Transmutation and Resurrection

I found myself reflecting on the transmutational process upon us now (and actually has been for years, more obviously to some than to others), as we become further and further involved in the higher frequencies. These frequencies are here to change the tide from density, struggle, and psychospiritual darkness into fluidity, ease, and the Light of Source essence.

Many of us have been on the front lines of this shift for years in transmutational service – a mode of wicking up lower energies through us on behalf of a wounded planet and its inhabitants. This role can make for a rocky ride that I candidly admit I haven’t always handled with grace.

This scene from the beautiful film Resurrection – starring Ellen Burstyn as a powerful healer – graphically illustrates this process in a 1-on-1 session with a profoundly disabled woman. The healer takes on the symptoms of the disease as it passes through her on its way back to Light and wholeness. I loved this 1980 film; just seeing this scene again made me tear up with emotion. It so depicts what is happening now on a massive energetic scale!


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