Reclaiming & Restoring the Divine Plan for Humanity

Divine love reigns supreme; the wounded ego surrenders to the I AM Presence. You are a radiant sun of infinite light. The patterns of perfection are now restored in you, and throughout this creation. Enter the era of light with this affirmative meditative process for your 5D body/mind with Patricia Cota Robles.


3 comments on “Reclaiming & Restoring the Divine Plan for Humanity

  1. Dear White Hawk, I hope last weekend was a smooth ride for you.
    In my case the strangest thing happened, and I’d like to know your point of view!
    In the evening of the 23 I started feeling a bit irritable, and then the 2 days after that quite tense. The same things I had been praying for over the weekend were coming back to the surface, while I thought they would have been gone for good.
    This has left me puzzled and with a knot in my stomach as I was expecting to feel very much in control of all my emotions and thoughts!! Have I been naive? What’s next now? What puzzled me the most is that while my husband was willing to pray with me over the weekend, then on the evening of the 23 he started to irritate me a bit and stuff came up…I just found the whole process weird to be honest, as these feelings really came out of nowhere! I was expecting the 3 days to be a smooth and peaceful ride..while I just felt anxious.. I could see all my limits before my eyes and I was not prepared for this.But at the same time I was feeling ful of love, compassion towards myself and everybody else. It’s just been an uneven process to be fair!!One good thing was that yesterday my husband apologiezed for something he had said and wanted to give thanks for the lovely time we are we prayed together for a bit…is this part of the process too? I’m very confused and this knot in my stomach won’t go!!!!xx


  2. Dear Atuzio10, I’m confident that in the wake of your experience you’ve heard similar accounts across the various ascension blogs by now. I personally had a very difficult time as well!

    To put this as briefly and succinctly as possible, when forces like ascension waves or kundalini (two aspects of the same cosmic ‘juice’) arrive on your personal shore, everything IN YOU, whether conscious or not, or physically experienced before or not, will be “met” by energies far, far beyond your “little self” (ego and lower form, meaning the physical body) and let me assure you, the energies RULE.

    So whatever is in you at whatever level/depth WILL FEEL the “encounter,” even though the details of your experience may make no sense to your ego or conscious mind.

    Things are happening at very deep levels. Old karmic crap is being met by the greatest forces of the cosmos, to be cleared and made sparkly new / healed so you might resonate energetically with the new, ascended field we are now IN. This will continue through the coming months. It may well play out like a “mass shamanic dismemberment” as I’ve mentioned elsewhere in this blog. A major initiation.

    We tend to think anything “spiritual” will be gentle and sweet and “bliss” but I assure you, this may for many people involve roughness. It’s been referred to as a ‘tsunami’ for good reason.

    If your personal overall energetic resonance is at beach level, so to speak, you will feel the tsunami as a major detonation of all you once held high in your notions of ‘priorities.’

    If you’ve been cleansing and ‘purging’ or addressing lifetimes and lineages of karma for years (or simply don’t HAVE a lot of baggage; maybe you’re a “new, pure” star seed) … your experience may be very very ‘ascended’ right off, and you are now ‘channeling your higher self’ at will, or ‘healing everyone around you’ in a flash, or seeing light beings everywhere, or some such.

    The experiences are all tailor-made for each of us, the range is vast (infinite!), and all I can say at this time is, try to be gentle with yourself and release as much as possible when it (surprising or shocking experience) comes to meet you.

    Don’t know if this helps but I send you love and light! ~W


  3. Dear Whitehawk,

    I really thank you for your help, which came at the perfect time!! You mention TSUNAMI…well a couple of days ago I had a card reading and got the card of TSUNAMI for this year! I got really worried as this is the card of big losses or dramatic events and how one should use their own intuition ( like the animals) to negotiate the outcome of it! I was very shaken, but what you just explained to me made me realise that the loss will be the loss of everything I have outcome and obviously, as you said, being “spiritual” can also being dramatic!
    I can certainly feel very ‘ancient’ things wanting to leave my space…I feel like all this started generations back and are now going…but it’s so damn tough and confusing at times… Trying to have a ‘ normal’ life while I feel,part of me ,needing to go…
    I thank you so much for your amazing insights and I’m sorry I never said before that I hope your health is better!


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