apparently heading for come into view; a huge, oval, bowl-like structure that I initially, with my human filters, thought was Mile-High Stadium in Denver! What a riot. Upon closer inspection, I saw features this landing site had that I anticipate verifying some day on a “return trip.” Meanwhile, I was in my home here fully aware of what was going on around me. All purely spontaneous; I was not imagining this unique adventure.

I could go on with other sources of joy recently, as they have been presenting, but I need to mobilize and get myself over to a 12/12/12 group meditation now. Hopefully I’ll be posting more sharings now that I seem to have turned a corner here.

Welcome Great Light! ~ Whitehawk


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