Tsunami Wave of God Consciousness

*** Update *** The audio (and now, transcription) of the channeled session I’m referring to in this and the previous post on my blog is the Aspects of Ascension recording available at the Dec. 17 post, here. That channel, Will Berlinghof, has since posted a new Q & A transmission (another full hour of channeling) on his blog today, Dec. 18.  SO: original content is 12/17; follow-up questions and answers are now also available on his blog.

Continuing from yesterday’s post . . . I’m hoping to map out my current understanding of events as they will unfold, presumably, over the impending 3-day period of 12/21-23.

I know I’ve said before that I generally shy away from exact-date predictions, but the way I now grok this event, I’m “going with the flow” (in every sense of the phrase) and getting behind this weekend as our Moment. Even knowing that for many, the weekend will seem to come and go without anything of significance happening!

Let me attempt a proper explanation, as I now understand this will all play out. This builds on yesterday’s post about the recording I heard, from a source known as Awareness.

I appreciated the information that came through Awareness, and I’ll explain why, as I suspect many others have had similar ‘discomforts’ around this whole matter known as Ascension.

Over time, and to a rather acute degree in recent months, I’ve been concerned with the actual details of how this will play out. I’ve also noticed an increasing anxiety around the notion, “What if nothing at all happens?” To have an entire lifetime of anticipation – in fact, to have incarnated here purely to serve and experience this most significant event at “street level” – can certainly set one up for a broken heart, not to mention broken faith in all one holds sacred, if nothing comes to pass!

This Awareness message really stands out to me in its presentation of the choreography of this event; it has calmed me, so I’m moved to give it focus on my blog. I want to share this information with anyone who might also be craving an “outline” of how this is all playing out. Of course, time will tell how accurate this is, as well as how we make our individual choices!

So. According to Awareness, there will be three primary timelines through which the future will flow – with various thematic sub-sets. The way I understand this arrangement is as follows, in the terminology of the one known as Awareness, our configuration for future evolution:

The three primary timelines can be called, for convenience, Planet A; Planet A/B, and Planet B.

Planet A is the ascended earth; Gaia’s paradise realm.

This is the next step for Gaia – the actual SOUL who has embodied as this planet – in her evolutionary process. Gaia, as well as all lifeforms upon her, will receive the immense inflow of pure God consciousness this weekend and be shifted into a field of lighter density. This is Gaia’s chosen path – to become a paradise planet of love and light. And hasn’t she earned it!!195725_145993968803151_257889_n

One of the options available for humans of a high degree of spiritual awareness – some of whom might be starseeds, for instance, who came to earth to serve this evolutionary event; or galactics who took on human form to serve, or souls who’ve already ascended who returned to provide various types of assistance – individuals such as these will have the option to move into this “A” environment, where they might either:

  1. continue evolving in a beautiful paradise setting with other ascended beings, or
  2. have paradise as their primary home, while also having the option to manifest their bodies in the “A/B” timeline when they desire to make appearances as spiritual teachers or guides to residents of the A/B timeline. This is what I consider to be avatars – souls who may assume solid physicality or not, as it serves their purpose in any given circumstance.

So Planet A is Gaia’s new realm as a pure paradise, which she will share with highly evolved, loving, ascended souls who wish to continue on with Gaia as their “motherland” in a higher dimension (5D and up).

Planet A/B – Typically referred to as the New Earth

The Planet A/B timelines will be where the majority of humanity will carry on from here. Options for humans in the A/B configuration include:

  • When “The Wave” pours through the open portals of the galactic corridor this weekend, all humans will “meet their souls,” and by extension, God Consciousness Itself. This experience will include a life review (I imagine this will likely include a review of all lifetimes thematically associated with this one; a soular overview) to gain a good sense of our journeys thus far, purposes and intentions our souls came in with, and how we either stayed on purpose, strayed off track, or intentionally changed directions … and then be shown our options as to how we may carry on from there, based on this review.
  • We may opt to return to the continuum of our current lives in the “upgraded” environment of “Planet A/B.” The upgrade would include the fading of the current “powers that be [were]” and their dark agendas that have been in place for all of this planet’s recorded history. In this first, or highest-level, A/B option, we WILL REMEMBER the experience of our Divine Encounter over the coming “3 days” (12/21-23).  We will remember who we really are, and we will sign up to continue this life we are in now, in full awareness of the Godhead (Source Creator), our soul’s integration with the fabric of the Creator, and our oneness with All, and serve the A/B realm from that awareness as healers, teachers, artists, etc., with the purpose of celebrating and expanding this awareness across the A/B realm . . . manifesting instantaneously with our thoughts, and being fonts of inspiration for the unfoldment of the New Earth; the enlightened and healed world no longer imprisoned by dark, manipulative forces.428840_10151164793275572_1710725282_n
  • Another possibility for those who will occupy A/B will be to essentially continue on as though nothing unusual happened. These people will NOT REMEMBER their Divine Encounter; their veils WILL be back in place just as they are when we are born into this plane, and their lives will continue as before . . . with the difference being that they will start noticing life becoming brighter, the heaviness lifting, and the presence of dark tactics that have so dominated our headlines and consciousness fading. There is still duality to some extent, but in a far gentler expression. Life will take on greater hues of hope and inspiration; structures of control such as debt enslavement, endless war, cruelty to humans and animals, etc, will begin evaporating from the lifescape. This is likely to be the option for the majority of humanity that has yet to awaken to their divine nature, and for whom this gradual up-shift would be the most comfortable and least upsetting.391465_442979279079478_934011000_n
  • Also, apparently, as mentioned in the previous post, will be the option to take the “familiar” exit from the earth plane, through physical death. This choice may be made by those who feel their time here is complete; they’ve done all they came to do, or experience, so they take this opportunity to exit their bodies and return to the spirit realms.

So we may be witnessing many unusual things in the coming weeks – people may vanish from the physical earth altogether, if they ascend to the “A” scenario, and there might also be a major flurry of deaths among us. In both cases, we can remind ourselves that it is a soul’s choice to depart when and how it does, regardless how it might seem to bystanders.

Now . . . on to the worst-case scenario {{{shudder}}}:

Planet B – The timeline where souls unrelentingly and unrepentantly committed to the dark forces may carry on in an ever-degrading world of their making.

This Planet B timeline is a bleak one indeed. The Awareness transmission states that ALL SOULS will have their Divine Encounter this weekend, and even those who have served the dark WILL be offered the option to continue their journeys in the A/B timeline, if they agree to change their ways and adopt the A/B codes of conduct (light, love, free will and abundance for all, zero domination over others, etc).

IF these dark souls – ones who are aligned to Archons, Reptilians, Orions, certain Greys, etc – agree to serve and support the conditions of the New Earth, they will be allowed into the A/B scenario. But IF they try to return to their habitual ways, as it is likely many will, they will be evicted from the A/B timeline. [Making an edit here: the word “evicted” isn’t correct, as the likelihood is that the very vibration – energetic signature – of a malevolent being simply would not mesh with the healthy, balanced A/B scenario, and would therefore organically shift into the B frequencies. It’s not a matter of judgment, as ‘eviction’ would imply, it’s merely a matter of being within one’s own resonant context. ~W]

Planet B will be the reflection of the dark ones in ever-increasing, ever-harshening conditions. Their darkness will be repeated back to them in amplifying fashion on a 3D planetary body from which GAIA HAS WITHDRAWN her soul … her life force. Planet B is a timeline of a dying world full of the horrors of the dark ones’ karma that has come to haunt them. It is the Armageddon scenario for ones who CHOOSE it, because they apparently can’t accept the idea of “switching teams,” so to speak.

They will carry on their dark practices as usual, except now they will have no “lambs” to control/manipulate/suck energy from/torture; only themselves and each other. This is as hellish a world as I can imagine, and as soon as I finish writing this paragraph I am going to purge these thought-forms from my consciousness! This timeline will be one in which the 3rd rock from the sun will deteriorate into a dead planet in the 3rd dimension.

All LIFE will harmonize in the 5th dimension and up (timelines A and A/B in this immediate configuration – with some transition time in the 4D realms likely for A/B), where Gaia’s ascended soul will pour her sustaining, nurturing love and light into the increasingly beautiful realms of the New Earth on up into the heaven planes of angels and ascended beings.

ALL beings in this Creation are being offered the honor of being “bumped up a notch” – graduating to the next level UP, on our journeys BACK to SOURCE. Those who refuse any intercourse with Light have the B scenario to endure in a dismal state of decline.

This is my synopsis of events as I understand them based on the transmissions from the source known simply as “Awareness.” I personally found this breakdown of the whole matter very helpful, because I was obsessing over things like, “Am I just going to suddenly vanish from this life? Who will look after my beloved kitties, and clear out my possessions?” etc, etc.

Or conversely, “What if this cosmic window comes and goes, and nothing at all seems to have happened?” … which would indicate the A/B timeline of gradual transition into a New Earth situation, in a frequency which does NOT support the dark agenda. So this information has helped settle me down considerably, and I hope it has the same effect on my readers. As always, you have your discernment to guide you.

I’m posting without editing; if parts are wonky I’ll revisit and fix later ;) I highly recommend you make your way to the audio file recently made available by channel Will Berlinghof via a link at http://rainbow-phoenix.com/blog/. Will is a new messenger in my orbit, and I’m finding him to be of great support right now.

Onward… with love,


One comment on “Tsunami Wave of God Consciousness

  1. Thanks for this Whitehawk. I haven’t had a chance to listen to the audio yet, but even just reading your post yesterday it felt right. Reading this today I was getting the good “God Chills” that I seem to get when I’m on to something “right”. This certainly explains a lot of the things that have been led to do lately… such as, why do I feel so led to do xyz when the ascension is only weeks away? My guides have been dutifully preparing me for the A/B timeline (even saying that gets the goosebumps going). Although in every imagining of my future I am working closely with our Galactic brothers and sisters with whom I feel very attuned to so I’m still a bit confused as to some recent happenings in my life, but I’m putting full faith in my guides that They know what’s best and where I need to be. I’m going to listen to the audio tonight but thanks again for this breakdown.

    In Peace,
    Keith R.


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