Meeting Our Maker

Our Date with Destiny Finally Arrives

Friends, I am sharing with you a recording of what might be the most significant, complete information to come down the pike, so to speak, about JUST WHAT we are headed for THIS WEEKEND.

As always, listen with your discernment engaged, but for me personally . . . this seems a plausible account of how this miraculous ascension will play out.


According to this source, known simply as Awareness:

  • Seven galactic gates align and open straight through to the galactic center (the very Sanctum of Source Creator; God) …
  • A FLOW will then pour upon and into us that will open us to a “holy encounter” … not only with the vastness of our own souls, but with Creator Itself … THIS FLOW IS THE CREATOR …
  • In that Holy Moment of the Deepest Meeting that has ever been made available to us, we will SEE ourselves to an extent we never have before …
  • We will REVIEW who we’ve been and what we’ve done with our earthly experiences … and
  • We will make a CHOICE, right then and there in that Holy Moment, regarding WHAT we will do NEXT with our soul’s journey.

‘Awareness’ shares a list of options from which we will make our choice. Whether these options represent ALL options, or a few examples, I don’t know. (I will be listening to this AGAIN right after posting this – it’s a lot to absorb!)

For instance, will you choose to ascend beyond these Earthly environs, departing for a higher world occupied by other ascended beings (such as galactics, or highly evolved spirits)?

Or will you opt to stay here and continue on in this incarnation, forgetting the transcendent encounter you had in that Holy Moment, that choice point (the ‘veil’ returns) . . . in the energies of the New Earth, with the dark ones unable to occupy the New Earth frequencies . . . and build a new Light-filled planetary existence, and maybe continue reincarnating here, in the higher energies, along with Gaia in her bright, new, evolved form?

Or will you choose to die a traditional death and move to the spiritual planes as you’ve been accustomed to doing in so many other incarnations?

This amazing session details just what (according to this source) will be happening during the 12/21-23 window, and what our options will be, and when “our deal has to be sealed” to carry on beyond this weekend.

I have never heard such a concise accounting of this Event (again, discernment, but my intuition is in a “truth buzz” here), and what we will experience when it happens, and what our options will be. Also explained are the “3 days of darkness” we’ve been hearing about for years.

Whether it will resonate with you, of course, is for you to determine. But once I heard this information, I felt I had to share it with anyone and everyone who “has the ears to hear” it, as the saying goes. My sense is, if this is what lies immediately before us, having a few days in advance to ponder the CHOICE we will each be making could be helpful, in case deciding something so mind-blowingly significant isn’t easy to do in a single MOMENT!

I’m linking you to the audio file online, but I imagine this session will be transcribed and posted on this channel’s website, as well, so I will add that link also.

Here is the audio (one extraordinary hour that deserves your full attention):

This is the channel’s website/blog:

If ‘Awareness’ is correct, we are meeting our maker this weekend, and it will be divine.

Love, love, love to you,

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