Navigating the New Energetic Reality

This is a long, articulate interview with Lisa Renee – Sirian starseed, kundalini experiencer, and ascension guide – hosted by Laura Eisenhower and Mark Peeble on blogtalk radio. Lisa hasn’t been doing much public speaking for awhile (unless you are a member of her website), so it’s nice to hear from her; her information tends to go deep. The whole program is two hours; Lisa’s part begins at around 10 minutes in.

Lisa’s website is here.

Laura’s site is here.

By the way, this program is titled “part 2” (of Lisa’s interview) but the first part met with technical problems that crashed it early on. This is a comprehensive conversation in its own right, so don’t be concerned about entering in mid-interview. You can always track back to the first effort if so inspired.


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