Living into Your Vision

Happy New Paradigm to You! Onward Ho We Go into Lucky 13.

I’m sharing this video not because I have any affiliation with this group, but to provide what seems to me to be a good example of Living from Vision, or living through active engagement and development of one’s visionary hints and gifts, be they coming from a wide-awake state or the dreaming (which might turn out to be the most Awake state of all!). 

This woman is the guiding light of the group called Children of the Sun. They’ve been on the move for several years now, and seem to have a healthy ‘online ministry’ so to speak. She’s an American who has taken the leap to live in Peru to continue to manifest her unfolding vision. She feels great resonance with the Inca… the ancient ‘Children of the Sun’ in Peru.

The video is her report of where CoS stands now, and their recent energetic involvements re: the Shift. I’m not sharing this to promote her/them… but rather to provide an example of how “living into one’s vision” has worked for her (them).

Some of her sharing may mean next to nothing to you, or her style may not attract you, but I invite you to listen for some ideas that might resonate and inspire you… and maybe not re: specifics to their work, but rather, the spirit of going forward into service, regardless how ‘fringey’ and woo-woo it may appear to the mainstream.

We are entering a great cycle of magic and miracles now (actually this is a deepening awareness of the quantum nature of our cosmos, but “magic and miracles” has a nice ring to it, eh?). Actually we’re heading into a long, long participation with sacred science and paradigm-busting creativity, resuming the thread of the ancients before we got ‘smart’ and stupid at the same time, remaining so for millennia. At last visionary living for the good of all will be the norm!

Here’s how one woman is actively participating in bringing in the New Earth:

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